Awaken Your Power Of Creation

Using The Akashic Records and
The Soul Matrix Method To Create The Life Of Your Dreams

Patricia Missakian's NEW BOOK

Would you say you are living a life with lower standards than you would like?

What if I tell you that you can change that, and have the life you want?
Anyone can change this pattern, and I'll give you that path!

Through this book you will learn how the SOUL MATRIX METHOD of accessing the the Akashic Records can connect you with your purpose, passion and mission in life.

But that is not all...
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In this book you will:

• Access your Higher Self and develop your intuition;
• Discover your real value;
• Learn the diference between intuition from imagination;
• Develop your clairvoyance;
• Awaken your personal and creative power;
• Discover how to have a life of synchronicity and abundance;
• Understand why the law of attraction hasn't worked for you yet and how to change it once and for all.


I'm Patricia Missakian, and I've been working with Akashic Records for 20 years, an ancient knowledge that has helped thousands of people to improve their relationships and especially financial well-being, and I'm pre-selling my new book: Awaken Your Power of Creation where you will be able to learn and apply this knowledge.

I will teach you, what are Akashic Records and my Soul Matrix Method that I have taught to more than 10,000 students, internationally and in two languages.

I applied this methodology in my personal life that allowed me to achieve my financial independence and my first million dollars 3 years ago, and I want to share this teaching in a simple, direct, clear way and within everyone's reach.


See testimonials from people who have already had access to this knowledge that I now share with you.

"This program has completely changed my life because before this I really didn't know I  was so powerful! The incredible confidence I've gained from connecting more deeply to my intuition and trusting it to a level I haven't been able to in the past is priceless." ~Loreen Musik

"If I were recording a video, I would cry when talking about Patricia, because she helped me a lot to rediscover myself as a person. This program was a turning point in my life, after the course, I started to look at myself differently, without being afraid to take the necessary measures to change. I had the courage to express myself and put my idea into practice without fear of criticism. Now I feel powerful, wanting to grow and value myself. I feel worthy and I have a certainty, which even moves me, of achieving everything I want for the good of all! This feeling of being in harmony with my purpose in life is priceless.” ~Rosangela Araújo

“I think it's not just one thing, it's the whole course!!! The Akashic Clearing sessions made such an impact, you could really feel the energetic shifts. The biggest impact is knowing that I can access my Akashic Records, overcome past blocks, and develop my creativity! It will help me immensely in all areas of my life, moving me forward and understanding myself better.” ~Marta Vargas

"Because of my studies with Patricia in the Akashic Records I feel safer showing up to the world, relationships flow better, opportunities arise. More and more I look at money as an always available resource, a partner on the journey. Opening to real prosperity in all areas of life: that was the big change." ~Wilma Lima

"With the Akashic Records I learned how to flow in life. It increased my perception, my confidence in life and, above all, seeing beyond the horizon. I am grateful for everything I learned from Patricia!" ~Ana Guimarães

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There are no coincidences, this is your time!
Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?

There is a power inside of you waiting to be awakened. It has always been with you, you just need to learn how to
use that power to turn your dreams into reality.

Through the power of the Soul Matrix Method of accessing the Akashic Records, I will guide you to tap into your power, release limiting beliefs to
begin to truly live your Soul Purpose.

Are you ready to embrace your power and FINALLY be the person
you've always wanted to be?

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