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While You Grow Your Business And Make A Profound Impact in The World

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Do You Love What You Do but Have a Deep Desire to Help and Change the Lives of More People Around the World?

  • Do you long to transform the lives of more people ... yet when you look at your calendar there is absolutely no space to add these clients without sacrificing your time?
  • Do you wish to live a life of abundance knowing that your bank account is full, yet you feel frustrated because you feel you have reached your personal income ceiling and you are scared knowing that raising your prices is not the answer to increasing your income?
  • Do you love working one on one but struggle with the time it takes which reduces the amount of impact you can have in the world?

If the answer is YES,  I have the answer for you and I want to share it with you today!

How Did the Solution Come To Me

For years, I studied the connection between the body, mind and soul for healing, and how emotions, beliefs and feelings affect not only the health of your body but also how it links to success and money.

Akashic Clearings™ is a healing technique I received from my healing guides a few years ago.

At the time I had been running a very successful craniosacral therapy and intuitive healing practice using the Akashic Records for about 15 years. I faced the same challenges mentioned above… I was eager to serve more people with this life-changing work but couldn’t fit one more person into my schedule.  

What my guides gave me changed everything!

They showed me how to open the Akashic Records of a group, so the healing techniques could be applied to that group of people with the same powerful results that my one on one clients received!

The first time I applied this process, I had no idea if it would work or not, but I trust my guides and did it anyway. This was 8 years ago, in 2013, in the transition to the new year of 2014 and I decided to invite my entire tribe to end-of-the-year healing.

We all got together on December 31st, 2013 and I delivered the very first Akashic Records group session. The results were amazing for those who participated, and I received many thank you notes from that first session.

The most powerful note came from a dear one who let me know that she had been thinking about suicide and was guided to attend. This changed her mind and gave her reasons to live.

Another participant had a new client schedule with her while the session was happening! But, the most amazing result from the session was that every single person experienced the session as if they had been with me one on one. My guides were right! Since this beginning, I’ve been delivering weekly Akashic Clearings™ and see huge improvements in the lives of so many people, as well as in my own life.

I am living proof that as you deliver these healings you will clear your own old beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors right along with your group! You will become more confident in your gifts, discover your power and become the most unstoppable version of yourself while helping many others do the same.

Making This Possible For YOU


You, receiving emails every single day from clients’ telling you how your healing sessions made a difference in their life.

You are helping and impacting the lives of 100’s or even 1000’s people in the same amount of time that you used to spend with only a single client.

Thousands of people around the world discovering a more purposeful and meaningful life because of you.

As you help others to release what is holding them back, you also benefit from the healing and release deeper levels of your own blocks.

Because you can now help more people in less time your jam-packed schedule is now clear! You have time to balance your days between your work and things that bring you joy. You can, without guilt, read a book, exercise, spend time with the family or give back to your community.

This is all possible when you receive your Global Healing Certification™ through the Akashic Records Institute where you will learn to deliver Akashic Records Healing Circles™ (what I deliver as Akashic Clearings™).

What makes this type of healing work so powerful and unique is that most other techniques only work at the level of the body and the trauma that gets built up during this lifetime. However, the Global Healing Certification™ techniques take your group work to a much deeper level... to the level of your clients’ memories, beliefs, feelings, and cutting the cords that lock all this in place not just from this lifetime, but also their past lives.

When you only do healings at the level of the body, there’s a good chance you will have missed the real blockages that are holding your client back and causing them to sabotage themselves... due to their past life baggage and trauma.

As you learn the techniques to hold the energy of a group, you learn to bypass each participant’s ego, so a transformation can really take place for them, plus every single person will feel like you are talking to them!

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Why This Work Is More Effective For Your Clients While Being Safer For You

Most healers have not cracked the code on how to empower the lives of thousands of people while feeling more energized, having more time freedom, and making more money... all at the same time!

In this Certification Program, you will learn to develop your intuitive gifts, to tune into your clients’ body and chakra system, helping them release the painful emotions, blocks, and limiting beliefs stored in their bodies from all lifetimes.

You will meet your specific Healing Guides and learn how to call them in to support you, as you work with your clients as well as how to co-create with them so you can do live group healings and deep one-on-one work.

You’ll also learn to encode the healing energy in the recordings for your sessions, allowing your work to be timeless. Every time your clients listen to the replay, they’ll have a deeper experience.

When you learn how to deliver these powerful sessions to your clients, you will help them let go of the beliefs and blockages that they’ve been holding onto in their bodies, as you assist others to clear their stuff, you will be receiving the clearing yourself.

