So happy to be with you on this Wisdom Wednesday! So let me say, It’s been a very interesting week. Because this week I remembered something important about TRUST.

I just went to an amazing workshop here in Glendale this last weekend that was lead by one of my favorite mentors, Kyle Cease. I’ve been to more than one of his weekend workshops and I just love him! He’s a comedian that now does transformational work, and he’s simply amazing.

And at this workshop, he did something special for us–he made everyone at the event make a commitment–and the commitment was for everyone to mediate ONE HOUR a day. Every day. For 100 days.

Wow, right? How does that sound to you? Does that sound to you like it would be really easy, really hard, or maybe a little of both?

It sounded like just the challenge and commitment for me, so I was like, “hey, let’s do this!”

So for my part of the commitment challenge, I’ve been doing my version of meditation–which is called “running energy”–for one hour a day. No matter what. This commitment for me is a perfect opportunity to practice one of my favorite meditation techniques every single day for the next 100 days.

But today as I was meditating, something from this weekend came back to me. It was the phrase that Kyle mentioned throughout the workshop, which was this…..

What if I fell in love with NOT knowing?

To fall in love with not knowing? Isn’t that a beautiful concept?

I know how that might sound to some of us–maybe a little bit scary, right? Especially for those of us who like to control things–like me! I believe that a lot of us are like that from time to time. It’s really hard to let go sometimes, right? Especially when you have a lot of things to manage in your life.

I mean, I manage a business (in two languages!), I manage classes for clients, I have client sessions—it’s a LOT of things happening at the same time. And there are a lot of moving plates. Sometimes I find myself worrying about what would happen if one of those plates went offline–what would I do? What would happen? Would everything collapse all at once if one thing fell off? And before I know it, it’s like—AAAAHHH!  (When most of the time everything that I could find to worry about is not even happening!)

What that phrase says is that we need to let go. To let go of the worry of the mind. And just TRUST and FOLLOW . Right?

The mind wants to worry in order to stay in control. It’ll start telling you things like, “okay, if this happens, then this is gonna happen, and if that happens, then….” And then you just start worrying about so many things that haven’t even happened yet. Things that probably would not even happen if you didn’t think about them, right?

You start creating all those scenarios in your mind that are just not there. The mind tries to convince you that everything you’re worrying about is a bear in your room that is waiting to eat you, right? When there really is NO bear at all.

But the mind acts as if there IS a bear trying to eat you in your room. And sometimes it’s easy to start believing that when you don’t know what’s coming next!

And that is where this phrase “falling in love with not knowing” comes in handy.

When I was preparing for this message for you, I kept thinking–how can I illustrate that for you? How can I illustrate that the reason that we worry so much is because the mind prefers to keep worrying rather than trying to work things out?

So one of the ways to illustrate it is this: say when you go to a park, like Disney World or California Adventure. And of course there are rollercoasters, right?

Imagine if you go on a rollercoaster and you open your eyes as you go down. You would probably tense all your muscles–right? I remember going on a rollercoaster at California Adventure–there’s one has that loop (where you go upside down!). I got SO tense when I got on that ride that I wound up pulling muscles in my neck.

And it was all because I was trying to control something that I could not control.

After that, I learned my lesson. So anytime I go into a rollercoaster now, it’s like “oh, okay, let’s do it!” I intentionally relax my muscles and just go for the ride.

I believe that this is a great way to see your life. Any time you notice that your mind is starting to go there and worry, you can catch it and tell it, “no, no, let’s relax!”

What if when you notice yourself worrying–maybe you’re looking at something that you’re creating and you’re thinking something like, “whoa, is anybody gonna sign up or not?”–instead of stressing about it, you decided to fall in love with not knowing?

To fall in love with not knowing means you are open. Ready to receive whatever comes your way. Even if what comes is not what you think it should be. Or if you’re in resistance to it. If you allow yourself to love not knowing, it makes things so much easier.

Even though I like to control things I also adapt myself very well. So if something doesn’t go in the way I was planning (like last week when the Universe decided to show me its sense of humor) I can adapt to whatever happens pretty well.

And even better–when you allow yourself to adapt in the moment when things might not look like they’re going the way they’re supposed to, you just might end up receiving something even more amazing than you thought.

That is the power in falling in love with not knowing.  

So where in your life are you holding yourself back because you’re worrying? What is it that you’re not doing because your mind is worrying?

Maybe it’s something like “what’s gonna happen if I put myself out there?” or  “what’s gonna happen if I try this and if I get it wrong?”

What if?

So all these things that we tell ourselves reinforces the worry from the mind. My hope is that this message will help you to look at an area of your life where maybe you worry too much. And also to help you remember that at the end it always work it out.

In my experience working with my Akashic records and in reading the Akashic Records for my clients, sometimes you see what’s gonna happen for someone. And yet there are nearly always some curves in the road for just about everyone. But that’s the thing–these things come up usually because person’s soul needs to go through certain things at a certain point in order to grow and evolve.

So it sometimes feels like you are not getting there, but let me reassure you that you actually are! You might think you need to go one way, but then the path goes another way, and it might not seem like anything is working out the way it’s supposed to.

But the thing is–after you go through something, you can always see the wisdom in the situation. And in the end you understand why you had to experience that situation.

So if something is gonna happen anyway–if any experience is gonna come into your life, even if it’s an experience that you’re really not thrilled about in the beginning–start EMBRACING it.

Start falling in love with all of the little sideways you have to go. Fall in love with NOT knowing. Wouldn’t that be a LOT more of an enjoyable journey?

This is what I want to ask you now: how do you feel about this? Do you love not knowing, or you need to have a plan? Do you need to know where you’re going all the time, or are you OK with just following the path and seeing where it goes? Let me know in the comments below!


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P.P.S. I want to remind everyone that next week I’m going to be in New York! (Very excited–it’s gonna be my first time in New York!) AND I’m hosting a retreat on Saturday, June 10th!

So if you are in New York or you have a friend in New York, make sure to check out the retreat I am hosting! The name of it is Raw Woman–Unleashing your Unstoppable Soul. The retreat is me and 4 amazing women–Maru Iabichela, Lisseth Wertz, Rosalie Berrios, and Danielle NaChay. Each one of us are going to support you in reconnecting with your Soul Purpose, showing up with authenticity, and creating magic. (And Maru is gonna be doing very special workshop on opening up to receiving–so it’s gonna be amazing!)

So check out the link right here, and feel free to ask me questions! I trust that I will see you there!

Patricia Missakian
Patricia Missakian

Patricia Missakian is an international Akashic Records Mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. She is the founder of the Akashic Records Institute, a school for spiritual development, where healers and coaches learn how to develop their intuition and decode the messages found in the Akashic Records. She has helped thousands of students discover their soul purpose and transform the lives of their clients through the Akashic Records. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Patricia brings together her colorful creativity, positive energy, and unquestionable mystical connection to everything that she does.


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