Ever had a moment where big and expansive events are happening really fast? It’s exciting, it’s energizing, it’s life-changing……..and then suddenly feel like you’ve been hit by a truck?

This week on Wisdom Wednesday, I’m sharing a bit about how it feels to go through big expansion that turns into big exhaustion–and what you can do to get yourself recharged and renewed again.  

Why? Because this is actually something that I had to figure out for myself pretty quickly this past Monday!

Let me take a few steps back and tell you all about the whirlwind of energy I’ve had since the last time we talked. It has been amazing….but at the same time pretty tiring!

See, a weekend ago, I got the opportunity to go to New York City. And it was for more than just the shopping and the food–I actually had two BIG events back to back.

First, my Mastermind group hosted a retreat that I’d been looking forward to for a long time. I got together in person with the amazing group of women that I usually only get to see on Zoom calls. So exciting, right?

We got to spend three gorgeous days in this beautiful house, masterminding, planning, and doing a lot of inner and outer work.

If you’ve ever participated in a mastermind like this before, then you know it can be totally exciting and energizing–but it can also be a little bit intense, too.

But after the mastermind ended, there was even more–the very next day we moved into another house to actually host a retreat! So I went from being the receiver to being the giver of yet another high-energy event.

So I attended a retreat on Thursday and Friday. Then I hosted a retreat on Saturday. And then on Sunday, we spent the day in New York City. Finally, I got to go home, and I arrived back in Los Angeles–at 1AM.

I bet that sounds totally inspiring and energizing, right? Believe me, it was!

But here’s the thing–for me it was a lot to have so much going on so quickly. That’s because I am an introvert.

And when you’re an introvert like me, a lot of stimulation all at once can really wear you out fast–even if you’re having fun!

By the time I had gotten through two intensive retreats, spent most of my time surrounded by people, and stayed in a high-energy, hectic place like New York City, you can imagine that I really did feel like I’d been hit by a truck!

Don’t get me wrong–it was a beautiful and amazing experience and I was so grateful for it. it’s just that there was a lot going on, and in a very short time.

And if you’re an introvert like me, it just takes a little time to relax, recover, and get back to yourself again after big-time activity. So for me, some serious recharging was in order.

And I was able to recharge–and I was able to show up as usual and happy self for the Facebook live on Monday!

I’m gonna share how I was able to recharge in time to get back to my business, my life, and my family–and how I was also able to accept and expand into the new space that I created at the retreat, too!

Now, there are two things that I should mention first–two things that will help you understand yourself better as well as let you know what might come up when you’re in a time of big expansion and change. Let’s talk about that right here…

First, Understand Whether You are Introverted or Extroverted–And What That Means

It all starts from understanding how you relate to people. That is–whether you prefer big groups or small gatherings.

You’ve probably already heard about being introverted or being extroverted, right? What tells you is how you receive your energy, either from time spent with people or with time spent alone.

So I am an introverted person–which means that I recharge my energy by spending time alone.

Now, this was my first time in New York. And New York is a very hectic place for anyone, especially an introvert! Not only were we in a high-energy place, but also we stayed right in the city where there weren’t too many places to step outside, take a walk, and recharge.

So you can imagine that this was a lot for me as an introvert!

Other people are extroverted, though. And extroverts are the opposite–they recharge their energy by being around other people. Others actually help them recharge and renew.

Big difference, right?

So first things first–understand who you are. If you are extroverted, busy places with lots of people around are going to charge you right back up when you’re low. But if you’re introverted, you need your quiet time and space–alone.

Knowing how you manage your energy when it comes to other people–in an introverted or extroverted way–will tell you so much about what you need when it comes time to recharge.

Secondly, Understand That As You Expand, The Universe Might Send A Few Surprises

Have you ever read The Big Leap? In this book, the author, Gay Hendricks, brings up something about expansion that may surprise you.

When you’re in a moment of expansion–when things start flowing and you’re growing, expanding, and learning–sometimes your ego will backfire.

