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Patricia Missakian is an Energetic Business Strategist for online entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their profitable Spiritually Led Legacy Business.
She is Founder and CEO of the Akashic Records Institute, an international school for spiritual development where she has guided well over 5000 students all across the globe to develop their intuition, discover their soul purpose and transform their lives. 
She is a weekly featured expert on and a popular summit, seminar and podcast guest.
She is also an author and oracle deck creator and committed to ongoing philanthropic work and partners with the 10 Trees Movement, which plants 10 trees for each oracle deck sold. 
Here are some of the topics you may be interested in having Patricia speak on as an expert on your show:
• Spiritually Led Legacy Business
• The Energetic Behind Scaling Your Business
• Mindset and Manifesting
• Anchoring The Identity of Prosperity
• Working With The Akashic Records of Your Business 
• Impact of the Inner Child on Your Prosperity 
• Impact of the Inner Child on Your Prosperity

If your events fits into this category Patricia would be happy to consider your proposal.
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