Discover how you can become a powerful Force of Nature!! 

2020 is just around the corner and, as we prepare to enter a new decade, this is the perfect time to begin preparing your intentions for the new year and new decade!

To support you in make 2020 your best year yet I have create something very special!

This brand new program is a 12 week container of energetic support where you will align your intentions for the year ahead and connect to a greater source of power and focus as you transition from 2019 to 2020.

Each of the 6 Akashic clearing sessions and 6 Akashic Downloads is specifically designed to support you to:

Release old agreements that have kept stuck up until now,

Access a deeper sense of focus and power from within

Align and create the pathway to manifest your intentions to 2020.

Discover how Becoming A Force of Nature in 2020 is your next best step!

This is what you will experience in the:

2020 Becoming A Force Of Nature: 

Healing Sessions Definitions:

*Akashic Clearing -  Akashic Clearing is a healing session to help release blocks in body like emotions beliefs to create space for the messenger bring a healing awareness… you must receive seated with eyes closed.

**Akashic Download - Akashic Download is a session where you receive a download of a “way of being or a skill, wisdom you acquired in a past life, so you can access that energy in this life.

*** Customized Akashic Resonance (ONLY AVAILABLE IN $197 OPTION)

Customized Akashic Resonance is a personalized healing session where waves are transmitted to gradually clean limiting beliefs and bring upgrades to the person receiving new information to reach your goal in many areas.

When played daily for 90 days it gives your body an opportunity to return to its ideal state of balance and natural vibration.

Before your session is created, you will receive a questionnaire so you can share your intentions, then the mp3 is created by layering healing techniques including, opening your Akashic field for what needs attention at this present time, bringing the elements that will most support you in the next 90 days, bringing the support of the 4 Akashic Messengers that will most support you during the next 90 days, opening the timeline and bringing specific wisdom from the Akashic Records of your soul that will support you.

There is only sound in this healing session, no spoken words, all you need to do is play daily for 99 days and it will raise your frequency.

Right now you can lock in the savings with one of these 2 options:

+ 6 Akashic Clearing Sessions

+ 6 Akashic Downloads Sessions

+ Bonus: Setting your intentions for 2020 Live 2 hour Training :
Vision map, visualization and mandala creation
Live Immersion with Graca Santos and Patricia 


+ 6 Akashic Clearing Sessions

+ 6 Akashic Downloads Sessions

+ Bonus: Setting your intentions for 2020 Live 2 hour Training :
Vision map, visualization and mandala creation
Live Immersion with Graca Santos and Patricia 

+ Customized Akashic Resonance*** 

"Can’t keep track of all the new clients..."
"I have 3 potentially life-changing meetings scheduled, can’t even keep track of all the new clients I’ve been working with since this started. (…) Just bam, bam, bam. I even easily negotiated a higher pay rate.
I have a new mindset. I’ve been more confident about getting out there and doing networking events. Seriously life changing.
Working with Patricia has been phenomenal. Highly recommended.”
- Kimberly Harrison –

Working with Patricia was amazing.
I learned a lot about my personal archetypes, what my growth points were, and I walked away with actionable things I could do right away to have better financial health.
I’ve seen tangible results since then, and am very grateful for Patricia, her wisdom, and her phenomenal listening skills.”
~ Rachel Rofe –

"This month has been terrific in sales"

"This month has been terrific in sales and I am so grateful. I love the healing energy and exercises in this group to help me manifest with grace and ease. Thank you Patricia! Next week is my planning week as I am about to launch another product."
-  Dr kelly Edmonds –

Working with Patricia is one of the most important decisions of my life and career.
It  connected me with the impact I am here to make and clarified the Soul of my business. I am beyond grateful for her guidance and mentorship, I couldn’t have taken my business to where it is without her or to where it is going, as it is evolving with me! My dream of changing the world through sharing my unique gifts and brilliance while making incredible money is coming true. I whole heartedly Thank you Patricia!”

~Jennifer Riley, Clairvoyant Coach and Empowerment Expert