DECEMBER: In Person - Glendale CA

Activate your Torus for Manifesting 

This is a powerful healing and energizing session where Patricia accesses the group's Akashic Record and clears the beliefs, emotions and agreements that are blocking you from manifesting in the now.

- Free yourself from energy blockages
- Let go of limiting beliefs
- Stop sabotaging yourself
- Don't let other people, ideas or judgments about you disturb you
- Take action on the reality you want to attract to yourself
- Learn to activate the Torus of your heart for Manifesting
Date: December 1st at 11amCost: $33 Seats are limited. Reserve your seat now.
Registration: (818) 268-5415 Location: Metta Meditation Glendale
Address: 1915 Broadview Drive, Glendale CA

NOVEMBER: Enrollment Open

Akashic Awakening

A Journey of Awakening and Re-Connection to the Wisdom of your Soul. You have access to so much more than you realize!


When you accept my invitation, you will embark on a powerful journey, developing your intuitive gifts, healing old wounds that are connected to your memories and learn different ways to connect and explore your personal Akashic Records.

Starts November 7th

Force of Nature 2020

A 3-month program where you receive energetic support during the transition from 2019 to 2020 to focus on what you want to create in the next 3 months. 

You receive 6 Akashic Clearings sessions + 6 Akashic Download sessions + a 3 hour Live Immersion to plan for a fantastic 2020!