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Program Information

Promotional Mailing Date:  April 4th through to April 15th

Clients will be receive re-play to take advantage of upcoming course afterwards.



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Gold level Partners:

Akashic Records Personal Level Program – Receive 33% per sale through your link, as long as your referral do not cancel. On going Sales

Akashic Records Certification Program – Receive 33% per sale through your link, as long as your referral do not cancel.

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Program Description:

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Classes begin Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 3 pm PST

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You can rest assured your clients will be really well taken care of. Here is what some of my clients said about the Akashic Records  class:

“I did the Akashic Records Level I Course with Patricia Missakian and it was very a very deep and dynamic experience. The facilitator is very competent and teaches the course with enthusiasm. The group experience and access to Akashic Records Earth brought me an increase of personal power. Now I can have access to my book of life, understand why things are happening, create change… I am deeply grateful that the UNIVERSE once again opened the possibilities of choices for my life. This course opens up a range of experiences for everyone and has renewed my determination to work with the Akashic Records.”
~ Marilene Pitta, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Certified Holistic Therapist

“As a Clinical Psychologist working with Regression Therapy for some time now, this course added an easy and objective pathway to access the Akashic Records.
Patricia, with her enthusiasm and vibration gave the program a practical dynamic, so the therapist can help the client reach ‘those past memories in the shortest path.
I’m very glad the Living Learning Space received this course and I hope that Patricia can continue visiting us in Brazil in person or via conference videos.
I really recommend this course (…) it is so worth it! ”
~ Marylu Montenegro, Psychologist, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

“Working with Patricia and the Akashic Records allowed me to learn to experience the flow of energy in my body and start walking along that I AM and how to express myself. It was a wonderful experience!”
~ Maria Paula F. Capobianco, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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