What I mean by zone of genius, is when you are so in alignment with everything that you do and with everything that you have to share with the world. Things just flow effortlessly. We all have a zone of genius, I know you have that.

There is an area in your life where there is something that when you do it, it is like the time doesn’t stop. You can just be doing that thing over and over and over again forever, right.

Those of you that are my students you know that I overdeliver in the classes because I just absolutely love teaching and sharing with the others about their Akashic Records. For me this is my zone of genius, its just something that I can do forever.

Zone of Genius or Zone of Excellence?

What I want to talk about are the parts of your life or the things that you do that are in not in your zone of genius but you’re very good at. For example, maybe you’re good with computers or maybe you’re good with like something that you’re good at. That would be your zone of excellence.

The difference between the zone of genius and a zone of excellence is whatever you do in your zone of excellence is something that you can do that you’re okay doing but it’s something that you don’t love doing. When you look at the zone of genius, it’s something that you’re good at and you really absolutely adore, enjoy doing it.

One of the things that I would love for you to be inspired after today’s wisdom for the week is to start looking at everything that you do in your life and just ask yourself is this my zone of genius or is this my zone of excellence?

Zone of Genius

My Business Examples for My Zone of Excellence

For some of us, I like doing a lot of things. I like going on my website and tweaking my website. I like adding my images. I like to look for images and things in those lines. However, I no longer have time for that. This is something for me that is in my zone of excellence.

What you do when you have the passion and you have to so much to share with the world in a zone of genius.  So how come you also like doing all these other things? You do everything yourself. Last year was the first year that I really started letting go of the things that I’m okay doing ( my excellence.)

For those of you who don’t know, graphic design was my background. I have the tendency of wanting to do the things myself just because I like doing and I think I do okay with it. By doing so, I’m taking myself away from being on my zone of genius. That comes to the importance of start looking at everything that you do and really ask yourself is this my zone of genius, is this my zone of excellence.

focus on your zone of genius

Bring in Support to Create Space for Your Zone of Genius

Make a list of your zone of genius and your zone of excellence. Start looking at who can help me to be delivering these things that need to be done that I’m okay doing but I don’t need to do it. Just because you know how to do something doesn’t mean you need to do it. When you free yourself of that, you can have more time to spend on your zone of genius.

I want you to start looking at number one what is my excellence, what is my genius. Start creating the space for more and more, bring the support for the things that are in your zone of excellence so you can focus on your zone of genius.

I learned the hard way trying to do everything yourself because you’re not trusting enough to start hiring people. But if you want to live on your zone of genius you need to shift that.

Let Go of Believing You Can Do it Better or Not Trusting Enough

Two things to let go to live on your zone of genius: Some people like doing a lot of things themselves because they think they can do better than others. hen some are afraid what’s going to happen tomorrow, fear of not be able to afford the help.

Those are so universal those two energies. Those are the things that hold you back.  I heard from someone that if they could give an advice to themselves when they start their business.  Their advice would be hire more people. This is hard when you’re just starting out when there is not enough money coming through. I’m not telling everyone to just start hiring people, it’s not that but it’s about start creating the space for that.

Trade your Zones of Genius

Maybe you have a friend that is how I started was like that. I had a friend that was a great writer. Writing is something that I don’t like, don’t care, not my thing. I started when I didn’t have money to hire anyone I would trade with that person. I would do design for her and she would do my wording for my website and my things.

There is always a way to find someone that has that, for example my case that writing zone of genius and at the time, that was design for me so we kind of, I gave something that she could receive and she gave me something. Start, really this if you can get anything out of this blog today, start looking at the things that are not your zone of genius.   So you can focus on your zone of genius and create the space for, have people help you even if you can pay or cannot pay.   Find a way to receive the support, it’s very, very important.

What are Your Priorities this year?

The other thing that I want you to start looking at if you haven’t is to start looking at your priorities. This will help you to be in alignment as you look at the year ahead and how you can bring more and more your zone of genius in your life. What are the priorities in your life and how you can start shifting?

One of my clients, was earning about $500,000. At the level that she was, one of the things that was coming through is that she would wake up and start looking, going through the emails, she had people to answer her emails but she would over worry and that was the first thing she was doing in her day.

That was completely messing it up, the energy of her day. I help her to shift that priority and bring more of herself. What can you do for yourself before you open your email, number one? Number two start trusting the people that are doing that, answering those emails, that they are going to take care of her clients and they’re going to handle them. Of course, once in a while you go look but not the first thing in the day.

your life priorties

How you can take care of yourself first?

