It’s never too late to heal your childhood wounds and love yourself unconditionally. This blog is about the Akashic Records and how it can help you with the journey towards falling in love with yourself again.

Healing your Childhood Wounds to Love Yourself Unconditionally

We’re all on a journey towards healing and self discovery. This can take many different paths, but they all have one thing in common. To truly heal yourself, you must go back to the reason everything was created in the universe. You must go back to love.

Love Yourself Unconditionally

Love moves mountains. Love creates oceans and contains the flow of life, the wind that gave life to the first living being. So all you need is love — love to yourself above all. Love to all that you are and all that you do. Encompass, embrace all parts of you, even the parts that you or others around you won’t approve of. We need balance, and the contrast is what creates balance in this engine of our world. Learn to love even the parts of you that you hide, the part that feels jealous because you are not where you want to be right now in your life or the part that look at what others build and feel bad about yourself. Love the part that has thoughts that you would never want to share.

There are many reasons people have trouble loving themselves and the parts of them that are hard to be accepted.

Love All of Yourself Unconditionally

If you find that there is a part of you that you absolutely can not love, it is important to search where is that coming from. Through my studies in the Akashic Records I discovered there are contracts or agreements that we make too many times to protect ourselves, but it prevents us from fully wholeheartedly loving yourself unconditionally.

It’s Never Too Late to Clear a Contract

I opened the Akashic Records and asked about this. And the info I received was that it is never too late to clear a contract, never to late to free yourself and love yourself unconditionally.

The guides from the Akashic Records shared that it is never too late to break a contract and reintegrate these lost parts of yourself.

The Akashic Records Institute is opening the doors to another round of LIVE Soul Purpose Program. One of the things that causes people to have difficulty in loving and accepting themselves totally, are wounds from their childhood. They feel they have all these shadows and can not love themselves unconditionally.

Healing your Childhood Wounds with the Akashic Records

In the Akashic Records Personal Level Program we dive deep into healing the inner child, and creating a new relationship with your inner child. I am very excited that we are getting ready to offer the program live in a few weeks.

Akashic Records Personal Level Training - inner child

Knowing how important it is to love yourself and knowing we all have childhood wounds I truly desire for you to consider joining the upcoming soul Purpose Program  and healing your childhood wounds, so you can truly love all parts of you.

To learn more about the Soul Purpose Akashic Records Program, join our next webinar:
Uncover the 3 Secrets to Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose
In this training you will discover…
• How to overcome discontent and find meaning and purpose in your life
• How to overcome self sabotage so you can align your body soul and spirit
• How to gain access to the wisdom your Soul has gathered throughout many lifetimes. (You have access to so much more wisdom than you realize.)
Join the training here.

Patricia Missakian
Patricia Missakian

Patricia Missakian is an international Akashic Records Mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. She is the founder of the Akashic Records Institute, a school for spiritual development, where healers and coaches learn how to develop their intuition and decode the messages found in the Akashic Records. She has helped thousands of students discover their soul purpose and transform the lives of their clients through the Akashic Records. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Patricia brings together her colorful creativity, positive energy, and unquestionable mystical connection to everything that she does.


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