Call In Your Best Year Yet As You Create A Vision For The New Year Ahead

Clear The Triggers from 2019 ~ Manifest Your Desires in 2020

We will meet Sunday, December 29th, 5 am to 8 am Pacific Time

Experience a unique and powerful immersion that will open space for you to align with your desires for 2020 and call in divine synchronicity plus the right allies to support the manifestation of these desires in the year ahead.

In this immersion you will experience:

✔ An Akashic Clearing with the Sacred Crystal Codes of Prosperity to release any triggers that have been sabotaging your abundance. This Clearing will also lay the way for you to call your prosperity to you in 2020;

Discover and connect with the Akashic Realm Messenger™ who will guide the year 2020. You will now have this Messenger as your strong ally to guide and support your choices in 2020;

Allow your future self to show you the shortest distance to what your Soul really desires, releasing that which you think you want to please others or be a ‘success’. Anchor your desires to focus on in 2020;

Call on Elenitha, The Guardian of Prosperity of the Akashic Realm, to show you how to bring your three desires to life in 2020;

My very special guest, artist Graca Santos, will guide you to create your own Magic Mandala using her special Template. You will infuse your Mandala with your desires for 2020;

You will activate and empower your Mandala with the energy of the Torus to magnetize everything you need to manifest your desires 2020;

Receive a simple Daily Routine that will allow the power of your mandala to work for you every single day of 2020;

Join the Immersion today and WIN A SUPER BONUS:


To support you throughout the coming year of 2020 I am giving you a very special program!

This 12 week container of energetic support will align your intentions for the year ahead and connect you to a greater source of power and focus as you transition into 2020.

There are 6 Akashic Clearing Sessions and 6 Akashic Downloads specifically designed to support you to:

Release old agreements that have kept stuck up until now

Access a deeper sense of focus and power from within

Align and create the pathway to manifest your intentions to 2020

Becoming A Force of Nature in 2020 is a powerful way to step fully into your powerful future!





*Necklaces Ships early 2020