I have created a 7 day challenge to attract more money, with an mp3 and 3 easy steps to create space for abundance!  Those who know me, know I am pretty big on manifesting, not only for myself but also others.  I get really excited when I  see it happening to my clients and students, as they show up to the classes or sessions being 100% willing to let go of the layers of old beliefs, fears or triggers that are holding them back.

7 Day Challenge to Attract More Money

We all hold energetically most of these limiting beliefs, fears or blocks in our lower chakras and on our ground cord.  Today I am going to focus on what is the ground cord.  My hope for you is that after reading this blog, you will be more aware of these 3 important steps that make up the 7 day challenge.  By being aware you can make the space needed to invite abundance into your life.

Make sure to read this full article and set aside some time so you can experience the energetic clearing in the mp3 below.

Why your Ground Cord is the Foundation to your Abundance

The ground cord is the “foundation” a basic structure essential to your abundance, it’s the soil where you want to keep it clean from weeds (weeds = negative beliefs, fear, worries).  The more clear, neutral, present and positive your ground cord the more abundance you will be attracting for yourself.

At any moment in our lives, every second we are registering what we experience in forms of emotions, beliefs or blocks held within our energetic space (our aura, our chakras and our ground cord). In a moment, I will connect with my healing guides and clear especially what is blocking those of you who will be inclined to listen to the mp3.

Your Ground Cord

This blog could also have been called 3 easy steps to clear your space to welcome abundance because this is in effect what we will be doing over the next 7 days, if you wish to join my fun challenge for attracting more money!

Your 1st Step is to Focus on Neutrality

Neutrality: This is one step that I am very big on focusing on to clear your space.  Achieving neutrality in everything, AND especially to have a neutral ground cord is important. Let me give you an example: say you are about to ask your boss for a raise, or if you work with clients, you need to set some healthier boundaries, BUT because you are not neutral about the situation, and you are afraid of what will happen if you stick up for your self, that you will lose your job or your client will leave you … This means you have this fear of loosing money and are more likely going to self sabotage yourself.  Simply because you are going to end up not valuing yourself and many times this leads to feelings of resentment.  However, nothing good can ever come out of resentment.

Focus on neutrality

So, then you may ask: how can I create neutrality around those situations?  Number one is by understanding that the reason you are not feeling neutral about the situation, is because at some point in your life you “held” those fears of not being good enough, there is not enough, if I let this client go, no one else will come… all that energy is around your ground cord energetically blocking you from feeling empowered in your decisions of creating space for abundance.

And sometimes, you will need to let go of those who are no longer in alignement with what you want, to make space to attract it in your life. I see a lot of people walking around, stopping them selves because of fears and assumptions that were created by them.  When you start aiming for neutrality, sticking by your side, honoring your truth with authenticity, those who meant to be with you will, and those who don’t.. oh, well goodbye to them because they will make space for the abundance of clients who honor and respect you and were just waiting for you to make space for them.

Your 2nd Step is to Focus on the Present Time

It is so important in order to manifest abundance to be present. The “ghosts” from the past can hold you back big time from manifesting abundance. If you try to launch a program in the past and it was not successful, and today, as you are focused on launching a new product, you keep “visiting” that situation from the past, you will not be able to fully manifest in the present.

focus on the present time

So the tip here is that if as you are planing your action steps in the present, if at any moment the memories and even the anxiety connected to that unsuccessful experience from the past creep up. just stop yourself and say to yourself:

This is just part of my past, I am a different person than I was yesterday and today… anything is possible!

Which brings me to the next step …

Your 3rd Step is to Focus on the Positive

Focus on the positive: Gratitude really brings the goodies… the more you focus on all the blessings around you, the more the Universe will send your way.  For over 2 years now, I started my day with a process created by Jeanna Gabellini she is actually offering a webinar on her journal called Speed Dial the Universe.

Live Webinar is Saturday, Feb. 21 at 12pm Pacific

Live Encore is Sunday, Feb. 22 at 10am Pacific

Focus on the positive

How to Play the 7 Day Challenge

I want to invite you to play this challenge on attracting more money within a week!

Here are the rules of the game:

  1. Set a goal of what you want to manifest.
  2. For 7 days, focus daily on the 3 steps I gave you above and listen to the mp3 I am providing below.
  3. Watch Jeanna’s webinar and do her journal speed dial the universe (takes 10 minutes to fill out daily)

I bet you will start seeing amazing results!

If you practice these 3 easy steps to create abundance into your life, along with the mp3 below AND watch Jeanna’s webinar so you can learn about how to use her journal called Speed Dial the Universe, you will become an abundance magnet!

Here is the link again to participate on Jeanna’s webinar and learn how to do your Speed Dial the Universe journal.

Listen to the Ground Cord clearing mp3

Step 1 say YES to the challenge in the comments below and I will personally cheer you on during the 7 Day Challenge to Attract More Money - then come back and share what you manifested, maybe even before the 7 days, I can’t wait to read your comments!

Patricia Missakian
Patricia Missakian

Patricia Missakian is an international Akashic Records Mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. She is the founder of the Akashic Records Institute, a school for spiritual development, where healers and coaches learn how to develop their intuition and decode the messages found in the Akashic Records. She has helped thousands of students discover their soul purpose and transform the lives of their clients through the Akashic Records. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Patricia brings together her colorful creativity, positive energy, and unquestionable mystical connection to everything that she does.


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