One of my favorite topics is How to Access Your Intuition.  In this blog post from my Wisdom Wednesday Facebook Live video I am going to share with you my best tips.  How your intuition communicates with you.  How you can turn up the volume on your intuition.  How to know if it is your intuition or your ego?  How to trust your intuition and more!

how to access your intuition

How to Access Your Intuition

The answer is very simple, all you need to do is be present with it and to hear your intuition.  The funny thing is that the most simple of things, people make it complicated.  When you come to the world as a child you come completely open to your intuition.  As life goes on, people start blocking your or you start blocking yourself.

There are many different ways to access your intuition.  The way that I teach is by creating space and by listening to your body.  By listening to your soul.  For those of you that don’t know I have a free gift called Unlock Your Intuition in 7 minutes a day.  You can download it here.

Step 1 – The First Step to Accessing Your Intuition is to Hear The Noise.

The Thoughts, Feelings and What is Going on in Your Body.  Don’t Deny A Negative Situation.  The Part of You That Wants to Have a Voice. Let the Feelings Rise Up and Notice Them.  When You Run Energy You Actually Hear That Thought So Your Energy Can Shift!

An example – someone owes you money and has not paid you for your services.  Your feelings of not be worthy get triggered.  This will be most likely felt in your 3rd chakra.  If you do your best to deny the thoughts and feelings by focusing on more positive things in your life.  Then your body is going to play up and let you know you can not hide from this.

It’s like my three year old daughter.  If she wants milk then she is going to keep asking me for milk until I give it to her.  This week it is all about the candy from Halloween.  I allow her one piece of candy everyday.  I know she is going to ask me for this candy and not stop until she gets it!

how to access your intuition

Your body.  Your Thoughts and Feelings are the same.

They will not stop until you hear them!

Let them come up to you – any feeling in your body or thoughts.

Let them stay with you.

Everything is Happening to Shift Your Energy

Once you hear them – the Universe put that person in your life, not paying you money and it’s creating all this drama – so that something inside of you can be healed.  That situation from the outside comes in.  Allowing you a chance to focus on shifting the energy that wants to be shifted.

Run the energy and notice what bothers you until it does not bother you.

The more you give it attention to it.  It will stop.

stop bothering you

For example, with my daughter when I say to her, “you can have your Halloween candy once you have had your dinner”.  She will say “OK”.  But if I don’t say anything.  She is going to go on and on about the Halloween candy!

Your body is the same as a three year old child.  It will complain or it will keep attracting the same situations for your life and environment.  Until you give it space.  Until you let it speak and say everything you feel.  To receive it all.  I call it clearing the gutter!

You need to hear your body, hear your feelings and hear your beliefs.

Once this energy is cleared you can start to receive hits.

Little action steps that can take you further.

The story of the library and the grids.

It’s very important to relax and to not try and receive your intuition in the way you want!

how your intuition communicates with you

How your intuition communicates with you?

Your intuition will communicate through you in a variety of ways.  It can be through your feelings, hearing, seeing and knowing, even smelling!  I started with images in 2004.  I already was a very feeling person.  I have learnt to control that.  I developed them all, including smelling.  You can too.  I suggest to my students to start with developing one.

It’s really important to relax and enjoy how your intuition communicates with you.

Intuition is like a muscle.  It takes time to develop your intuition.

When you first start connecting with your intuition, it is going to come to you, through the channel that is most open to you.  That’s why it is important to keep practicing.  Sometimes you might not “get it” when the intuitive hit is being delivered.  You may understand it later.  Like in a dream.  Or as an idea.

I always thank my angels and guides for my intuition.

practice accessing your intuition

We all have the same capacity to receive and develop our intuition.  It’s there for me, for you and for everyone.  It’s important not to put a label on it.  To be open to it.  To be in a state of gratitude for whatever is coming.

For me, I know that when I hear a bell, something important is being communicated to me.  I stop what I am doing.  I listen to the bell.  I trust that it will be translated to me later when I need to know.

