Akashic Records

Practitioner Bronze

I am proud to share that we have the most in depth and comprehensive Akashic Records Certification training offered in the world. It is specifically designed for those who want to serve their clients at the highest capacity.  Who want the work they do to change their clients lives!

The Akashic Records Institute's stand is to certify students that are fully trained and confident in their abilities so they make a real difference in people's lives through their sessions. 

The methodology we use at the Institute takes you on a deep dive into your own soul mission and purpose to access your gifts so you can be of service to empower and transform the lives of the people you touch through your sessions.

Akashic Realm Course:


Learn to Read an Oracle Deck for Yourself and Others

The Akashic Realm holds the collective Records for all humanity; there are 44 Messengers here who support humanity in the transition into 5th dimension consciousness.

The Records held by the dimension of the Akashic Realm goes beyond what anyone can access by visiting their or another’s personal Akashic Records. 

This oracle is a gateway of direct access to the Akashic Realm Messengers: Guides, Guardians and Teachers from the Akashic Realm who stand ready to support you on your path on this earth.