Last time we got together I showed you what exactly the Akashic Records are, where they came from, and the timeless energy that they carry.

I showed you that the Records carry the highest energy and the deepest wisdom of your Soul. Wisdom that has always been with you and will never leave you.

So now that you know more of what the Akashic Records actually ARE, it of course begs the next two questions…

Just WHERE exactly do you find these Records….and HOW do you connect with them here in the “real” world?

Well, it’s not quite like an everyday experience here in the “real” world. It comes from a whole different place!

See, here in the three dimensional world, everything has density. Thing are solid. You can touch them, hold them.

Here in physical reality there is also thought, ego, and fear.

But the Akashic Records can’t be touched. They’re actually part of the Fifth Dimension energy.

All the energy feels different there. There is no density. There is no good or bad, there is no ego or fear.

The way that we see life here in the Third Dimension is not the way it exists in the Fifth Dimension. The energy there is completely different. And this is the energy of the Akashic Records.

So how do we connect to this thing we cannot touch, to this Fifth Dimension energy?

The key is to align your vibration with the vibration of the Fifth Dimension.

And be assured, there are many different ways to do this. Many different modalities, many different teachers. It simply depends on which method and practitioner resonates the most with you!

They way that I teach my students is through a key of access. And as you read this key, you shift your vibration and bring it closer to that Fifth Dimension energy. Once you’re in that high-vibe space, you can begin to connect to all of the wisdom waiting for you in your Records.

Now, all of this might sound fascinating…but you might find yourself wondering what the real benefits of this high-vibe experience might be. Who actually accesses the Akashic Records? Do you have to be extremely intuitive, especially enlightened, or some kind of wizard of “woo” to even be able to do it?

And the answer is no. You can simply show up as yourself, just as you are now. And you can learn to access this energy no matter what your experience has been up until now! I’ve had the blessing of working with the most amazing people all over the world. People from many different walks of life.

When you are called to work with the Akashic Records, it’s your Soul asking you to remember. To remember your own wisdom.

And it is truly amazing what the Records can bring into your life. They can bring you into your creativity. Support you in your ideas. Bring back your inherent wisdom.  And most of all, the records help connect you to your Soul purpose. So you can LEAD from that purpose.

Think about it. Learning how to deeply connect to your own personal “book of life” and reawaken all of your very own wisdom? Being able to access your life lessons so that not only you can expand and grow but also to prevent the same kinds of suffering from repeating itself in your life?

Honestly, I don’t think there is anybody who couldn’t use that kind of gift in their life!

So you might’ve decided by now that you’re ready to learn more about this amazing practice yourself. If you’re ready to dive in, that is wonderful! But where do you begin?

One thing I always teach my students (we talked about this on last week’s post) is that the first step is to learn to trust yourself and your feelings. Stand in your power, create boundaries, and learn to trust your intuition.

This means connecting deeply to your intuition and building everything out from there.

Because when people first start learning about the Records, there are frequently a lot of misconceptions. Some people have the idea that they’re going to take a class on the Akashic Records, and just like magic a guide will materialize and they’ll tell me all of the details of my life I’ve been missing, and do it faster than an eye-blink.

Now, I’m not saying that this never happens! But not for everyone. That’s because decoding the records depends on one big factor: how your intuition communicates with you. For example, if you’re not a clairvoyant by nature–that is, someone who receives their messages through images–then the whole guide dropping out of the sky thing isn’t gonna happen for you.

After all, there are so many other ways that spirit shows up for people. And none of them are wrong! Some people hear the messages from the guides. This is called clairaudience. Information might come to you as a knowing–this is known as claircognizance. It might show up in the form of feelings in the body. This is called clairsensitive (or clairsentient)

None of them are wrong. No one is better than the other. It’s important not to compare yourself with others, too. If information comes to your best friend as images but it comes to you as a deep and resonating knowing, don’t force yourself to see something. It’ll only cause you frustration and will delay the messages the guides have to give you.

So the first step in connecting with your Records is the same first step with any practice. First and foremost, understand your intuition. Learn how to develop the natural gifts that you have. Focus on one “clair”–the one that stands out the most for you.

And the beauty of it is that when you develop your primary gift, all of the others gifts will start to flourish for you in their own divine timing.

Focus on your gifts. Honor your gifts. And celebrate them. After all, so many times we take them for granted!

And of the things that we start by clearing your own energy stuff. So clearing from those blocks and those beliefs that we talk about today.

For me, working with the records completely shifted my life. I discovered that I had been living my life from a victimhood perspective. But through the records I began to see that when triggers come up, they’re simply an invitation to open up to a deeper healing. Not an insult from the Universe. I learned to let go of drama. Learn the lessons I needed to learn.

And most of all understand this important truth: You are not a victim. You are the creator of your own reality.

All of this and more is possible for you when you tap into the power, beauty, and wisdom of the Akashic Records!

Are you ready to learn even MORE about this beautiful practice and how it can heal, energize, beautify your life? And most of all….how the Records can lep lead you to your true Soul Purpose?

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Patricia Missakian
Patricia Missakian

Patricia Missakian is an international Akashic Records Mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. She is the founder of the Akashic Records Institute, a school for spiritual development, where healers and coaches learn how to develop their intuition and decode the messages found in the Akashic Records. She has helped thousands of students discover their soul purpose and transform the lives of their clients through the Akashic Records. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Patricia brings together her colorful creativity, positive energy, and unquestionable mystical connection to everything that she does.


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