• What if you could let go of the energy that is holding you back from standing in your power?
  • What if you could shift to feel more confidence, ease, and empowerment in all your relationships?
  • What if you could finally let go of the feelings and beliefs that are keeping you stuck?
  • What if you had total abundance in every area of your life?
  • Start today to take action towards your dreams!

A Powerful healing and energizing Weekly Session

Everyone accumulates energy that does not belong to them, from other people, situations in life and from the world...without clearing this energy you become lost in all this energy. When you don’t clear this energy it is just like gathering trash, filling your space with things that keep you small and stuck, self sabotaging yourself from taking action toward what you want to manifest.

If you commit to a weekly practice of energy clearing you are able to separate what is yours from what isn’t and be more in touch with your intuition, your emotions and your soul truth. Just like you wash your clothes every week and clean your body daily, it is important to regularly clean your energetic field.

Energy Clearing is an process that will clean up your field. During the clearings I tune into the Akashic Records for the group and together with my healing guides and your higher self we co-create the energetic environment that gives space for energies that don’t belong to you to be released.

Once your field is clear of all this stray energy we are able to address clearing away all self sabotage, negative beliefs and criticism that may have built up so you can come into greater alignment with the gifts you are here to share.

By clearing blocks and healing woundings you are free to establish and maintain better boundaries in your life and business which will allow you to experience a greater level of intuitive clarity and alignment so you can take inspired action in your life. This will allow you create more money while building a balanced abundant life for yourself!

The benefits you will experience include:

• Open space to receive money from unexpected sources
• Feel clarity and a sense of peace
• Feel empowered to offer your work with authenticity
• Shift old beliefs and mindsets
• Stop self sabotaging in its tracks
• Shift how you react to others, resulting in better relationships
• Take action towards your dreams with a completely new energy level
• Open your channels to receive intuitive guidance and energetic downloads

Participate and receive powerful Energy Clearings with Patricia Missakian


"Can’t keep track of all the new clients..."
"I have 3 potentially life-changing meetings scheduled, can’t even keep track of all the new clients I’ve been working with since this started. (…) Just bam, bam, bam. I even easily negotiated a higher pay rate.
I have a new mindset. I’ve been more confident about getting out there and doing networking events. Seriously life changing.
Working with Patricia has been phenomenal. Highly recommended.”
- Kimberly Harrison – singingforyoursoul.com

Working with Patricia was amazing.
I learned a lot about my personal archetypes, what my growth points were, and I walked away with actionable things I could do right away to have better financial health.
I’ve seen tangible results since then, and am very grateful for Patricia, her wisdom, and her phenomenal listening skills.”
~ Rachel Rofe – www.rachelrofe.com

"This month has been terrific in sales"

"This month has been terrific in sales and I am so grateful. I love the healing energy and exercises in this group to help me manifest with grace and ease. Thank you Patricia! Next week is my planning week as I am about to launch another product."
-  Dr kelly Edmonds – www.drkellyedmonds.com

Working with Patricia is one of the most important decisions of my life and career.
It  connected me with the impact I am here to make and clarified the Soul of my business. I am beyond grateful for her guidance and mentorship, I couldn’t have taken my business to where it is without her or to where it is going, as it is evolving with me! My dream of changing the world through sharing my unique gifts and brilliance while making incredible money is coming true. I whole heartedly Thank you Patricia!”

~Jennifer Riley, Clairvoyant Coach and Empowerment Expert BountifulEvolution.com

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May 2019 Special:

During this series of Energy Clearings you will:

  • Receive LIVE clearing of blocks and energies that are trapping your power to manifest your desires.
  • Look at your own life and business from a broader perspective, to see the big picture.
  • Create alignment with the gifts you are here to share.
  • Receive energetic support as you take action to make things happen for you.

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Weekly Live Sessions

1 Year of Sessions + a private session:

Please, note this is month to month access to the paid membership site containing recordings of the weekly healing sessions. You may cancel at any time, however, when you cancel you lose access to the recorded sessions.