Are You ‘Lost In Space’ Because You Don’t Know Your Soul Purpose?


3 years ago, I hit a plateau in my life and business. Even though I had a great and unique business where I was creating branding for my clients by connecting to the Akashic Records of their business and their mission, it was a long process and I could only work with a few clients 1:1.

I knew my soul was calling me to expand, somehow the message of power of the Akashic Records had to spread to more people and I was the one to do it. I knew this ... but at the same time, I had never created a course and just the thought of it felt overwhelming.

So, I kept pushing the calling away and continued working with clients one on one. Then the Universe found the way to “shake me up” by putting some financial pressure into my life and then sending me 2 non-ideal clients. Knowing better but feeling stressed, I took on these two clients and the results were...Awful. I quickly realized I attracted this situation so I would be pushed to listen to my soul and what it really wanted for me.

"So I listened... I was waking up every night to connect with,
explore and research the Akashic Records of my soul."

I knew I was meant to teach, but no idea how.  As I continued to connect with my Records and explore their different facets, I connect with my inner child, not only from this life but from other lifetimes as well, I explored different relationships in my life and began to understand why I called them into my life. It was the most amazingly powerful, authentic experience to show up and hear my soul. One of the most important things I received during this experience was the method I would use to guide students to connect to their soul through their Akashic Records.

Since stepping into my Soul Purpose, less than 4 years ago, thousands of students have learned this technique, reconnected to their soul and Soul Purpose and have changed their lives. I now understand that those 2 non ideal clients were actually a blessing in disguise so I could be here today offering you the transformational work of Let Your Soul Purpose Guide Your Path, A Journey To Reconnect To The Wisdom Of Your Soul Through The Akashic Records

This is where I get the question ...

“What are the Akashic Records, anyways, and why do they matter?”

The Akashic Records is like a huge database containing the all records of everything lived by your soul. All experiences, good or bad, are recorded in the Akashic Records of your soul.

The Records matter because this is where to access key information that can make or break your ability to live your Soul Purpose. When you have a memory, that memory has attached to it the “lessons” from that experience, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. These lessons, if not understood and applied, can cause you to doubt and sabotaging your desire to live your Soul Purpose.

One student has the Soul Purpose of Joy/Happiness with Healer/Teacher as her Life Purpose; yet backed away every time she got close to fulfilling that purpose. Through her work in her Records it was revealed that at one point in the distant past her Soul had made a vow to ‘never harm anyone’. Discovering this allowed her to recognize that each time she moved close to work that was healing there was a voice in her head that said, ‘No, someone might be hurt.’ Gaining this insight allowed her to revoke the vow and she now has a beautiful and soul satisfying healing/teaching practice.

So many people are very confused about what their Soul Purpose even is and how to go about discovering it is some mysterious hidden secret that the Universe really doesn’t want you to know.

Believing you don’t know your Soul Purpose causes you to be filled with doubt and fear which leads to all the trial and error in life plus being addicted to the bright shiny object syndrome as you scramble to figure out who you are and what you are really supposed to do in life.

Feeling discouraged at not living up to your potential you have a tendency to shut down your emotional and spiritual life which just makes things worse.

"You have access to so much more than you can realize!
I will show you how to connect to your inner wisdom."

It makes me mad when I see beautiful, talented, wickedly smart people floundering around when the answer to their problem is within my power to give them.

This is why I created Let Your Soul Purpose Guide Your Path, A Journey To Reconnect To The Wisdom Of Your Soul Through The Akashic Records.

During this  journey you will connect with your Soul at a deep level and discover your Soul Purpose PLUS be supported for the following  weeks as you begin to live from your purpose. You will be trained to access your Soul’s accumulated wisdom as you discover your powerful Soul Purpose.

Knowing your Soul Purpose essence will stop the spinning around and around and get you headed in the right direction toward fulfilling your life purpose.

What if I told you that you could discover your Soul Purpose AND
begin living from this powerful knowing in the next 8 weeks?
This is the promise I am making.

Let me proudly introduce you to:

Live mentoring and weekly Akashic Clearings which will align your energy system to the material
you received that week; releasing resistance and old beliefs to allow you to assimilate the training.


