Akashic Records
& Healing Sessions

"Are you feeling stuck, frustrated, or unfulfilled in your life? Do you feel like you were meant for more than you are currently experiencing?

I’ve been working with Healing and Akashic Records for over 20 years, and have helped thousands of people with many areas of their lives.

An Akashic Records consultation can help you discover the contract you've made with your soul that is keeping you stuck, so this contract can be released, allowing you to stop self sabotaging behaviours."

Work with Patricia to upgrade your reality, discover your soul purpose,
and step into the abundant life you're meant for.

Private Sessions Packs

Akashic Reading

Your Akashic Record Reading is based on the questions you ask. Your questions can be specific or general and on almost any topic including life purpose, career, health, relationships, or finances. 50 minute session.

Reading + Download

This is a 90 minutes Akashic Records Session that includes an Akashic Records Download of wisdom you need from the Records of your Soul to open the pathways to manifest your desires.

Working 1:1 was an opportunity to go deeper and to work on issues that I either wasn’t consciously aware of or that I had avoided through fear, or assumption that they were too hard or painful to address.  I felt the healing sessions were gentle and safe, and yet so deep and intense. I felt understood and strongly supported. It’s a relief to have finally addressed the core wounds that had been festering for a very long time.  I feel much lighter and a sense of relief. My energy body seems more expansive and I generally feel more energised and optimistic.

Benita Viapree Benita Viapree

Accessing the Akashic Records on behalf of my business was eye-opening and profound. During our session together, Patricia connected me to my business and gave me deep insight into how my business wants to express itself. The results were incredibly powerful, helping me to combine my business know-how with the soul of my business. I highly recommend this session for heart-based entrepreneurs who truly understand the value of combining business with spirituality.

Brigit Esselmont Brigit Esselmont
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