Most of you know me as a teacher of the Akashic Records, and you’ve probably seen me teaching and sharing about the Records for quite a while now. But I wasn’t always a teacher. In fact, up until a few years ago, I was terrified at the thought of getting up in front of people and teaching anything.

Hard to believe, right? Now that I teach courses, I go on Facebook live, and I speak at live events on a regular basis, you might think of me as a “natural” at it. But the truth is that it was not an easy journey to get here! There were a lot of twists, turns, and challenges on the path that I couldn’t have even imagined.

The most surprising thing of all was that the Akashic Records Institute, my most successful business to date, grew from a situation that looked like a major business disaster.

It was something that looked like a total loss. But it turned into a total win for me, both in business and in life.

Through all of my experiences both the good and the bad, I learned to trust myself, follow my path, and allow the Akashic Records to guide me on my journey. And I’m going to share with you just how the Records helped me turn a business disaster into a business breakthrough.

When I first came to the United States, I practiced massage therapy and energy healing, both of which came very naturally to me. Of course, both of those practices required that I worked 1:1 with clients and that I have an outside the home location.

But when my son was born, I knew that I wanted to change directions. I loved the idea of transitioning to an online business so that I could spend more time with my son as well as have more freedom and flexibility in my life.

As it happens, in addition to my energy work I also had a background in graphic design. And from there, I did something pretty unique. I combined all of my talents–energy healing, reading the Akashic Records, and designing for the web–and turned it into something that nobody else was doing. I did more than design logos and branding for clients. I also helped the rise to the level of their Soul frequency, not only for their business but also for themselves.

So connecting my skills in working with the Akashic Records with my talents as a designer, I supported clients in bringing it all together. I helped them connect to their true purpose and enabled them to brand the frequency of their soul. At the same time, I showed them how to bring balance for themselves.

That’s a pretty unique spin on graphic design, isn’t it? (As far as I know, nobody else out there offers anything quite like that, even to this day.)

Along the way, however, it started to feel as though there was something more I needed to be doing with my life. A little bit at a time, I began to hear the call to teaching. But at the same time, I was resisting that message.

In fact, you could say I was almost lazy about it! All I kept thinking was, “How am I gonna do that? How can I teach? It’s just too hard.”

But just like most true callings, when you ignore them for too long, eventually a wake-up call happens!

At one point, I took on two particular clients that I was hoping would work out well for me. As it happens, though, something told me that they weren’t quite the right fit for me. And yet I said “yes” anyway and hoped for the best.

Funny thing, though–when you take on clients for any reason other than you truly want to work with them, the results are often exactly what you were afraid they would be. And sometimes worse. That was the case in this situation.

The truth is that there were silly disagreements that got blown out of proportion. In the end, nothing worked out for those two clients or me.

And what was worse, they didn’t pay me for the second installment of the job.

So there I was, left without being paid for the work I’d completed. And it wound up leading to the end of my business.

The thing is, it wasn’t only because of the money that I closed the business down. I knew what I was doing wasn’t doing it for me anymore. And I told myself I just needed to take a break, figure myself out, and figure out what I was going to do next.

After the business fell apart, every night I would open my own Akashic Records. I allowed myself to receive the clearing, the healing, and the forgiveness that I desperately needed.

The more I worked with my Records, too, the more I discovered about what led to the downfall of my last business.

I began to see that the reason I was so resistant to the “problem client” situation was that I felt a need to be valued. Those last two clients didn’t pay me. And something in me believed that this was because they didn’t appreciate me or my work.

I found memories and beliefs that were directly related to my need to be valued. I realized that those memories and beliefs that were holding me back. And I was finally able to clear them away.

It was then that I understood that the only person who gave me my value was me. I realized that I didn’t need anyone to tell me my worth. I already knew.

Once I released those old stories and truly owned my worth, what happened next was truly magical.

You see, those two clients owed me about $1600. But instead of becoming bitter and angry and sending them threatening messages to pay me or else, I decided to let it go. Why?

Because I knew I didn’t need them to give me $1600 to prove that I was valuable.

It was then that I found the perfect solution within my Records. With the help of my spirit guides, we made a $1600 loss into a business expense. We created an energetic invoice that turned the loss into a write-off. And what I found out from my accountant was that this was a legitimate solution in the “real” world! So I created an actual business expense of $1600 for the books and called it good.

But to prevent any new drama from being created in the energetic world, I wrote it off to “life school business experience.” I energetically let go of the client relationship. I remembered the money they owed me, and I said, “You know what? Keep it.” And I let it go.

And wouldn’t you know it, but not too long after that happened, the idea for the Soul Purpose program came through to me. And the Akashic Records Institute was born.

I launched my first Akashic Records class, which was at the time a 4-week program. And that very first program–which was also my very first time teaching ANYTHING–I received $16,000. That’s ten times the amount of money that I lost when I let that old situation go.

So it turns out that having those “problem” clients show up in my life was the best thing that ever happened to my business!

If you’re going through anything in your business or life where there is some miscommunication, misunderstanding, or misalignment, ask yourself this question: does it have anything to do with your own beliefs about your value? Are you possibly holding onto people and situations because you aren’t quite sure of your worth–and you need other people to “prove” to you that you are valuable?

Maybe you’re so busy searching for acceptance from an outside source that you don’t see your worth yourself.

Not too long ago, I did an Akashic Clearing for my students. The theme that came up on this particular day was self-esteem, and the message was clear. So often, either consciously or unconsciously, we hope that other people will prove to us that we are valuable and worthy. We can’t be happy with who we are without receiving someone else’s approval first. But the good news is that once you understand that this happens, you can recognize when you’re falling into that belief.

From here, you can recognize the evidence of all the love that you have around you. And you can remember that nobody outside of yourself can give you your value. If you don’t believe that, though, and if you still seek to be validated by other people, it’s time to start searching within your Soul. Where did you create a contract that caused you to stop honoring your value? It’s time to discover what beliefs or memories might be holding you back, and working with spirit to let them go.

When I finally released what was holding me back, and I learned to honor my value, it changed both my business and my life. It was the biggest breakthrough that supported me in the transition from a business that was “good enough” to one that was completely aligned with my Soul purpose.

I trust that this process will help you in some area of your life as well! So tell me, can you relate? Have you ever found yourself afraid to own your value and your worth? Have you ever noticed yourself seeking validation from outside sources? Tell me about it in the comments–and let me know if my story resonated with you! Share your comments, questions, and a-has with me in the comments below!




Patricia Missakian
Patricia Missakian

Patricia Missakian is an international Akashic Records Mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. She is the founder of the Akashic Records Institute, a school for spiritual development, where healers and coaches learn how to develop their intuition and decode the messages found in the Akashic Records. She has helped thousands of students discover their soul purpose and transform the lives of their clients through the Akashic Records. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Patricia brings together her colorful creativity, positive energy, and unquestionable mystical connection to everything that she does.


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