Enrollment in the Akashic Records Practitioner Certification Course means you have reviewed and agree to the below Enrollment Policies and Student Waiver.

1. Purpose of Certification

This in dept training of how to access the Akashic Records benefits both practitioners and their clients. The Certification Program provides training and guidance to new Akashic Records Practitioners and reaffirms the capability and qualifications of current practitioners. The Program is designed to promote uniformity in the practice of Akashic Records Readings, raise the standards set for practitioners, and create guidelines for both akashic records readings and client expectations. When using an Akashic Records Certified Practitioner, clients can feel confident and protected knowing their Practitioner has been trained and evaluated by the superior staff at Akashic Records Institute, where excellent care is our mission.

2. Qualifications

There are currently no agencies or organizations that standardize certification specifically for Akashic Records Practitioners and most states do not have laws that license or otherwise regulate the Akashic Records practice. In light of this, the Akashic Records Institute has dedicated itself to creating a Certification Program that sets legitimate industry standards and provides oversight in the absence of state or federal regulation.

4. Certification Requirements

In order to be certified as an Akashic Records Practitioner, candidates must satisfactorily complete all requirements of the Certification Program. Candidates must first agree to our Code of Ethics, committing them to the ethical and professional use of the Akashic Records. Candidates are required to complete a sequence of 16 classes in the Certification Program including a required corresponding quiz, achieving an overall passing average grade of 75% or higher. Further, candidates must complete at least three (9) Akashic Records Reading sessions and submit a survey review completed independently by their client for each session. Candidates are required to complete the sessions with nine separate adult individuals in person to provide the Program with the most accurate evaluation of a student’s progress. The requirements must be completed within 1 calendar year (365 days). Should the candidate decide to come back and complete the certification at another time, there will be no credit given for classes taken previously.

The relationship between Practitioner and Client is intimate and founded on trust, and as such, we only certify those practitioners who abide by the highest standards expected of every Akashic Records Certified Practitioners. Failure to complete any of the requirements of the course is considered failure of that requirement. Candidates must satisfactorily complete all requirements of the Program during a single session in order to be certified. Though most pass the course in the first session attempted, candidates may make as many attempts as necessary without penalty as long as program is completed within one calendar year. A practitioner must complete the Program only once, after which there is no requirement to renew or submit to review in order to maintain certification.

5. Code of Ethics and Grounds for Removal

Our Code of Ethics are a foundational component of the Certification Process. While we cannot control the behavior of candidates outside the program, variance from these terms during the Certification Course is not tolerated. The Akashic Records Institute takes the Code of Ethics very seriously as a foundational element of the Certification Process and proper behavior is expected from every student at all times. Students receive one written warning for violating the Code of Ethics or for otherwise engaging in inappropriate behavior. Students are removed from the Course, without refund, for any future infractions. While the Akashic Records Institute remains committed to providing the best guidance and support to its candidates, it also has a responsibility to its other graduates and their clients to ensure the integrity of the Certification Program. By registering for the Course, all candidates agree to these terms and accept the consequences for failing to adhere to the Code of Ethics and acceptable conduct.

6. Benefits of Certification

Everyone benefits from the Akashic Records Certification Program, Akashic Records Practitioners and clients alike. Practitioners are better trained and prepared for their own Akashic Records practice, and clients are better informed of the qualifications and training of their healers. In addition to training, Certified Practitioners also receive a copy of the Code of Ethics, a model Intake Form for use in their practice, and a Disclosure Notice informing their clients about their practice and qualifications. Practitioners are not required to use these forms, but the Akashic Records Institute attempts to provide every resource to its practitioners. Ultimately, practitioners receive a Certificate of Completion.  Certification is a way to both improve your capabilities as a practitioner and to exhibit your qualifications to potential clients.

Please remember, even with certification, Akashic Records Practitioners are not licensed therapists, licensed medical doctors and cannot prescribe or give advice in place of a trained medical professional.

7. Refunds and Replacements

Please think carefully about whether this is the right time in your life to take part in this wonderful course. Because of how content is distributed, student management, grading and organization that is the nature of this sort of academy, refunds will not be given. Thank you for understanding.

No refunds will be given to those students who have been removed from the program for violations of the Code of Ethics and those reasons will be given in writing.

Akashic Records Certified Practitiones will receive a digital Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the course. Practice forms provided in conjunction with the course will be provided on request at no charge.

8. Delinquent Payment Policy

As long as you make your payments when they are due, you will continue to have access to the ARI course. However, when a payment that is due is not paid on time, your status will be changed to “delinquent.” This means that you will be suspended from the course, from access to Akashic Cave and you will not get access to any future Class Resources that are released. Once you have corrected your delinquent payment status, your student status will change to “in good standing” and all access will be reinstated back to normal, however it may take up to 4 (four) business days to restore all access. Should you allow your payments to be suspended from your original PayPal payment agreement, your full outstanding balance will be due at that time. We do not offer any “special” or extended payment plans outside of what is offered at the time of enrollment.

