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Dive & Global Healing Program

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Commission for DIVE  (enrollment until January 8th):
OPTION #1 - Receive $49* per sale through your link, as long as your referral do not cancel.

Commission for Global Healing Certification  (enrollment until January 22nd):
OPTION #1 - Receive extra $444* per sale through your link, as long as your referral do not cancel.

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Intuition Dive + Flow offer

Swipes to promote our Free Akashic Clearing "Out with the Old, In with the Gold"
(make a post or send an email before December 31st)
Commission: $75 for the combo + $444 if they upgrade to Global HealingCertification

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Do you have plans for the 31st?
2019 is on the doorstep, and I want to invite you to join in a healing session to help release any baggage from 2018 and create space for an amazing 2019 for you!
My teacher /  friend / colleague Patricia Missakian is offering her annual Akashic Clearing to help you in this transition to the new year.
It is free and will happen December 31st at 9am Pacific time, with a replay available afterwards.
An Akashic Clearing is a high-level energetic healing session where Patricia works within the collective Akashic Records memories and corresponding triggers within your body. By connecting with her Healing Guides, Patricia will help you clear any energy blocks that you are ready to release from your body, mind and energy fields. This allows you to achieve freedom and be happy, healthy and successful.
See you there


Intuition Dive Live

Swipes to promote our Infographic: Unlock your Intuition 7 minutes a day
(make a post or send an email before January 8th)
Commission: $49 + $444 if they upgrade to Global HealingCertification

FREE GIFT: Unlock your intuition in 7 minutes a day

You will receive an infographic of the body with questions to release specific blocks in your energetic system. An mp3 guiding you to tap directly into your intuition and journaling practice to translate the guidance you receive.

What if you could...

  • Learn to listen to your body’s messages
  • Clear your energy system of blocks, beliefs and emotions that are holding you back
  • Sharpen your intuitive abilities

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Unlock the keys to Tune Into Your Intuition
Experience an simple tool to let go of blocks to accessing your intuition on a deeper level.


Do you KNOW how your body or mind assimilated information and intuitive sparks? There’s a reason for everything. And if you’re ready to boost your ability to decipher your “gut” reactions, you can start right here


Global Healing Certification

Swipes to promote our Global Healing Certification
webinar date TBD - around second week of January - more info coming soon 🙂
Commission:  $444