Remembering Your Truth and Wisdom Through The Code Activations Of The Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid

These crystal grids hold the codes, power, vibration and messages of each crystal as it comes together with the Sacred Geometry grid allowing you to receive the ancient messages and codes of each crystal to awaken your truth and receive the downloads available to your soul path.

The Crystals and Grids

Each Sacred Geometry Grid contains a code that is transmitted to you and activated through the message and the image as your contemplate them. They will unlock the potential that already exists inside of you. The code’s message to you is received through the intelligence of your body.

The Sacred Crystals Codes deck is a co-creative process between the Sacred Geometry grids, crystals, my healing guides and your Soul.

Over the past few years they have become more and more complex. The same grid has different layers of messages and vibrations for you. As your consciousness grows through working with them the potential to absorb and comprehend the wisdom will increase. The Sacred Geometry formations awaken your intuition and the encoded messages create a bridge between spiritual and physical expansion.

The Story Behind

I grew up in Brazil and have always had a deep fascination and connection with crystals. Through working with the Akashic Records I was able to reconnect to my wisdom of many lifetimes working with crystals, in particular with the Lemurian civilization.

The Lemurian was a highly developed spiritually civilization that existed thousands of years ago, somewhere between the American and Australian continent. During the last days of Lemurian those crystals were encoded with a message of oneness and planted in the earth waiting to reappear and transmit this message when the Earth was once again able to receive it. These crystals have a pivotal place in helping guide humankind in its evolution to a higher level of consciousness.

For years now, more and more of these seeds crystals have resurfaced...they come from all over the world but are found very strongly in Brazil.

Seed Crystals

The crystals are thus connected to inner earth, the earth's surface, and the stars, and serve as a link to these various magnetic fields. Each seed crystal is energetically connected to all other seed crystals. I believe that most grids I was guided to create represent the very grid that lies underneath our feet from where all crystals originated, Sacred Crystals Codes are a gateway to bring this vibration from the grids beneath the surface of the Earth and surrounding us in the stars.

I began my own research through the Records decoding the information, vibration and healing contained within the crystals. As I started guiding the Akashic Records Institute students I noticed the need to support my students in releasing fears and blockages and self sabotage as they learned the process. This led to offering group healing for my students, which have now evolved to Akashic Clearings. When I began offering Akashic Clearings, Sacred grids were part of my preparation for the session.

Then my guides showed me how to connect with the Records of crystals and create these grids with the vibration and code downloads and activations that the group needed at the time.

Sacred Crystal Codes Book

    • 90 Page Book,
    • 33 Crystal Grids to Meditate
    • Gift: Mp3 How to activate the Sacred Codes
    • Gift: 10 Healing Sessions


Sacred Crystal Codes Oracle Deck

    • 33 beautiful cards printed on quality playing card stock,
    • Manual in downloadable pdf format.
    • Video Class: How to use your deck
    • Activating Love and Intuition Akashic Download mp3