Akashic Records Classes - Reviews:

Rozlyn Warren 

When I combined the Akashic Records work to my coaching practice my clients saw such significant shifts they were thrilled to sign up for even more sessions than they had originally planned. I LOVE how this makes my my work so transformational!”

Rozlyn Warren 
Sofia Nitchie 

Patricia's course gave me the practice to become confident reading the records for my own business. I quickly created what I call the Sacred Writing Challenge and launched it instantly drawing 60 people in to participate with me on facebook. I've now repeated the exact same program I downloaded three times with increasing success! Her business course helped me to become confident reading business records for others and it's a huge draw for clients to my business."

Sofia Nitchie 
Caitriona Hicks 

This training has changed my life on so many levels, I have wanted to work in this area for a long time but didn't have the courage or confidence, the training has taken me to a new level, I have started a new business ,I have made some great friends &  I am more confident and happy!"

Caitriona Hicks 
Alessandra França 

"I heard the call to work with the records having no idea of what they were all about - It has transformed my life from beginning to end .. and the results I experienced by including akashic records in my coaching sessions were more than 100 clients joining my signature program in less than 4 months.  My income has skyrocket... and the best of all.. during those 4 months my income equaled the total of the previous 12 months!

Alessandra França 

Private Sessions and Group Coaching - Reviews:

Jennifer Riley

“Working with Patricia is one of the most important, intuitive decisions of my life and career. The Akashic Record Journey deepened and connected me with the significance of my purpose, the impact I am here to make and clarified the Soul of my business. The Archetypes brought light to my relationship with money and profoundly catapulted me into making almost double my income within the next month, without my website even launched yet! I knew I wanted to work with Patricia because I wanted my branding and mindset to reflect the Soul frequency of my life purpose. I am beyond grateful for her guidance and mentorship, I couldn’t have taken my business to where it is without her or to where it is going, as it is evolving with me! My dream of changing the world through sharing my unique gifts and brilliance while making incredible money is coming true. I whole heartedly Thank you Patricia!” 

Jennifer Riley, BountifulEvolution.com
Kimberly Harrison

“I have 3 potentially life-changing meetings scheduled, can’t even keep track of all the new clients I’ve been working with since this started. (…) Just bam, bam, bam. I even easily negotiated a higher pay rate.
I have a new mindset. I’ve been more confident about getting out there and doing networking events. Seriously life changing.

 Working with Patricia has been phenomenal. Highly recommended.”

Kimberly Harrison, www.singingforyoursoul.com

Working with Patricia was amazing. I learned a lot about my personal archetypes, what my growth points were, and I walked away with actionable things I could do right away to have better financial health.

I’ve seen tangible results since then, and am very grateful for Patricia, her wisdom, and her phenomenal listening skills.”

Rachel Roche, www.rachelrofe.com

The sessions with Patricia were very powerful. The healing and clearing with Patricia and her guides was the most powerful experience, sometimes quite intense. I would listen to recordings, sometimes days afterwards. Most times I felt like the sessions were made just for me and where I needed to focus my inner work,
I loved the sound of your voice....
Thank you so much!

Kathleen, Akashic Records Student
Nancy F. Sharp, LMFT, Cht

Before working with Patricia, every time someone took a picture of me I would feel Awful, frustrated..cause how I felt on the inside (which was confident, pretty, calm) was not what I was seeing in the photo. After our work together, I felt in congruency with myself both inside and outside.
I was amazed by the results of Patricia’s VIP DAY: Empower your Presence in any Media! My goal was to be less stressed about doing a photoshoot and less fearful about how I would see myself in the photo.
After together on the VIP Day, I entered the photoshoot calm and enthusiastic instead of stressed. I felt playful and enjoyed the experience instead of experiencing worry about the results and this definitely showed in a positive way in the final photo that I chose to use. When the shoot was over I did not perseverate over the results and had confidence that I would love the photos and felt confident to have them on my site.
I would ABSOLUTELY recommend her VIP Days…because Patricia can bring you to a new level of feeling good about yourself, looking beautiful and strong. In addition to her skill she is a thoughtful, warm and loving person who understands what it is like to be stressed and fearful of a photoshoot.

Nancy F. Sharp, LMFT, Cht, Life Balancing Specialist and Holistic Coach