Catriona Hicks

Program Graduate

I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat-style classes. Patricia explains all of the concepts & techniques extremely well & the Q&A at the end of each section was very helpful. Since taking the class I have easily integrated the healing techniques into my everyday life. They are my go-to for grounding, protection & self-healing. On a professional level, I have integrated healing into my work as a sound therapist & I work online with women from all over the world who find our healing sessions very unique & powerful. I had taken energy healing classes before this training but none of it really clicked with me. Patricia’s class was different, the combination of her easy to learn but very effective techniques, her easy-going style of teaching & of course practice on my part has led me to have some very effective tools that will stick with me for life. I would highly recommend Patricia’s course whether it be for personal or professional reasons.”

'I truly believe that one of the reasons I have so much energy and am such a good manifester and action taker is because I’ve been delivering these group sessions at least twice a week for over 4 years. As I help my clients clear their stuff, I’m also clearing my own stuff!'

At the end of this Certification Program... just 4 short months from now, you will be able to bring healing to the bodies and souls of your clients, both in this lifetime and their past lives.

There is no limit to where this certification can take you. Since I began offering these group sessions, I have gone from not feeling confident working in English, to clearing my blocks so I could impact the lives of over 2,000 students. I’ve even been invited to do these healings from stages around the world, touching hundreds of lives at the same time. My big visions are coming to pass... and I want this for you, too!

One of the ways I use Akashic Clearings™ (aka, Akashic Records Healing Circles™) is during my webinars. One reason my courses are always full is that when people attend one of my webinars, they actually get to experience the power of this work and not just a bunch of tips and bullet points other people use in their webinars.

Bringing Depth and Power to
Your One on One Work

Now... to be able to hold the energy of a group in this way you must be grounded in Energy Healing techniques, which is included in this training.

With a Global Healing Certification™, you will be able to deliver a complete and powerful energy healing session for individual clients, in person or online, AND offer Akashic Records Healing Circles™ to a group of people.

The Global Global Healing Certification™ training will add a new dimension to your one-on-one client work. As you learn to connect your clients' bodies to the Akashic Records, you will be able to determine and address the core issues that have manifested in disease or disharmony for your client.

Why deal with symptoms when you can work at the root cause?

  • You’ll learn how to work with Archetypal Energies and channel the highest forms of archetypal universal healing power to your clients.
  • You will take it even deeper as you learn to Connect to Spiritual Doctors and Surgeons and go deep into the Akashic Records of the body’s physical systems.
  • You will learn my secret for connecting to both the Akashic Records of your client’s body and the Records of their soul to download the skills they need in their life today to feel empowered to do whatever they want to accomplish.

All of this is in addition to being certified to access the Akashic Records of a group to deliver Akashic Records Healing Circles™.  

NOTE: You will not be certified to conduct one-on-one Akashic Records Consultations, this course focuses on one-on-one Energy Healings and Akashic Records Healing Circles™ with a GROUP.  If you are interested in Consultations this is offered in the Akashic Records Certification Program.

These techniques are not only more effective than other forms of healing, but they are also scalable, meaning you can work with larger groups of people as you become more skilled and create more income in the same amount of time!

At the end of our 4 months together (and upon your payment plan has been completed), you will be certified as a Global Healing Practitioner™. As part of the certification process, you will conduct both one-on-one and group practice sessions to assure your understanding of the material and to build your confidence in delivering the sessions.

These same techniques have 10X my business and I would love to support you in growing your business while changing more lives. I only offer this program every other year and the doors are closing soon. Click the button below to register. I look forward to supporting you in this program so you can learn to heal thousands of people on the deepest possible level in a single session.

A Major Way This Program Is Different

I want to share with you how this program differs from any other energy healing course out there. I have studied many courses. Most healing courses are teaching you how to put the light in; which helps people up to a certain point. But you can only put in what there is space for, which makes sense, right?

The difference with the Akashic Records Healing Circles™ you will conduct is that you clear the space before you add the light in. Think of it this way...

If you have a cup full of water and you try to put more water in what will happen? Most of the added water will be wasted… it’s the same thing with your body. If you are walking around with all your memories and emotions of low self-esteem, anger, sadness, old beliefs, etc... and someone throws some light or positive thinking on top, it will help to a small degree.

Sabina PeĨar

Group Healing Sessions Client

“My first experience with akashic clearings was during the Akashic Certification program. And I loved it! Because, they helped me clear my blocks about my work, money, myself. It helped me to make a really big move regarding my own worth and also the value of my work, to let go of old beliefs. Whenever I feel stuck or in low energy, I listen to clearings and it always helps me to raise my energy. Every akashic clearing has something for me - to help me move on, on different areas of my life.”