9. Disclaimers

While the Akashic Records Institute is dedicated to certifying only those practitioners who meet the high standards of the Certification Program, there are many things outside its control. Because there is no accrediting body that exists to approve Akashic Records certification, the Akashic Records institute is necessarily a self-certifying body and sets its own standards for certification. Further, although there are no governing federal laws, and most states have no applicable regulations, it is possible new laws regarding Akashic Records will develop in the future. The Akashic Records Institute endeavors to remain current on all laws related to the Akashic Records, but may not always be up to date on every law and does not monitor the laws of every state and/or nation on behalf of its practitioners. Akashic Records Practitioners are responsible for knowing the laws of their states/country and/or locality and for keeping their clients informed of those laws. The Akashic Records Institute assumes no liability to its candidates or their clients for changes in the law after certification, and makes no representations to the ongoing legality of the practice of akashic records or the Akashic Records Certification Program

Further, the Akashic Records Institute has limited oversight of its practitioners outside their voluntary participation in the program, and as such is not responsible for their conduct. Much of the Certification Program is completed using the honor system, and the Akashic Records Institute is not responsible if candidates cut corners or otherwise cheat in order to gain certification. Clients using a practitioner claiming to be certified by the Akashic Records Institute are encouraged to contact us to verify their certification, but the Akashic Records Institute cannot warrant that it has accurate or up-to-date contact information for its Certified Practitioners. The Akashic Records Certification Program is a service provided to improve the field of Akashic Records Practitioners, but does not guarantee results or otherwise warrant any type of outcome from the Certification Process.
Akashic Records Certification Program
Upon completion of the entire Akashic Records Practitioner Certification Program you will receive a Certificate of Akashic Records Practitioner suitable for framing. Any Programs completed with the Akashic Records Institute may or may not be recognized by other schools.

Student Waiver and Release Agreement: In consideration of access to the class or classes, for which I am registering, I hereby release, indemnify, and hold-harmless The Akashic Records Institute, LLC, and their agents, representatives, assistants, affiliates, (hereinafter referred to as “Releasees”) from any and all liability for any injuries and damages which I, my family, or my guests (hereinafter referred to as “Releasors”) may suffer, including, without limitation, any injuries, illnesses and damages resulting from any person, or condition, or due to the negligence or gross negligence of the Releasees and I expressly assume the risk of any such damage, illness or injury. I understand that I and others should always see a healthcare professional before diagnosing any and all ailments or psychological issues. These classes are for informational purposes only and are in no way meant to cure or diagnose anything. It is not a substitute for professional medical, psychological or veterinary care. The information contained within the classes, private downloads or handouts cannot replace doctor’s orders, medication, or advice. If you are taking medication for depression, anxiety, or anti-psychotic medication, you should consult your doctor or therapist before making any changes. No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given. The Akashic Records Institute, its affiliates or subsidiaries will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided in these classes.

I acknowledge that, by registering for the course, under the terms of this Waiver and Release Agreement, I am releasing and relinquishing legal rights that I otherwise might hold.
I understand the courses offered through the Releasees are intended to guide through lecture, discussion, and experiential means. I acknowledge as Releasor that I am solely responsible for determining the extent to which I can safely participate in any course in all aspects: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I exercise the extent in which I can and desire to participate.
I also acknowledge that the audio and/or visual portions of the class or classes may be recorded and/or transcribed and then distributed to third parties for sale or otherwise. In consideration of access to the class or classes, I hereby waive and relinquish any and all claims for remuneration and any rights to object to release of any such recordings or transcripts, including images, recordings, or transcriptions of Releasors in any form, at any time, and in any location or context whatsoever.
I understand and agree that Releasees retain all rights to class content, including all handouts and instructional materials. I agree not to copy or distribute any such materials without the written permission of Releasees.
I acknowledge that quality or consistency of equipment (including all internet connections, cell phones and VOIP connection lines) cannot be guaranteed. In acknowledging that this is a group class, if an instructor finds that a connection, whether tested in advance or not, is creating sound quality and recording concerns, if after reasonable attempts this cannot be corrected, this issue may cause me to be excluded from further live participation in the class, with no refund. These sound quality and recording concerns may include dropped connections, static interference, recording interruption, and other technical concerns determined to be related to my personal connection.
I acknowledge that the long distance online training format may not be a learning style match for all participants. Instructors, in conjunction with the Akashic Records Institute founder/director, may advise a participant to consider an alternative learning format or institute if, in the judgment of the instructor, a participant’s participation in a class or class series has negatively affected the training process of the participant, fellow participants, the instructor, or dynamic of the class. The instructor reserves the right to decline registration in subsequent classes or levels of study based on the above concerns and decisions.
I understand that the Akahic Records Institute offers one on one answering of questions in the Ask Patricia weekly round up QnA  during the course term. While it means that you will get individualized attention during that time, this does not mean the messages are private.

Although Releasees will make reasonable efforts to avoid rescheduling any live events, I acknowledge that some events may necessarily be rescheduled. Releasee may not be held responsible for arrangement cancellations, caused by class cancellations.
I understand that these classes are not intended to replace or substitute any medical attention or psychological services that anyone may need.

Payment for classes denotes acceptance of the terms of this waiver and release.