Many of my students ask me how they can be certain that they will receive their unique gifts from the Akashic Records? I’m going to share with you a personal story to help you decide whether you can or not.

You may have heard people say there is a book inside each and everyone of us.  Well I am so excited to share with you this … You may not know that I have been writing a book in partnership with my guides from my Akashic Records. It’s been an amazing process, very peaceful if I may say (besides the fact that my most inspirational time is at dawn).

Back in 2012, I took a NLP class with a teacher and he asked what is blocking me to be really successful, and I said: I can not write (e.g. My newsletter and etc.. therefore my belief was that I could not reach clients) .. well less than 3 years after, here I am .. writing a blog/newsletter a week and writing my first book!!!!!! I keep pinching myself sometimes 🙂

Your book is coming, whether you want to get up and write or not” this last Wednesday the voice woke me up at the usual 2:30am. Today as I woke up at my usual 2:30 am, I was thinking: do I really need to get up and write a book? Can I take a day off? Yet, after I receive the nudge, I usually can not sleep anymore until I get up and write for an hour, and so I do.

It is easier once I am up and then I can go back to bed. So here I am, so grateful to be a channel for this beautiful story. To witness this beautiful message being whispered in my ears and flooding the book pages with the message of light and love from the Akashic Records.

For me is the most beautiful proof that miracles do exist! Who would know that the girl, that was feeling defeated that could not write a newsletter, would be here writing A BOOK? Better yet, in a second language than my birth language.

TRUST… If I can do it, so can you. You may say well that is easy for you to write a book, you have your Akashic Records guides to spell it for you it was not always like that.

receive-akashic-recordsLearning to receive through the Akashic Records

When I was taking massage classes to invest in my ongoing professional development, we had a “Hawaian’ teacher come in from Hawaii and teach us how to do a “lomilomi” massage. It was an amazing 4 days, I remember in the class she would give the students an automatic writing exercise, it was my first encounter with it, nothing came in for me, and I remember asking her, would I ever “hear, see or know”?

She was like, “oh yeah, you will.” I was like: cool!

So I forgot about it and I let it go, until I remember that day today!

I see a lot of my students ask me the same question, if I take your class am I going to see, hear or know? My answer is yes, IF you choose to be open to it, and of course to practice the skill.

When my teacher told me I would, I accepted what she said as truth, but I did not force it to happen right then. And I know my higher self took me to the right places at the right time between then and now.

Do you want to connect to the Akashic Records?


My advice for anyone that wants to connect with the Akashic Records and receive information, either in writing, seeing, knowing, is to follow these 3 ways:

Tip 1 ­ Amusement:

Be open, look at life and things around you imagining you are looking from the eyes of a child.  A child has no doubt of what they see, a child sees everything with amusement… could you choose for just a day to adapt this behavior in your day and just do everything with this perspective that every moment is precious, everything you see is special and beautiful and amazing?

What I notice for the students in the beginning of their Akashic Records training with me is this, their records is giving them the most amazing experiences, showing them things they have never seen. Then after they relate this amazing experience they go right in to the next phrase: Did I really saw that or I am making it up? 

As soon as they receive some amazing messages, they go right into doubt, making it a lot harder for message to come next time. Information is coming to you, just like I heard for myself this morning, my guides were like, you can go back to sleep, but we won’t repeat what needs to come today, its your choice. Go write your blog now or figure it out on your own later.

Same thing is true for you, when you doubt the Akasic Records messages, your guides now will have to wait until you get out of your own way, get out of doubt so you can continue receiving your message.

Tip 2 Trust:

Once you embrace and honor the Akashic Records you’ll make choices that are guided to where you are, you WILL “see,” “hear” or “know” in the right time.  Believe me that whenever this happens it is because you finally trusted.

The information is coming, guides are here for you, the only thing that needs to shift is you trusting and allowing that you are able, that your are blessed, and the only person that can receive this gift that is here for you is you!

Tip 3 Practice:

Be open without expectation of messages showing up, just do your practice. Do you think I just decided, ok, I am going to write a book, set down and the book came? No! I came and I started writing, sometimes by myself and sometimes with the guides, 10 minutes a day.  Now I write 1 hour every morning, and the words just come from inside my head to write the book.

My writing sometimes talk as me sometimes as them, I’ve been writing a chapter a week, that is the plan, then after I have all the chapter up, I can go back and organize, see what stays or not. But in this experience, the commitment and the practice have been teaching me that makes all the difference.

Whatever you believe or not, you are very special, you have a mission, a path and if you do not know or trust it yet, you will. I would love to guide you on a journey to connect to your Akashic Records.


Patricia Missakian
Patricia Missakian

Patricia Missakian is an international Akashic Records Mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. She is the founder of the Akashic Records Institute, a school for spiritual development, where healers and coaches learn how to develop their intuition and decode the messages found in the Akashic Records. She has helped thousands of students discover their soul purpose and transform the lives of their clients through the Akashic Records. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Patricia brings together her colorful creativity, positive energy, and unquestionable mystical connection to everything that she does.


    4 replies to "3 ways to receive your gifts from the Akashic Records"

    • anjara

      Awesome advice, Patricia 🙂
      I love your writting.
      I remember when i started working with Akashic records, oh the doubting! “Am I making it up?” Yes!
      I love the way you give such wonderful guidance with your article.
      Thank you ^_^



    • Tammy Phye

      Thanks Patricia for listening to your guidance so you could share this blog with us. I really enjoyed your message, amazing things happen when we get out of our own way. I enjoy journaling pretty much daily. However there are its that sometimes it can be challenging feeling the connection, yet other times like today it’s easy to see miracles and divine guidance.

    • Jesse Webb

      Great tips, Patricia! I love the piece about practice, about showing up whether a message is there or not. And I LOVE how you’re writing your book, one hour, one day at a time. I have been wanting to write a book and you’ve inspired me to follow that desire and start writing / practicing. 🙂

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