But all that unprocessed stuff underneath is going to keep attracting not-so-pleasant situations until you are forced to look at it and it can then heal. The shortcut to all this is to give voice to that shadow part that no matter how much light you throw into it will continue resisting and getting angrier each time you have hidden, denied, and suffocated it and then topped it off with a bunch of affirmations that life is great!

"All these stuck beliefs, feelings and emotions can cause blockages in your energy system which can show up as disease or lack of money, lack of success and lack happiness … which is your soul attracting situations that takes you off balance until you listen."

The basis of the Akashic Records Healing Circles™ is to connect, listen, give voice to this energy and then clear the layer that is ready to release… and then, only then, fill the now empty space with light, with a higher form of energy than what you have been functioning from. Then the ego no longer has the triggers it used to have to push buttons and self-sabotage.

This is what you are doing for your clients!

What Else is Available to You?

The Global Healing Certification™ Program trains and equips you to give in person, as well as, online, healing sessions as well as run GROUP Akashic Records Healing Circles™(Reminder, you will not be certified to conduct one on one Akashic Records Consultations, this course focuses on one on one Energy Healings and Akashic Records Healing Circles™  with a GROUP.  If you are interested in Consultations this is offered in the Akashic Records Certification Program.)

When you learn to connect to offering healing to groups of people you will open a huge array of options. One is after you deliver the session, the recordings can be used to create programs or to sell separately giving you flexibility. This is how you make money while you sleep.  

The  Global Healing Certification™ Program is a 4-month program with DAILY ACCESS TO PATRICIA through the week to support you at all the stages of learning and delivering both Energy Healings and Group Akashic Clearings™.

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There are 4 powerful modules included in the program.

Module 1: Listen

The first Module is all about you. You will develop your intuition and listen to your own body so that when you start working with clients in the next month, you can trust your intuition.

You will receive a ritual for regular self-clearing based on energetic medicine techniques so you can be protected and grounded on your body as you work with energy. Understanding the relationship between emotions and the parts of the body that have the tendency to accumulate emotions, beliefs, and blockages will allow you to clear them more easily.

Then you will work with the memories held in your chakras. Your chakras hold all the wisdom you brought with you to this lifetime. They also hold the keys to healing past traumas, building lasting relationships, breaking through financial blockages, unleashing creativity, and achieving your goals on both the physical and energetic levels. You will thoroughly understand your chakra and aura systems and experience releasing blocks and old beliefs that cause you pain and/or cause you to feel stuck.

Ebony Rose

Akashic Records Practitioner, Fully Embrace Life

“I was introduced to Patricia's Akashic Clearings when I joined her Akashic Records Certification Program in Spring of 2017. My initial impression of these healing sessions was, WOW!!! Her gift of bringing in her Healing Guides is so powerful. Absolutely phenomenal! I truly believe I received healing in all areas of my life, big and small. I felt immediate shifts as well as shifts continuing to occur after the sessions. I have to say the area these healing sessions created the biggest impact was with my intuition and being able to step into my true self. Before meeting Patricia, I didn't trust my intuition. I knew I wasn't living my true self but didn't know how or where to start in finding Myself. It was from the healing sessions that I began to trust my intuition and find my true self. I am proud to say that I am living in my truth and I trust my intuitive gifts. I am forever grateful to her and her sessions. I have been patiently waiting for Patricia to offer a course like this and can't wait to join!

Module 2: Meet your Healing Guides

In the second module, you will discover how to call forth 2 healing guides to work with you in your healings, throughout our time together you will develop and grow your relationship with your healing guides.

You will then learn to work with your healing guides to give a healing session to your clients. These healing sessions combine different healing modalities that cover the craniosacral system and energy medicine. You will understand how the body works and how it holds blocks and beliefs and, most importantly, learn to tune in and to help release that energy, so light has space to can come in.

You will also learn to communicate with the higher self of your client to be able to help them at a deeper level.

This month you will also learn deeper healing techniques like how to tune, align and balance chakras, work with different layers of the aura, retrieve a chakra blueprint  (helping clients with grief and deep loss), cutting cords that limit growth, freedom, and the ability to consciously manifest goals. All that you learn this month will help you to give in-person or distance healings.

Kathleen Harley

“The first time I participated in a group session with you I felt the healing taking place in my body and knew I wanted to continue.  That was a year and a half ago. Since that time, I have continued to take part in your healing sessions and have truly transformed from being in a place of self-doubt, suspicion, anger, and paralyzing fear to being in a place of self-love, gratitude, and calm. Through this work, my relationships have changed as well. Some relationships have fallen away, some are kinder, but none are stagnant... everything is flowing. I am forever grateful to be your student, Patricia.