8 Weeks of Soul Level Learning

Here is what you get:



Discover how to open up your intuitive channels and Strengthen your intuition and connection with your Higher Self.

Clear Blocks To Accessing Your Intuition


Learn to access your Akashic Records and Practice to better understand messages contained in your Records.

Clear Beliefs To Accessing The Records


Inner Child Reconnection, Retrieval of a long-suppressed gift or talent and Dolphin Healing Journey.

Clear Webs from the Past


Connect to your soul through creativity and Learn a unique way to work with the Akashic Records and creativity.

Fully Expressing Your Creativity


Connect to your soul through writing and Work with your Records to connect with the wisdom gathered in past lives.

Reconnecting With Your Wisdom

WEEK #6-8

Living Your Soul Purpose, Creating a path to live your Soul Purpose and Going deeper by sharing your experiences.

+ Personal Support through Facebook Group

What makes this training so unique?

Unlike life coaching and personal development that just scratches the surface of who you are and what you're here to do, the Akashic Records techniques we teach go deeper to the soul level.

And unlike other spiritual modalities and Akashic Records trainings that tune in to your spirit's desire but leaves you struggling in the real world, the Akashic Records Institute will help you turn your soul purpose into a set of daily practices and a way of life that will allow you to be both successful and fulfilled in the here and now.

BONUS #1 - Value $297
3 months access to weekly Akashic Clearings

The benefits you will experience include:

  • Feel empowered to offer your work with authenticity
  • Shift old beliefs and mindsets
  • Stop self-sabotaging in its tracks
  • Shift how you react to others, resulting in better relationships
  • Take action towards your dreams with a completely new energy level
  • Open your channels to receive intuitive guidance and energetic downloads

Live Daily Energy Clearings

The daily MP3 sessions are perfect for releasing old energies and opening up to 2018. We will be looking at goals energetically and setting intentions for 2018.

This for you IF:

  • You know you are meant to share something profound with the world, and you are ready to share it.
  • You are tired all the trial and error in your life.
  • You feel that if you just knew why you were here you would be a success and you are desperate to know your Soul Purpose.
  • You want to connect with your Soul at a deeper level.
  • You would like to be able to gain access to the wisdom your Soul has gathered throughout many lifetimes.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll receive in this virtual course:

  • Weekly Video Training

    VALUE: $ 697
    You will receive online training, for eight weeks,  in the confort of your own home, so you can learn the tecniques and practice as many times as you wish.

  • LIVE Weekly Akashic Clearings for 3 Months

    VALUE $297

    Each week, for three months you will receive a LIVE Energy Clearing to attune your  subtle energies to the transformation you are experiencing in the program and to release blocks that can hinder your progress.

  • Twice a month Live Mentoring

    VALUE: $497

    To mentor and support you on exploring your Akashic Records, we will meet live in a group setting twice a month for 4 months to guide your journey.

  • Weekly Integration Activities

    VALUE: $ 99
    Every week, for eight weeks you will receive integration activities, to help you further in the training and implement

  • Class pdf and Checklists

    VALUE $99
    Each week, for eight weeks you will receive you will also receive Class pdf and Checklists to support your practice

  • Community

    You will participate in a Private Facebook Group where you’ll get support from me and other members of the class (Priceless). *Participate in facebook group is encouraged but optional.

Your Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to discover your SOUL PURPOSE and begin being guided by this purpose in just 8 weeks.

Investment $1497

Choose full pay and receive a 30 min Soul Purpose Session with Patricia

Janie Santoy

“I have taken several pieces of training. I’ve been on this path for several years. I’m a reiki master. I am a life coach. I am EFT practitioner. I took a 3 month mentorship on intuitive development and shamanic training, I took a 6 month course on shamanic journeying (I’ve been journeying for over a year–though not consistently), I took a tarot reading class, I’m taking a magic class, I took a personal clearing and space clearing class. I took different Akashic Records reading class. I’ve been working towards and waiting for that knowingness. I’m finally achieving it in this class. Something opened up for me when I did the second module and the forgiveness work. So powerful. Thank you, Patricia, for holding space for us and your attunements. I’m convinced they are shifting my energy in ways I can’t even imagine. I want to savor every experience in this class as I step more fully into this work.”

