Certified Akashic Records Institute Consultants

Below is a listing of certified consultants personally trained by me, Patricia Missakian, in the Akashic Records Institute method.  To receive certification, our students must complete the required practice hours, provide extensive proof of weekly practice and paid sessions given, and demonstrate a high level of integrity and intuitive awareness.  I am honored to showcase them on the Akashic Records Institute website and I invite you to review their websites and connect with those who resonate with you.

To learn more about how you can becom a certified Akashic Records Consultant, click here.

Maryann Candito
Business Name & Website: Maryann Candito
Language(s): English
Email: Contact Maryann

akashic-records-institute-vanessa-mateuVanessa Mateu
Business Name & Website: Indigo Sanctuary
Language(s): English
Email: Contact Vanessa

As an Inspirational Guidance Coach, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and an Akashic Record Reader, I am an enthusiast with deep compassion and insight. I extend my services as a heartfelt motivator about life and humanity's evolutionary process.

Loreen Muzick
Business Name & Website:  Glinda's Guidance
Language(s): English
Email:  Contact Loreen

I am a loving, compassionate & inspiring guide who provides proactive advice & spiritual insights. Divination through the Akashic Records and tarot, are the tools I use to open divine conversations so that I may inspire you, help you evolve and illuminate the way to your very own yellow brick road.

Aisling Egan
Business Name & Website:  Auras by Aisling
Language(s):  English
Email:  Contact Aisling

Aisling (pronounced Ash ling), is an Intuitive Reader, here for your questions and clarification of subjects such as dating, business, finance, health, family issues, life choices and more. There are several ways to gain information about your soul energy and life direction. Oracle cards (like Tarot cards) or Akashic Records or Aura Readings.

Aisling’s strengths are the ability to pick up on emotions, thoughts and feelings of others and just ‘know’. This is highly beneficial for others to move through problems in a practical and logical way. These intuitive impressions allow Aisling, as your guide to shift your focus where your life needs it, to give attention in the right direction, and to pick up on any possible obstacles in your path.

akashicrecordsinstitute-darlene-duke-lopezDarlene R. Duke-Lopez
Business Name & Website: Sacred Arts Healing (Coming Soon)
Language(s): English
Email:  Email Darlene

Darlene is an Akashic Records reader, an Energy Healer, an Intuitive Psychic Medium, a Coach, a Hypnotherapist, AND much more! She is a Sacred Arts Practitioner who combines all of her gifts and talents plus a little magic to support you on your life’s journey.

akashicrecordsinstitute-sandra-suarez-dominguezSandra Suarez Dominguez
Business Name & Website:  Luminous Inner Wisdom
Language(s):  English
Email:  Email Sandra

Hi, My name is Sandra Suarez Dominguez, and I am a mother, wife, intuitive life coach and healer. For much of my life, I knew that there was something a bit "off." I felt unfulfilled, lost, and a deep longing for something more... even though I had no idea what "more" meant to my life.

It wasn't until I traveled through my own spiritual journey that I discovered my Soul's true purpose: to help other women bring forth their beautiful spiritual gifts as they create their own magic in this world. As an intuitive life coach, I will help you heal and clear blocks in your life so that you can move past them and find clarity as you fulfill your own life purpose. You will connect with your higher self and feel supported by your spiritual team. You will fulfill your dreams and achieve your deepest soul's desires and life purpose. If you're ready to embark on this amazing and magical journey, let's connect to make your dreams become reality. I can't wait to hear from you.

akashicrecordsinstitute-carmen-williamsCarmen Williams
Business Name & Website:  Universal School of Esoteric Wisdom
Launguage(s): English

Carmen Williams is an evolutionary teacher, writer and spiritual mentor.  A Certified Akashic Records Practioner, Carmen has also completed the Art of Intuition program.

Carmen is esoteric in her thinking and shares her wisdom with compassion and clarity. Paired with a number of other energy healing modalities, she has created a foundational system for successful living of her own "Creative Living Workshop" and an online "Universal School of Esoteric Wisdom".

Rozlyn Warren, CHt, ESLCrozlyn-warren-akashic-records-practitioner
Business Name:
 Inspiring Transformation, Inc.
Language(s): English
Website: LeanTowardHappy.com

Rozlyn, a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner and Empowered Spiritual Life Coach, works with spiritual seekers and heart-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to be happy and live with purpose by healing deep wounds, releasing old patterns of behavior and blocks in their energetic system. Getting straight to the heart of the matter by directly engaging your Inner Guidance and working in your Akashic Records you will align with your soul, your purpose and true happiness.


