Have you noticed the world has changed? Whether you like it or not..everything has shifted.

NOW...the choice is yours…

Will you struggle to maintain what you are familiar with OR will you open to the possibilities that lie before you?

Spiritual people have prayed for years for the world to change and this is the beginning of the answer to those billions of prayers. But, in what way will things change?

This is your choice...what you decide will determine what you create. While I have taught you this for many, many years...it is even more true today than ever before. You have the power to claim your future!

The Phoenix Is Stirring...how will YOU rise with it?

My Certified Global Healers and I have come together to support you in opening to your beautiful future. We have created a very special 12-week program of Akashic Healings for you.

We are opening the doors to The Phoenix Is Stirring with a special week of lives and interviews with the Healers. 

This week of free lives and interviews is now available on the Akashic Records Institute FB Page found here.


Plus, because we understand many are facing trying financial times, when you choose to join The Phoenix Is Stirring program we are offering the program with Pay What You Can pricing. If you are able to pay 100% I will donate 33% to my local food bank. You decide how much you are able to pay for this powerful program.

An Energetic Support Container Featuring:

This program is specifically designed to support you
to navigate this amazing time in human destiny.  

Healing Session Definitions

What is an Akashic Clearing?

An Akashic Clearing is a healing session to help release blocks, emotions and beliefs to create space for you to open to the possibilities of the future you desire.

What is an Akashic Download?

Akashic Download is a session where you receive a download of a “way of being, a skill or wisdom you acquired in a past life, so you can access that energy in this life.

What is an Akashic Resonance?

Akashic Resonance is a healing session where waves are transmitted to gradually clean limiting beliefs and bring upgrades to the person receiving new information to reach your goal in many areas.

When played daily for 88 days it gives your body an opportunity to return to its ideal state of balance and natural vibration. There is only sound in this healing session, no spoken words, all you need to do is play daily and it will raise your frequency.

After listening to the Resonance one time, you can play it in the background on the following days and fully receive the healing.

Pay What You Can

We understand that many are facing trying financial times, so we are offering this program with Pay What You Can pricing.
If you are able to pay 100% I will donate 33% to my local food bank. You decide how much you are able to pay for this powerful program.




Your Host

Patricia Missakian

Founder of Akashic Records Institute &
Global Healer Certification Mentor 

Patricia is an international speaker, author and Akashic Record Mentor who founded the Akashic Records Institiute, a school for spiritual development, where students learn how to develop their intuition and decode the messages found in the Akashic Records.

She has helped thousands of students discover their soul purpose and transform their own lives and the lives of their clients through the Akashic Records.

She created the Sacred Crystal Codes™ Divination Book and Oracle Deck and the Akashic Realm Messengers™ Oracle Deck. 

The Certified Global Healers ~ Gold Level: 

Annielettemay Choi

Annielettemay Choi is a certified facilitator of Access Consciousness, Talk to the Entities, Right Voice for You, and a Global Energy Healer. She is a best-selling author for self improvement, and provides private consultation sessions and group sessions on money and relationships. Annielettemay currently has classes online with participants from all over the world.

Caitriona Hicks

Caitriona Hicks helps heart centered people to gain more trust in their inner guidance, to reconnect with nature & reconnect with themselves. Through flower & vibrational essences, energy healing and intuitive coaching they gain more clarity, confidence, direction and freedom in their lives. Allowing them to make the impact they desire & live a more spiritually aligned and abundant life.

She is the creator of Earth Whispers essences, a range of flower & vibrational essences co-created with the Sidhe (she) & the Sacred Sites of Ireland.

Caroline Johnstone

Caroline Johnstone helps you heal from your inside out, by facilitating healing sessions, whereby, together with her healing guides, she accesses the Akashic Records of your body, so that you clear away what is no longer serving your highest good. After experiencing her own healing during this same type of session, she found her passion and her heart’s desire to help others has been realized.

She has created an oracle card deck called, ‘Magical Infusions from Fairies & Flowers.’ The 34 flowers included in the deck have imparted their wisdom & the fairies have infused their energy into each card as well. These cards & their themes help Caroline facilitate healing infusions.

Ebony Rose

Ebony Rose is a proud mom of two who loves her many jobs. On of which is being of service to others utilizing the Akashic Records with her business, Fully Embrace Life. As and Akashic Records and Global Healing Practitioner, she helps people see the beauty within themselves. Ebony provides guidance and support for her clients to unlock their own power by embracing their life as it was, as it is and as it will be.

Emma Greenslade

Emma Greenslade is a Wealth & Success Coach and an Intuitive Healer working with women all over the world to gain momentum in their businesses by overcoming money blocks, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, procrastination and fear of judgement. The impact she makes in women's lives empowers not only their communities but the next generation, as well.

Sabina Pečar

Sabina Pečar is a Life & Soul Coach. She began her energy work as a Reiki master and Theta Healing therapies and now regards her training through the Akashic Records Institute to be the 'feather in her cap'. Working with the Akashic Records and Global Healing methods have become indispensable tools in her work. The common thread in all of her work is Love of Oneself and how to live Yourself fully. She developed her love for this work through her own life experience of finding love for herself. 

Terri Ann Heiman 

Terri Ann Heiman helps women who are going through crisis (like divorce or starting over) who feel lost and disconnected. Through her Empowered Spirit Programs, she teaches them tools and techniques to regain their confidence and trust their inner guidance. She has been interviewed on ABC/33/40 and published several times in Reiki News Magazine. Her first book, Confessions of a Shower Tapper - The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Purpose with EFT is available on Amazon. She is the host of the podcast, The Empowered Spirit Show. She is available for individual sessions in Reiki, Intuitive Reading, Akashic Readings, Emotional Freedom Technique Sessions as well as private mentoring in her Empowered Spirit Program. 

Valeria Ballone

Valeria Ballone is a therapist in Switzerland Geneva working with holistic techniques such as Reiki, Archangel Reiki and Akashic Reading and Akashic Healing and Akashic Meditation. She has two cabinets in Geneva and Rolle and is fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish and provides services in any of these languages.

Pay What You Can

We understand that many are facing trying financial times, so we are offering this program with Pay What You Can pricing.
If you are able to pay 100% I will donate 33% to my local food bank. You decide how much you are able to pay for this powerful program.




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