• Would you like to receive a complete set of Advanced techniques that you can easily put into practice to unlock your intuition and fully trust yourself ... maybe for the first time?
  • How empowering would it be to know your specific intuitive gift ... and how to develop it? Are you clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, or claircognizant? It does matter!
  • Did you know there are more than the 7 Chakras that most people know? Discovering and working with an additional 5 Chakras will take you deeper into your intuitive self.  

This is WAY more than than just more information about your Chakras...it’s about deeply listening to the wisdom of your body...realizing it has so much wisdom to share with you...wisdom that can set you free!

You may have heard of cellular memory...what this means in practical terms it that your body holds wisdom and consciousness that you, on the level of the mind, just don’t have the capacity to comprehend.

Again, this is NOT your typical chakra course! Most courses that teach about the chakras focus on theory, this is a hands on program that allows you to not only understand concepts about your energetic system like chakras (and explore more than the typical 7), ground cord, creativity channels and thinking box…you will experience techniques to become adept at not only hearing your body but being able to finally release beliefs, blocks and the causative emotions that are trapped in your body.

PLUS...we will go way beyond that...in this skill driven experience you will experience using the tools and techniques to bring to light what is keeping you stuck in self-sabotage and what actions to take to free yourself at anytime!

Some of Techniques You Will Learn AND Experience:

  • A technique to discover where you hold limiting beliefs about money that keeps you from making more money and trusting your self worth.
  • Discover your creativity channels and how to increase your creativity by working with them.
  • Clear your thinking box from over thinking so you can get stuff done!!!
  • Increase your self worth by letting go of what you been holding in your primary self-worth Chakra.

The INTUITION DEEP DIVE EXPERIENCE is for both beginner AND intermediate levels students.
It is not an experience you do one time and put away. The techniques you will discover are to be used for life. Even the 21 Energetic coaching sessions attunements you will receive can and are able to be used over and over, as you listen one time, you are releasing the blocks from the outer layer, everytime you listen you will be able to work in the layer below and so one.  

Here's What You Will Learn In Intuition Deep Dive Experience:

PART 1: We are naturally Body blocks hoarders, this module will teach you how to Feng Shui your energy:​

Did you know that your body has the tendency to hoard emotions, blocks and A WHOLE LOT OF limiting beliefs within it? Any feelings, old beliefs and emotions, if not expressed, end up stuck in specific areas of your body. As time goes on, more and more “stuff” get stuck in those areas, creating a great environment for you to self sabotage and keep from really moving forward in life by taking action in alignment with your life purpose. Eventually these areas get so clogged that diseases are created in your physical body. In the INTUITION DEEP DIVE EXPERIENCE you will receive a ritual for regular self-clearing based on energetic medicine techniques so you can prevent this from happening in your body. Understanding the relationship between emotions and the parts of the body that have the tendency to accumulate emotions, beliefs and blockages will allow you to clear them more easily.  

PART 2: Your Chakras: Keys to Healing Past Trauma​

Your chakras hold all the wisdom you brought with you to this lifetime. They also hold the keys to healing past traumas, building lasting relationships, breaking through financial blockages, unleashing creativity and achieving your goals on both the physical and energetic level. You will thoroughly understand your chakra and aura systems and experience releasing the blocks and old beliefs that cause you pain and/or cause you to feeling stuck. Then you will:
1. BE ABLE TO LISTEN - You will listen to your body, REALLY listen to that voice that you silenced, it takes courage, but if you don't face it...it will always be there, and like clutter, will keep attracting situations to create more emotions and blocks to hold on to.
2. BE ABLE TO LET GO WHEN YOU ARE READY - Once you are open to allowing your body to speak what it needs you to know and hearing this message, you will be ready to release the old energy and beliefs. You will develop the ability to recognize, in your own body, when you are ready to let go of a block, pattern or belief, then easily apply the daily energy clearing for yourself.
3. THEN DIVE DEEPER INTO THE NEXT LAYER - As you keep clearing layers by layer, you will get more and more clear each time, as these voices are heard and then fall silent...you will now have focus and clarity to hear your intuition. This is when. As you understand how you perceive intuition, you will build trust in both yourself and your Inner Guidance...you will find yourself taking action and will soon notice synchronicities and results in your life.

PART 3: Going deeper with the 21 sessions of energetic atounements​

When you join you will have access to 21 short and to the point daily sessions of energetic atounements. In less than 20 minutes these “snackable sessions” can be easily implemented into your daily routine. Each powerful session is facilitated by a collaboration between myself, Patricia, my healing guides, plus you and your higher self. Together we will tackle the old stories that you have been listening to that kept you stuck, not trusting your intuition, and not taking actions towards making your goals in life happen. All of this will enable you to take inspired actions towards living your passion and loving your life!  


"Every time you can go deeper and

deeper in your transformation."

Patricia Missakian is Founder and CEO of the Akashic Records Institute, an international school for spiritual development where she has guided well over 5000 students all across the globe to develop their intuition, discover their soul purpose and transform their lives.

Her MISSION is to awaken and empower people to live their soul purpose and create a Spiritually Led Legacy Business.


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The Best

"I have not completed the program yet, I already notice many changes within myself. More calm, happier, flexible and more natural. I wait for each new module every week like a child waiting for Christmas gift. This is indeed the best gift I gave to myself." 

Rachel Bezerra


"Through this program I was able to unlock my fear of connecting deeper with my intuition. I learned how to enhance my intuitive gifts and I became much more confident. Having done this program before the Akashic Records training, in my opinion, was fundamental to my preparation. I highly recommend."

Paula Gomes


"I LOVED this program! I feel connected and able to hear my intuition much more clearly. The 21 attunements are GOLD I keep going back to them daily. I took this program 5 months ago and keep doing my daily practice, you made it easy to adapt to my routine. I feel better every day and closer to my dreams. I not only increased my intuition, but I feel happier overall. I am so grateful." 

Tania Elizabeth

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