Caitriona Hicks
Business Name & Website:
 Your Sacred Essence
Language(s): English

Caitriona specializes in helping soul centered women in business to align with their true selves, supporting them to overcome what may be holding them back & empowering them to shine their unique essence into the world.

suzanne-gamacheSuzanne Gamache
Business Name & Website:
Solutions Holistiques
Language(s): English

At Solutions Holistiques, we approach therapy, well-being and personal development from a holistic perspective. Holistic therapies emphasize the connection of mind, body, emotions and spirit and strive to achieve maximum well-being. Realizing change for emotional, behavioral and physical difficulties succeeds when physical, spiritual, and psychological concerns are all addressed.

Autumn Bradley-O'Rell
Website: Belief Alchemy

Autumn helps sensitive spiritual women heal their financial drama and trauma, so they can find peace with money.

Casey Choate
Business Name: Casey Choate
Language(s): English
Casey uses his expertise in marketing and sales combined with his intuition and access to the Akashic Records to help healers, intuitives and coaches who are new to online business or haven't been very successful thus far to create purposeful and profitable businesses that are aligned with their divine essence.

sofia-nichie-certified-akashic-records-practitionerSofia Nitchie
Business Name & Website: Sofia Wren LLC
Language(s): English

Sofia Wren specializes in helping female entrepreneurs and creators to channel the voice of their projects and manage overwhelm so they can spread their message in a bigger way, make a bigger difference and live the lifestyle that will help them relax.

Brenda Hill
Business Name:
Brenda Hill
Language(s): English
Email: brendahill70@gmail.com

Monika Teresa Swiatek
Business Name & Website: Reiki and Shamanic Institute
Language(s): English

Akashic Reading service, Psychic Reading service, Reiki and shamanic courses trainee.

Lucia Cruz
Business Name: Praticante de Leitura de Registros Akashicos
Language(s): Portuguese
Email: Send Lucia an Email
Sou grata por ser certificada na Leitura dos Registros Akashicos e honro este trabalho que julgo seríssimo e de grande responsabilidade. É uma dádiva poder auxiliar as pessoas que estão buscando o seu autoconhecimento a se tornarem mais conscientes e felizes.

marilene-pittaMarilene Pitta – Rio de Janeiro Praticante de Leitura de Registros Akashicos Languages: Portuguese Visite o website Aqui A Leitura dos Registros Akáshicos é a profissão da minha alma. Honro esse processo de trabalho e sou profundamente grata por ter sido Certificada. Tenho tido resultados seguros. As pessoas estão tomando consciência do seu Livro da Vida e atualizando-o na percepção dos novos talentos. É uma Bênçãos essa forma multidimensional de trabalhar.

Sandra Egydio Pereira da Silva Business Name: Sintonia da Alma Languages: Português Website: Sintonia da Alma Site Paulistana, espirita, trabalha como voluntária da Fraternidade Espirita Dr. Lourenço. Reiki,(Mestrado) PNL, hipnose erksoniana, psicanálise, regressão de vidas passadas, Ho´ponopono, cristais de Oz (essências florais).


Michelle Berwig Business Name: Lyrius do Amanhã Languages: Português Website: email: lyriusdoamanha@hotmail.com Terapeuta formada em reike, biomagnetismo, mesa cristalina metratonica, leitora de registros akáshicos.


ros-sessao-de-registro-akashicoRosângela Maria de Araújo da Cruz Praticante de Leitura de Registros Akashicos Languages: Português Visite o website Aqui Sou uma apaixonada por terapias holísticas , sou terapeuta de TFT e leitora de Registros Akáskicos entre outras técnicas.



gresGresiela Ladislau Praticante de Leitura de Registros Akashicos Languages: Português Visite o website Aqui Psicoterapeuta, Reikiana, aromaterapeuta, radiação atlante, geobiologia, cromoterapia, regressão, alinhamento psíquico, radiestesia. Graduação em Serviço Social e Psicologia e MBA em DRS.


