Double Certification Program:

Certified Energy Healer &

Energetic Coaching™ Facilitator

What is the curriculum for this Certification Program?

This Double Certification Program trains and equips you to give in person, as well as, online healing sessions as well as run Akashic Clearings. This is a great way to add healing services like these as well as optimise your time as you can even offer a combination of 1:1 service and group sessions for your clients. You can even give sessions over the internet with the help of your healing guides.
The Certification is a 4 month online program:
Pre-Requisite Home study: Heal Yourself with Divine Guidance
Vip Day #1 - Connecting with Your Healing Guides  (September 30st 9-3PM PST)
Vip Day #2 - Akashic Clearing™ Facilitator Part 1 (October 28th 9-3PM PST)
Vip Day #3 - Akashic Clearing™ Facilitator Part 2 (December 2nd 9-3PM PST)

Besides the VIP RETREAT dates above, we also meet 3 times a month for 4 months
when you receive LIVE Akashic Clearing followed by mentoring sessions. 

Intuition Deep Dive Experience

Rules of the Body, Your Chakras: Keys to Healing Past Trauma,  Investment: $197
Click Here to Join the pre-requisite: Intuition Deep Dive Experience

Session #1 - Connecting with Your Healing Guides

Learn to :

• Connect with your Healing Guides
• Give In Person or Distance Healings
• Tune, align and balance chakras
• Retrieve a Chakra Blueprint (Helping with Grief and Deep Loss)
• Cutting cords that limit growth, freedom, and the ability to consciously manifest goal
• Work with Body Parts and held energy / Beliefs Blocks - tune in to understand what they represent and how the blocks are affecting the person to move forward in their life.
• Higher Self to Higher Self Talk
• Clean your space, Room, Objects

Session #2 - Akashic Records Healing Circle™ Facilitator Part 1

Learn to :

  • Access the Akashic Records of the body to diagnose what the core issue is causing the misalignment of disease for the client
  • Work with Archetypal Energies - Shift beliefs by connecting to the highest forms of archetypal universal healing power to channel its energy to your client.
  • Connect to Spiritual Doctors and Surgeons, Go deeper into body’s physical system’s Akashic Records  (endocrine, digestive, respiratory, urinary, blood, reproductive, etc.).

Session #3 - Akashic Records Healing Circle™ Facilitator Part 2

Learn to :

  • Access the Akashic Records for a group
  • Getting the intention (theme) for the group healing
  • Run a Healing Circle
  • Heal in a group with your Healing Guides
  • Practice running a Healing Circle with the class

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Here’s a summary of what you’ll receive in this Certification:

  • Lifetime Access to All training Materials
  • Access to 3 LIVE Online Retreats (class material and practice)
  • 12 Energetic Coaching Atounements™, to release blocks that can hinder your progress.
  • Integration Activities - Weekly Buddy Practice Assignments
  • Private Facebook Mastermind Community


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Certification Requirements:

Upon completion of 24 hours of class material, completion and submission of a test, and upon practice case studies of 4 1:1 Healing Sessions, 2 Healing Circles, you are eligible to be a certified Energy Healer and Akashic Records Akashic Records Healing Circles Facilitator.

You will receive: The Akashic Records Institute Certifications for Energy Healer and Akashic Records Healing Circle Facilitator, a link to your business on our Akashic Records Institute website recognizing you as a Certified Energy Healer and Akashic Records Healing Circle Facilitator, and a logo to use on your website to designated your certified.

By the end of the The Double Healing Certification Program, you will have built a deeply personal and intuitive connection with your Healing Guides, allowing you to do healings for yourself, others and groups of clients.