It’s very important to let go of any I want it to be this way.  Embrace what comes to you, when it comes to you and in the way that it comes to you.

accessing your intuition

How to Turn Up the Volume on Your Intuition

The first way is to run energy to clear these deeper layers within your body, within your chakras, within your soul.  That from now have been running away from you and have been blocking you for whatever reasons to connect with your intuition.

The second way is to develop a practice like running energy for 7 minutes a day.  Gradually increasing it to 15 minutes and then more.  I sometimes run energy up to an hour a day.  I also believe that doing your practice at the same time of day helps.

When you do these two things you can really turn up the volume on your intuition.

You can also turn it up by looking into the eyes of someone you love.  This is another way to connect to your soul.  To see life from a different perspective.  To look beyond what your eyes can see.  To hear the space and the message between the words.

What if you really give 100% attention to what you are doing?  

For example, washing your hands – really focus on the water touching your hand.  The blessing to be alive and to be feeling this.  Notice how you are feeling things.  Look at the beauty of things.  The details of say a leaf falling off a tree.  This is all connecting with the energy around you.

Not only run your energy 7 minutes a day, but make your daily practice being a living and breathing opportunity to let go of what is blocking you.  A chance to really connect to your soul.  To what is here around you.  Even in situations where you don’t want to be involved.  Breathe.  Connect to your body.  This will help you to clean it up, every day a little more.

turn up the volume on your intuition

Have a child like perception of things.  If you have children, enter their world and allow them to enter your world.  Model that awe of life.  Even if you don’t have children, model your nieces or nephews or go to a park.  Really observe children and how they do not doubt.  Or be resistant to seeing life as beautiful and connected to all energy.  Don’t create doubt or confusion.

Have an attitude of amusement and gratitude.  Slow down to how you see and receive things.  This will really help to shift things for you.

I really hope you don’t run energy for 15 days and then stop because it is a lifetime experience.

How Do I Know if it is My Intuition or My Ego?

Once you have been practicing connecting to your intuition then you will not even entertain the thought that it is your ego.  You will have no doubt.  However, when you begin to connect to your intuition and you lack confidence then your ego will try to run and scream you out of the room.  “No I don’t like that.  I like things the way they are.”   When things feel bad to you or negative then it is your ego.  It is a lot based in fear and scarcity or limitation.

When it is your intuition it just feels gentle.   It feels good.  It’s more organic.  More flowy.

How to Trust Your Intuition?

To develop your trust with your intuition I recommend avoiding your ego that creates the doubts.  You do this again by relaxing.  By having that childlike perception.  Open up to being like “Ok.  I’m just going to be present.  I am going to create this channel.”  Continue to practice and this will open yourself to trust your intuition.  It is your soul speaking through you.  When you open yourself to hear, you will hear more.

trust your intuition

The Dive Program

For those of you who don’t know, I have an opportunity for you to look deeper by using my Dive Program.  It’s actually offered at the end of my gift.  It’s on sale now for 50% off, so make sure to get it now before it goes full price.

In the Dive Program you learn about your chakras and how you can clean them.  How you can hear your body and give space to that energy.  That is there to be heard.  Once heard you can release it.  It is a 21 day sequence.  When you finish you can re do it again.  What happens is every time you go through a re-tunement from the 21 days, your healing guides are able to go to a deeper level.  It’s a very powerful program.  It’s a lifetime experience. There is no rush.

I really encourage you to take a look at it if you want to dive deeper to connect with your intuition.  Click here to learn more.

I’d love to know how you get on with accessing your intuition, please share your questions and comments below.

Patricia Missakian
Patricia Missakian

Patricia Missakian is an international Akashic Records Mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. She is the founder of the Akashic Records Institute, a school for spiritual development, where healers and coaches learn how to develop their intuition and decode the messages found in the Akashic Records. She has helped thousands of students discover their soul purpose and transform the lives of their clients through the Akashic Records. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Patricia brings together her colorful creativity, positive energy, and unquestionable mystical connection to everything that she does.


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