Janie Santoy
Sofia Wren

I loved this course! Now I’m accessing the guidance and healing of the Akashic Records every day. It’s changed my life and I’m already experiencing so much clarity in my life, business, and creativity. It is making me a better healing and intuitive practitioner on so many levels. People are feeling a shift in my energy and in the work I am doing–definitely take this course!”

Sofia Wren
Anna Kowalska

I have worked with Akashic Records before so I was not a stranger to the concept and the practice. I knew, however that deeper and more consistent practice would make the records become a more powerful source for me. I joined this program because I wanted to establish that connection and practice and be accountable. I got all that and more from the program! What surprised me where all these new applications and methods that Patricia teaches. I had no idea I could use the records for all these things I do in my life and my business. I truly feel so much more connected to my records and they are opening up more and more areas in my life.  So grateful!

Anna Kowalska
Christine Connors

Patricia has a deep knowledge of working with the records and the higher self. This insight allows her to select from a wonderful variety of metaphors which guide people from all sorts of backgrounds to a deeper relationship with themselves. Healing, insightful, relaxing and fun – these are just some of the wonderful experiences I had in this course. Thank you Patricia!”

Christine Connors
Astra Spider

“Patricia is one of my favorite people and teachers! She delivers her content so clearly and lovingly, and she is all about abundance. Her beautiful energy is contagious and I always get so happy when connecting with her! I am so grateful that she is in this world connecting people with their souls. Her gifts are so valuable. I highly recommend the fabulous Patricia Missakian to anyone wanting to learn about all about the Akashic Records and how to work with them.”

Astra Spider
Martha Vargas

I love the whole course!!! The energy clearing sessions made a big impact, you can really feel the energy and the vibration. I think the biggest impact is knowing that I can access my records. The fact that I can move past blocks, work with the Akashic records daily including creative endeavors is priceless! This will help me immensely in all areas of my life, moving me forward and understanding me better. Just Awesome!!!!”

Martha Vargas

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What are the Akashic Records, anyways, and why do they matter?

    A.The Akashic Records is like a huge database containing the all records of everything lived by your soul. All experiences, good or bad, are recorded in the Akashic Records of your soul.

    The Records matter because this is where to access key information that can make or break your ability to live your Soul Purpose. When you have a memory, that memory has attached to it the “lessons” from that experience, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. These lessons, if not understood and applied, can cause you to doubt and sabotaging your desire to live your Soul Purpose.

  • Q.What if I can not access MY Akashic Records?

    A.Everyone who practices the technique I teach WILL be able to access their Records…believing you are working in the Records is another thing. Until you recognize and become skilled at using your intuitive gifts your ego will try to create the illusion of “I’m just making this up”. Inside the program you will learn how information comes to you and how to develop your intuitive channels, to receive and trust the information that is coming to you so you can silence this voice.

  • Q.I took a similar course and nothing happened.

    A.Through my experience of teaching hundreds of students, the reason a student might access their Records but not receive any information is because there is a past life where a contract was created, a core belief was implemented and their ego is holding on to that core belief, therefore creating the illusion that nothing is happening.

    During the this program you will receive unique energy clearings to address those blocks and self sabotages. Everyone has the ability to connect and receive information from their Records, however, each person is in a diferent place in the journey. I urge you to not judge your experience by someone else’s.

  • Q.How does the course work?

    A.You will receive weekly Akashic Clearings which will align your energy system to the material you received that week; releasing resistance and old beliefs to allow you to assimilate the training.

    You will receive pdf checklists and guides throughout the program.

    The Facebook group will be available for questions and to deepen your process by sharing your experiences.

  • Q.What if I can't attend live?

    A.All sessions are recorded and available in the members area. You have LIFETIME access to this class in the members area.

  • Q.How do I stay connected?

    A.We will have a private Facebook group just for our class where you are able to ask questions and share your experiences.

Investment $1497

Limited Time Offer: $888

Choose full pay and receive a 30 min Soul Purpose Session with Patricia

or 5 payments of $197