For you, the second tip is that is look at what are your priorities in your life and how you can take care of yourself first. Do something for yourself first before you do for others. Even if you have to wake up earlier.

What I do is I open my day with meditating. I create this space for myself to be with my soul and my intention for the day and just creating, setting it up, the stage for the day.

What is it for you that is important? Maybe you needed to take a walk, maybe you needed to meditate, maybe you needed to write some affirmations or some gratitude journal? Whatever this is for you. Really start looking at your priorities and that would completely shift your day, bringing the focus in the right place.


Living on Your Zone of Genius

How can you start to live on your zone of genius today?  Maybe you are trying too many things at the same time and that is draining you. That’s making you tired. How can you narrow down to only do activities on  your zone of genius?

The second thing that as you look at the year ahead and focusing on your zone of genius, what is one thing that you can do and how you can really set an intention to dig for gold?

Have you read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill? He talks about these people that were digging, digging, digging. They bought the machine and they bought the land to dig for gold. They could not find. They sold the machine for a very cheap price.

Then the person who bought the machine just kind of had someone looking at it, looking at the plans and the place and they dig somewhere else and in a matter of a few days they found the gold.

Don’t give up. Don’t give up before you achieve what you are looking for because a lot of people give up too early.

In 2018 my word for the year is Genius because I am focusing on my zone of genius, in an easy way and also keep moving forward.


Think of the end goal achieved

Create Your Goals From One Core Thing that is Your Zone of Genius

When you look at what you want to experience this year, when you have one specific goal sometimes you can reach it, sometimes you cannot reach it. The thing about goals is that when you ask yourself, when you create a goal that is bigger than yourself, that is bigger than what you believe that you can manifest? And then you go from the point of view of okay, whatever the goal is for you, what would I do different?

What can I do now to achieve this goal, right.

You can even go like shift to the perspective. Think about one core thing that is your zone of genius and set intention and go for this thing.

Let’s give you an example, let’s say you want to fill your coaching practice. Let’s say you know you can have 20 clients. Maybe that is your basic goal.

I set the intention to have 20 clients for the first quarter of this year. Maybe look at okay, now that I have this core goal what if I open up to get more, to get double of this core goal. Then what it be like hey, awesome goal, I even, I get third option so you have like three numbers and then you have this range that you can choose what goal would feel better for you.

Tell Yourself in Advance about Achieving Your Goals

Try to focus on as if you have reached the third number goal.

What if you go to March of this year and tell yourself this story. My gosh, I remember the day that I watched Patricia’s Facebook live and I created that day these three goals and I focus on my highest goal. That day, I make a decision that I will achieve this goal and it was so amazing that I started creating actions and looking for the right people to support me based on that goal.

You go forward. You go to like 3 months from now and you imagine that you’re telling your friend a story of everything that you did between December and March that resulted in this goal.

Let’s say your highest goal was 200 clients. It resulted in 200 clients at March 31st. You start dressing differently maybe. You start talking differently. You start going out even to the market and looking at every person that looks at you as an opportunity to share and to support and to talk about how your work can transform their lives. You did a lot of different things from the time that you made the decision to have that goal to that day on March 31st when you’re telling your friend the story and when you’re remembering everything that you did. You don’t do then, you do it now.

You create that conversation with your friend now so that it sets the stage for everything that is coming, everything that came to you in the last three months since you started the story as of March 31st. That’s the calego. Some people call it “thinking for the end.”

Zone of Genius

Understanding Your Soul Purpose and Your Zone of Genius

That is what I’d love for you to apply those little tips that I gave you today and shift for living only your zone of genius.

And if you join my Soul Purpose program, we’re going to actually work on Your Zone of Genius. Plus you receive a bonus that is going to be at the end of Christmas, between Christmas and New Years, there will be daily little actions and healing. You’re going to have like an action to do that day and then you’re going to receive an MP3 from the healing.


Patricia Missakian
Patricia Missakian

Patricia Missakian is an international Akashic Records Mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. She is the founder of the Akashic Records Institute, a school for spiritual development, where healers and coaches learn how to develop their intuition and decode the messages found in the Akashic Records. She has helped thousands of students discover their soul purpose and transform the lives of their clients through the Akashic Records. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Patricia brings together her colorful creativity, positive energy, and unquestionable mystical connection to everything that she does.


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