Just when you think you’re expanding away, you’re unconsciously going to attract something that seems like it’s working against you, something that looks like it’s trying to throw you off the path. (Like you might find yourself fighting with your husband, your wife, or your friends, and for no real reason, for example.)

It’s those weird things that happen when you’re expanding up–and they can look like they’re trying to drag you back down.

That was exactly what happened to me in the middle of the event I was co-hosting. In the middle of that beautiful retreat with all of the exciting Soul-stretching happening, I actually had somebody pop up and start trolling on my fan page.

Sure, that sort of thing happens sometimes. But it was interesting how that of all things came through just as I was moving through a massive expansion.

It’s almost like once we agree to accept the next level, the Universe brings these little tests. As if it’s asking you, “are you SURE you’re all in?”

And in the middle of this amazing retreat, a cyber-hater showed up!

But it was actually a good thing–it was an opportunity to clear even more old energy out and get rid of anything left that was not in alignment.

So It’s important to remember that as you expand, little tests from the Universe might show up.

Don’t let them stop you–simply understand why they are there. And clear them out.

That means managing your energy, just like we were going to talk about today, right? So let’s get back to that!

So going from one retreat to another retreat and then back from New York to Los Angeles–for an introvert like me going through a big expansion, by the time I was home, I was one big ball of exhaustion and “AAAAGHHH!”

So how did an introvert like me get her energy back into full-swing?

The first thing that I did was simple–I reconnected to my Soul. And I did this by using my special meditation technique called “running energy”.

The reason that I love running energy is that it clears my system from the little things–the blockages, the beliefs, and all the things that are no longer in alignment with the person I am today. For that alone, this practice is a beautiful gift.

[And if you don’t know how to run energy and you want to learn, I have a gift for you! Go to www.akashicrecordsinstitute.com/unlock and download my free guide “Unlock Your Intuition in 7 Minutes A Day”. You’re gonna love it!]

So I spent some quality time running energy, checking in with my body, reconnecting with my Soul, and allowing them both to tell me what I need.

Here’s what I did next……

I did a particularly powerful exercise to release all of the things that I knew I needed to let go of.

I got a piece of paper and I made a list. I listed all of the things that no longer served me, things that I felt ready to let go of and release from my life. I also included all of the things that triggered me over my weekend in New York, from being around people constantly to the massive expansion of two retreats.

So I just wrote it all down, got all of it out.

Then I went outside and burned that paper so that I could release that energy—and feel renewed again.

The second thing I did was that I gave myself the gift of a relaxing bath with epsom salts and roses—and a refreshing Akashic clearing on myself.

That’s the thing–a lot of people who do energy healing for others often don’t take the time to refill their own cup by giving themselves the healing that they need, right? (If you’re an energy healer yourself, I bet you know what I mean!)

So I hope that this inspires you to take some time for you when you need it! Check in with your body, connect with your Soul–and see what you need in the moment.

How about you? How do you refill your cup after big and expansive things happen? How do you recharge?

Do you prefer a quiet walk alone in nature as an introvert might, or to reconnect with family and friends like an extrovert?

Or maybe just give yourself some time where you don’t force yourself to accomplish anything–and simply allow yourself to be?

Tell me all about it in the comments below!



P.S. Ready to discover the recharging and renewing power of running energy? If you haven’t already, download my FREE guide to this special and powerful form of meditation: “Unlock Your Intuition In 7 Minutes A Day”. It’s right here at www.akashicrecordsinstitute.com/unlock

Patricia Missakian
Patricia Missakian

Patricia Missakian is an international Akashic Records Mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. She is the founder of the Akashic Records Institute, a school for spiritual development, where healers and coaches learn how to develop their intuition and decode the messages found in the Akashic Records. She has helped thousands of students discover their soul purpose and transform the lives of their clients through the Akashic Records. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Patricia brings together her colorful creativity, positive energy, and unquestionable mystical connection to everything that she does.


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