Akashic Records Boundaries Intensive
11 Days "Creating Healthy Boundaries"

Time to clear up Boundary Misalignments and Open Up the Channels to allow more abundance in your life.

When we experience too many feelings of anger, fear as a result of lack of boundary … we are unconsciously blocking the right opportunities and blocking ourselves from being the abundant goddesses that we are.

Patricia Missakian

This 11 days intensive will help clear your energetic field and set psychic, energetic boundaries!

Patricia Missakian Founder of Akashic Records Institute

Why are boundaries so important?

Boundaries define what you let into your sphere of influence and sphere of intimacy as well as what you let out. When we’ve been hurt (and we all have), the tendency may be to put up very strong and sometimes rigid boundaries, like a wall that protects you. The trouble with that is that it also isolates you and stops the flow of life. So, working with boundaries is more like a dance in which there is some give and take, some experimentation and definitely a learning process.

It’s time to let go of feelings, thoughts and emotions
that no longer serve your higher good.

Every time you let go of the old and make space for the gold, you lighten up the vibration you emanate and makes you capable of creating a life that you want to live. In 11 days including 2 Group Akashic Records Circle mp3 Sessions, we’re going to do some clearing on situations, in the past or present, that caused you to not create healthy boundaries. We want to help you to empower yourself and create from this fresh perspective.

    What is included in the Creating Healthy Boundaries?

    11 days program and includes 2 Akashic Records Healing Circle mp3's

    How to set energetic boundaries

    Clean Your Ground Cord. Sometimes our ground cord is cluttered or living in the past. I’ll look into your ground cord and help you release negative feelings, emotions and old beliefs that are blocking more abundance and opportunities to come into your life. Being grounded and present, enables you to clear imbalances and disturbances in your energetic field and therefore makes you more inclined to set healthy boundaries.

    Clean your energetic field from being impacted by other people's energies. Sometimes after you meet with someone, their energy “stays in your energetic field” and that can contribute to the loss of your own energy and personal power.

    Clear old and even ancient energy cords connecting you to past relationships, situations and places. Energetic cords keep you connected with people and places, long after you have been physically parted, therefore making you vulnerable to energetic and unconscious communication. We’ll clear your energetic field and deal with any lingering emotions related to that specific relationship, person or place.

    Let go of energies that you’re holding in your body/energy field, that do not contribute to your growth such as shame, guilt, fear, doubt… These are likely to be impacting you and your ability to set boundaries.

    Call back your own personal power. Having weak boundaries does not manifest only by taking on other people’s energy, but also by scattering your energy outside of your energetic field and, in doing so, losing your own power.

    Recognize and be mindful of your co-dependence. Let people take care their own issues and life lessons. co-dependent individuals tend to give up their time, money, effort and energy for others. They also tend to easily pick up other people’s energies as a way to ease the other person’s pain and suffering. If you have such tendencies, you are often most likely feeling tired and exhausted.

    Balance your feminine and masculine energies. Every one of us is made of masculine as well as feminine energies regardless of gender. Masculine energy is characterized by focus, power to act, taking space and being an ‘Ií with clear boundaries. Feminine energy by the desire to connect, to be receptive, and to transcend boundaries in order to connect to others. Having a good balance between both energies, allows one to connect with others while keeping healthy boundaries and a good sense of self.

    How to recognize when you need to adjust your mindset around boundaries - these two 15-minute teaching sessions, which areas of your life needs most attention and what you can do to begin establishing limits that nurture and support you. The sessions will be accompanied by worksheets so that you deepen what you learn on your own.

    Simple yoga exercises to stimulate healthier boundaries - a special recorded video for your personal use whenever you feel the need to move your body and shift your mind together to create healthier boundaries.

    Heal Past Life Trauma Blocking You from Success in Life and Business - in this 15 Minute Video, 30 Minute Audio Class and a PDF Class Worksheet you will learn how to hold better boundaries, and lose the guilt around asking for what you want so you can sync up with the woman you were meant to be and have a bigger reach in the world. You’ll clearly understand what is blocking you from a past life—even if you have no previous experience. You’ll also be guided to release traumatic and painful memories so you can take the easy road to the next level in your life and career.


    Join me and 3 Amazing Ladies to guide you daily on a journey towards healthier boundaries

    About Patricia

    Patricia Missakian is the founder of the Akashic Records Institute, a school for spiritual development, specializes in uncovering and releasing the old beliefs that block your success…financially, relationships and health.

    Accessing the Akashic Records, Patricia guides clients to align themselves, pinpoint money blocks and discover how to break through these blocks to achieve full potential

    About Gabrielle

    Gabrielle Taylor is a psychotherapist and a Transformational Specialist. Her passion is to offer support and guidance to highly sensitive, visionary women entrepreneurs who deeply desire to break through to the next level of their business or their dream.

    For over 12 years, Gabrielle has helped  thousands of clients break through the blocks that hold them back from achieving their full potential. Her insight, compassion and depth allow her clients to reframe their challenges and discover their hidden gifts, empowering them to build businesses from their particular strengths.


    About Cecy

    I’m Cecy Lainez, a women’s wellness and empowerment coach, a yoga and meditation teacher, and the creator of the Feminine Power Project. My mission is to help women find their power, restore their inner peace and build harmonious relationships with themselves, and with others. Through various tools and exercises, I guide women through the process of becoming more attune with their inner wisdom and divine feminine power.

    About Sofia

    Sofia Wren is a student of Margaret Lynch, Success Coach, Wealth and EFT Expert among many others.  Through her intuitive guidance, and tool called Emotional Freedom Technique Sofia began to access clarity that past life experiences were the root cause of the fear and confusion around marketing a spiritual business and using her voice to reach more people. Over a year she integrated all her skills to create a unique Sofia System to find clarity, healing and success so she could become that brilliant version of herself she had known instinctively was possible all along, despite the long wait.

    Sofia Wren’s passion is using her unique Sofia System to help spiritual women who are stuck in their career goals, overwhelmed or not getting results from their efforts so they can finally sync up with all their gifts, attract the people and opportunities who fit, and make extra money for fun things while being who they really are. She is a published author, healer, teacher, coach, singer, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Coach and Certified Ethical Intuitive. She offers a limited number of free StategyActionClarity Sessions for those ready to step to the next level, by application at Sofiawren.com

    11 Days Program
    One Time Investment $97