A Journey of Awakening and Reconnection

Healing Your Inner Child

Through Reading Your Akashic Records

Monica Lopes

"The best part [of this program] was to feel that even grown up and tested during life in various ways, underneath it all there remains the feelings I had in my childhood ... pure and full of love to share.  Reconnecting to this love increased my self-esteem and my life has become a growing path of prosperity. I have overcome difficult moments, and I have discovered that I am very special, strong, courageous, determined, selfless and able to transform everything around me without needing much effort, but with discipline, daily practice of acquired knowledge and taking care of my being with all the love I deserve."

Monica Lopes
Eliana Gomes

When I saw the loneliness and sadness in my inner child, my heart ached with pain, I thought of the time, the abandonment, the solitude I lived in. I sat close and spoke tenderly to her assuring her that from that moment on I would never leave her. I felt my eyes shine and I held her hand ... it was at this moment that I felt how much we both needed each other.

Eliana Gomes

Have you ever stopped to think about how the beliefs and values ​​acquired in childhood can influence the adult you are today?


  • You have difficulty accepting rejection.
  • You doubt your abilities.
  • You are fearful of making the wrong decisions.
  • You are embarressed by or brush off compliments.

You do not have to settle for the reality in which you live!

You are the author of your life and you have abilities that you are not able to tap into fully because of the wounds of childhood. Even the most wonderful childhood contained disappointment and experiences that are misunderstood by children.

This is one of the most powerful aspects of the work in the Akashic Records Institute, teaching students how to recover their own power and gain control over life through self-knowledge, release of blocks and healing.

Healing the Inner Child is an experience in which you access the Akashic Records of your childhood where you identify and remove patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Where Childhood Traumas Come From

Were you were abandoned, abused, shamed, or was your enthusiasm for life constantly repressed? Even if you did not have such intense situations, you may have been a child in a home where there was no money and you lived with constant quarrels or you may have had siblings who received more attention than you. You may have been the one set up as the example for the younger ones and you couldn’t live up to that pressure.

When you are small, you record the values ​​and ideas you learn from the people closest to you. Not all memories are negative, yet, at some point, these beliefs instilled in you as a child may limit you in certain areas of ​​your life.

You are not alone, everyone goes through this phase where you interpret everything according to your level of awareness during childhood...and this child is still alive within you reinforcing these misconceptions.

It is these memories that we work with in Healing the Inner Child. These misunderstood childhood memories create barriers that prevent you from completely developing your personality and abilities.

Students who have accessed their Akashic Records describe the reconnection with their Inner Child as creating the most incredible transformation. Even if their childhood memories were negative the experience was positive because they re-visited these memories with the wisdom and experience of being an adult. Moreover, when you access the Records of your childhood you are accompanied by your Guides from the Records, they bring full clarity to the aspects of certain situations that you memorized only in part because you were a child.

Healing the Inner Child will not delete your memories. Your memories and experiences are part of who you are...you want to keep these.  What you do not need any longer is the layers of emotions associated with the memories. It’s the emotions or the fear of feeling the emotion that keeps you from living a full and happy life.

This is what I want for you: a life full and in balance with your true purpose!


Free yourself from the emotions of the past by immersing yourself in The Awakening - Healing Your Inner Child through your Akashic Records. You have the right to redeem your happiness and the power to decide what you believe without the barriers of limiting beliefs inherited from childhood.


When you join, you will have access to our member area, where you will have all the support material available, as well as recorded Akashic Clearing sessions to help remove layers of limiting beliefs as you go deeper and deeper into your Akashic Records.

When you join, you will have access to our member area, where the Course materials will be located, as well as recorded Akashic Clearing sessions to help remove layers of limiting beliefs.

The following modules will be taught in depth as you progress through the course:


After you complete the preparatory energy work and experience opening and working in your Akashic Records and the other energy tools you may participate in our LIVE Immersion Connection where you will meet and heal your Inner Child.

During this 5 hour Live Virtual VIP Group you will journey and connect with your Inner Child bringing healing to this precious part of yourself and the memories that are connected to the Child.

You will experience a live Akashic Clearing to release from your cellular and energetic memory any remnants from all the work you have done during your preparation and the healing with your Child.

There will be plenty of time for interaction with me to answer your questions and for live mentoring around working with your Records.


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Channeled Akashic Records Downloads

  1. Clear Blocks To Accessing Your Intuition
  2. Clear Beliefs To Accessing The Records
  3. Reconnecting With Your Wisdom
  4. Clear Webs from the Past
  5. Fully Expressing Your Creativity

Value $297                                 


You are about to undertake a unique and beautiful journey! This course is a special blend of self study and LIVE Immersion. When you join, you will gain immediate access to your member area, where the Course materials will be located, as well as recorded Akashic Clearing sessions to help remove layers of limiting beliefs as you go deeper and deeper with your Akashic Records.

To avoid overwhelm NOT ALL MATERIALS are available as soon as you begin, they will be made available to you as you progress through the course.

You will have immediate access to  Inner Fusion which will lie the energetic groundwork for the rest of the course.

Modules 1 and Module 2 are to be completed before participating in the Live Immersion.

Following the Immersion two additional modules will be released to support your continued growth and expansion as you dive deeper into your Records.

Your bonuses will be made available to you at the best time to support your training.

"I heard the call to work with the Records having no idea of what they were all about - it has transformed my life from beginning to end..."

Alessandra França
Alessandra França

Meet Your Mentor

Patricia Missakian is an international mentor of Akashic Records for Spiritual Entrepreneurs. She is the founder of the Akashic Records Institute, a spiritual development school where therapists and coaches learn to develop their intuition and decode the messages found in the Akashic Records. She has helped thousands of students discover their soul purpose and transform lives of her clients through the Akashic Records. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Patricia gathers her vibrant creativity, positive energy and unquestioning mystical connection with everything she does.

"I've had several training sessions before. I've been on this road for years. I am a reiki master, I am an EFT trained coach and I am trained in shamanic techniques. I also know the arcana of tarot and magic, and I did the Akashic Record course with Patricia. Since then I have worked with this knowledge and I can say that I have finally achieved this. Something new happened to me when I did the Inner Child and forgiveness work. It was powerful. Thank you, Patricia, for opening this space and for your sessions. I am convinced that they have changed my energy in ways I can not even imagine."

Janie Santoi
Janie Santoi

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