Module 3: Connecting with Archetypes

In the third module, you learn how to connect with archetypes during your healing sessions. While you have your healing guides, in some cases, when the client or group you are working with needs deeper healing in a particular area, you will call in a specific archetype, this may be angels, goddesses, etc.

I often work with Kuan Yin and many Brazilian archetypes like Yemanja. They come to allow your clients to go even deeper in their healing. I have even had doctor and surgeon archetypes come in to help me work with a few private clients in the past. You will learn when and how to summon these archetypal energies to serve your client.

Rozlyn Warren, CHt, ESLC

Sacred Life Mastery

This energy healing program has exploded my business exponentially! Learning how to focus and use my natural healing abilities has allowed me to be more effective and efficient. Understanding how to properly care for me as I flow healing has freed me from burning out after sessions. I am able to help more people while remaining centered and calm. Patricia is a masterful teacher and the curriculum allowed me to immediately use the training with clients. The confidence and clarity I gained in this program have made me very magnetic to others, which has allowed my business to grow rapidly.

Module 4: Facilitating Group Healing

In the 4th module, you are now trained in energy healing and, as such, you are ready to learn to access the Records of a group of people and deliver a powerful Akashic Clearings™.

There is something amazing that happens when a group gathers for an Akashic Records Healing Circles™, at a core level there is an energetic intention for the participants. You will learn how to go to the grids of the earth and download this core intention for that group.

You will practice holding the energy for a group and working with the special dynamics of a group.

Build into the program are practice sessions to assure your understanding of the material and to build your confidence in delivering sessions.

After satisfactory completion of the course and your payment plan, you will receive a beautiful certificate as a Global Healing Practitioner™.

Deb Fitzgerald

Certified Global Healer Practitioner. Soulful Whispers

“This is such an awesome and amazing skill set that Patricia teaches in the certified energy healing course. I had a wonderfully transformational weekend and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of what Patricia taught us in each weekend retreat. The healing techniques are unique and something I had not been taught before and they are powerful techniques that not only helped myself but the many clients I have used the techniques on either one on one or in a group setting. A huge thank you to Patricia for her loving and nurturing teachings. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this retreat weekend. Simply fantastic.

Included In Your Tuition Is access to
 Month Group Mentoring with Patricia Missakian

You receive exclusive access to training in marketing & business building, a heart-based support community, and the energetic clearing and support you need to align your business with your purpose and create your success with Confidence, Clarity, and Consistency.

  • Receive coaching with Patricia as often as you like during the daily group Voxer. Get direct feedback on your strategy and get the attention you need as you are learning and practicing. Fit into your business schedule easily, through this deeper support.
  • Weekly Akashic Clearings for 4 months
  • Bonus training: marketing, client attraction, money mindset, and business building to fill your group sessions with ease.
  • Opportunity to participate in our upcoming Healing Summit. The Healing Summit will feature you as an expert certified by the Akashic Records Institute and will provide a true service to the world and huge exposure for your healing sessions.

*must be certified as a gold level

Join the Global Healing Certification Now

Benita Viapree

“Working 1:1 was an opportunity to go deeper and to work on issues that I either wasn’t consciously aware of or that I had avoided through fear, or assumption that they were too hard or painful to address.  I felt the healing sessions were gentle and safe, and yet so deep and intense. I felt understood and strongly supported. It’s a relief to have finally addressed the core wounds that had been festering for a very long time.  I feel much lighter and have a sense of relief. My energy body seems more expansive and I generally feel more energized and optimistic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn To Heal Hundreds At One Time, At the Deepest Possible Level...
While You Grow Your Business And Make A Profound Impact in The World

Join the Global Healing Certification Now


Upon completion of this Global Healing Certification Program, submission of a written test and case studies with clients, and completion of your payment plan, you are eligible to be a Certified Energy Healer and Facilitator of Energy Healing Circles (aka Akashic Clearings).

As a Gold Level* Certified Energy Healer, you will also be eligible to deliver a group healing session to my tribe and the world as a Certified Energy Healer during an upcoming Healing Summit. There is an opportunity to be an affiliate of the Summit and create income, as well as get your name out as an energy healer. (optional)

You will receive The Akashic Records Institute Certificate, your name on our Akashic Records Institute website recognizing you as a Certified Energy Healer and Facilitator of Energy Healing Circles, plus a logo to use on your website to show that you are certified.

*Gold Level Certified Energy Healer is someone who has completed 100 client case studies and returned them to the Institute.