praticante-registros-akashicosSilvana Rangel Guedes Ribeiro Praticante de Leitura de Registros Akashicos Languages: Português Visite o website Aqui * Doutorado em Psicanálise * Coach, Mentoring, Counseling and Holomentoring * Mestre em Reiki * Terapeuta quântica * Operadora de mesas radiônicas * Consteladora familiar * Leitora de Registros Akáshicos *


Adriana Magalhaes

Adriana Magalhães Praticante de Leitura de Registros Akashicos Languages: Português Visite o website Aqui Sentir-se em comunhão com o Todo é o propósito pessoal são o principal objetivo do meu trabalho, que visa um momento de carinho, cuidado e conscientização de uma existência com mais alegria e realização em todas as áreas.


maria-carmo-praticante-TFTMaria do Carmo Somenzari Bergamo Praticante de Leitura de Registros Akashicos Languages: Português Visite o website Aqui Sou terapeuta de: Frequências de Brilho, TFT-ADV Optimal Health, Voice Technology-Terapia do Campo do Pensamento, Homeostase Quântica e Leitura dos Registros Akáshicos


registros-akashicos-brasilCláudia A. Kodaira Praticante de Leitura de Registros Akashicos Languages: Português Visite o website Aqui Terapeuta vibracional, CRTH-BR 1277 / ITR 11300 - PhD. Química, Aromaterapeuta e Reiki Master. Consultora em Marketing Olfativo e em personalização de lembranças aromáticas.


curso-registro-akashicoCristina Comparotto Praticante de Leitura de Registros Akashicos Languages: Português Visite o website Aqui Terapeuta Holística, pós-graduada em Biopsicologia, Yogaterapeuta Hormonal, Consultora de Registros Akashicos e ThetaHealer® (CRT 48757)



Olga Lucia Ortiz Praticante de Leitura de Registros Akashicos Languages: Espanhol e Portugues Visite o website Aqui Terapia Quântica e Coaching com o objetivo de guiar de uma maneira integral e muito profissional as pessoas para resolver seus questionamentos existenciais, desafios em todas as áreas da vida e descobrir seu sentido de vida!


cyda-registros-akashicosCyda Domine Praticante de Leitura de Registros Akashicos Languages: Português Visite o website Aqui  Desde 1995, dedicando integralmente a Terapias Complementares. Atuo como Leitora de Registros Akáshicos, Theta Healing, Renascimento, Regressão, Psicoterapia Reencarnacionista, Mesa Radiônica e Rede Cristalina, Terapia Estelar Quântica, Integração Craniossacral.


Mônika Dessimoni LopesMônika Dessimoni Lopes Praticante de Leitura de Registros Akashicos Visite o website Aqui Terapeuta Holística, Reiki Master Practioner de Florais de Bach e Saint Germain Instrutora de Curso de Auriculoterapia/ Medicina Chinesa e Cinco Elementos; Argiloterapia e Reiki. Avaliação Bioenergética das Mãos/ Técnica de Radiestesia com Equilíbrio dos chacras. Massagem Ayurvedica/ pedras quentes e Bioenergética. Work shop de E.F.T. com Ho'oponopono. Cromoterapeuta

auditorio-da-alma-registros-akashicosAlessandra França Praticante de Leitura de Registros Akashicos Languages: Português Visite o website Aqui Life Coach, especialista em inteligência emocional para relacionamentos, Metafísica, Mestre em Reiki, Terapeuta Floral, Prática em Toque Quântico, Ativista Quântica, Fundadora do Auditório da Alma.


fatima-registros-akashicosFátima de Freitas Pessôa Praticante de Leitura de Registros Akashicos Languages: Português e Inglês Visite o website Aqui Terapeuta holística: Reiki, Aura Soma, Floral, Magnified Healing, EFT, Hipnoterapia Ericksoriana, Astrologia, Xamanismo - Como terapeuta corporal: Shiatsu, Bioenergia, SEI-TAI, Quiroprática - Formação: Psicologia


n-aprenda-a-ler-registros-akashicosNeuman Ribeiro Praticante de Leitura de Registros Akashicos Languages: Português Email Aqui: mneuman.ribeiro@gmail.com Reiki Master of the Usui Reiki System formada por Frank Arjava Petter ; Instrutora de Rainbow Reiki formada pelo Reiki Do Institute Internacional Walter Lubeck; Karuna Reiki Master, nº200.006 

Discover all about the Akashic Records and how YOU can use them to stand out in your field, serve your clients at a deeper level, all while building your soulful business!!

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