Does the idea of selling your services make you want to run and hide? 


Maybe you love what you do in your business. But selling makes you heart beat faster and your palms sweat. You might even feel fear and shame for even asking for money for your services.


If this sounds like you, you are NOT alone!


So many people are afraid to sell their services. Even the word “sell” can be scary. It brings forth images of pushy salespeople, knocking on doors, seeming to be only interested in money.


If you’ve ever felt this way about selling, you’ve come to the right place! I’m going to share with you why selling is actually a beautiful thing–when you do it with the right energy, of course!

Today we’re going to talk about the Energetic Art of Selling.


It’s not something that is commonly taught. It doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people. But it can be learned, and I bet you will find it easier than you might think!


Here is the basic idea behind the Energetic Art Of Selling…


If you fear asking for the sale, all it means is that you are not yet energetically aligned with the art of selling.


But with the Energetic Art of Selling method, you can offer your services with clarity, confidence, and love. Asking for the sale will feel like a gift rather than a chore! 


All it takes is 3 simple but empowering mindset shifts. Let me share them with you now so that you can start sharing your amazing offers without fear!


Energetic Mindset Shift #1: Stop selling and start sharing. Here is the thing about money. It’s just an exchange of energy. But in the world that we live in, there is a lot of misunderstanding and judgment around money.

This is what makes some people judge others for being “salespeople.” 


So if you are so afraid of being judged by others that you never ask for the sale, what can you do about it?


This brings me to Energetic Shift #1!


Think of the selling process this way…


If you don’t offer your services, you are not bringing a positive impact to the world that you know you could. You’re holding yourself back from doing the thing that you are truly here to do.


You’re holding yourself back from sharing the unique transformation that ONLY you can bring.


If you withhold your services because of fear, you’re denying the people who need you the most. They will never receive the transformation that only you can give.


That’s actually kind of selfish, isn’t it?


Now, I’m not calling you out. I’m saying this because I have been there and done that myself!


I went through all these transformational trainings. I had a background in money coaching and energy healing. I had a strong intuition and was skilled in the Akashic Records. So many beautiful gifts that had already transformed my own life.


Yet, I wasn’t doing anything to share my services with others! Why?


Because I was terrified of being judged. I was afraid that people would think less of me if I asked for money in exchange for my transformational gifts. So I held back and didn’t ask.


That meant that there were people waiting for transformation from me who didn’t receive it!


So what did I do to change my perspective on selling? I made a shift in how I was holding the energy of selling. It was simple, powerful, and it changed my money journey! Here it is…


I’m not actually selling, I’m bringing my Love Offer into the world.


What is a “Love Offer?” It’s the offer that shares the unique transformation you bring to the world. It’s the offer that shares the thing that you are here to do.


So stop thinking about it as selling, and start seeing it as sharing your true purpose with the world. That’s it!


Now, how amazing does that sound, compared to trying to get up the courage to “sell” something?


I invite you to make this shift in your thoughts…


The more I focus on sharing my Love Offer, the closer I draw in the people who are here to receive the gifts that only I can share.


So it’s never really about the money. It’s about the transformation you bring, and the people who are here to receive it. Don’t let them down–they are waiting for you!


This is a huge shift that will work wonders for both your confidence and your sales, so start with this one!


Energetic Shift #2: Shift from expense to investment. Maybe you are worried about price, both for yourself and for your clients. Here is what I mean by that…

You might think you’re charging too much for your service. You might even get people telling you that they “can’t afford” your offer. Maybe there are even services from others that you want for yourself. But you talk yourself out of buying because they are “too expensive.”


This is where Energetic Shift #2 comes in…


Shift from “it’s an expense” to “it’s an investment.”


This little switch in thinking will change how you invite others to invest in themselves through your work. It will also change the way you see investments in yourself!


Because here is another little truth: so many times, the transformation happens in the transaction. The moment where the client says YES  is the point where they make the commitment to change.


This is a powerful thing! 


Several years ago I had someone tell me that they wanted to take my course, but they “couldn’t afford it.” Now, at the time, this person was really struggling, to the point where buying food was an issue. They were in full-on survival mode when I met them.


But still, they wanted to join my course. And I, wanting to help, told them I would give them the course.


Turns out that this was not the right thing for this person! Here is why…


First, this person was in a place of survival in their life. They literally had no space to take in the course material. They were simply not ready for this course. As a result, they ended up not getting the transformation they needed.


Second, I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was actually judging this person by giving them a free course!


I looked at this person and made a serious judgment. I believed that if I gave them this program, it would “save” them. I also judged this person in that I didn’t think they could create the resources to purchase it for themselves.


I thought I was helping. But it turned out that I actually disempowered this person.


The biggest gift you can give to your clients is to show them that they can create their own reality. So support your clients, but don’t deny them the opportunity to take this step on their own!


So, remember the difference between an investment and an expense. And know that the transformation happens in the transaction.


Energetic Shift #3: Let go of the energy of comparison. When I was first starting my business, my husband was a bit skeptical. He used to ask me why I wanted to start a business doing what so many other people were already doing.


After all, there were so many people with thousands of YouTube followers. So many others were so successful in this field. What was the point, when what I wanted to do was being done by so many successful people already?


This is a moment where the energy of comparison can stop you in your tracks!


It’s like looking at what all the “cool kids” are doing, thinking that you’ll never be as successful as they are, and quitting before you start.


So this is where we apply Energetic Shift #3, Part 1…


NOBODY can do what you do in the way that you do it. What is yours is yours, and it can’t be taken away. The people who are here to be supported by you need the transformation that only YOU can give!


Even if someone else does something very similar to you, their mission and Karma is not the same as yours. They may be offering a similar service, but they are not you, and you are not them. 


So really, there’s no comparison at all! 


There are people out there who need to receive transformation in only the way that you can provide it. Even if someone else does the “same” thing you do, they are not you. Who you are and right NOW is perfect for someone out there!


When you understand that, it’s a lot easier to let go of comparison.


So, if you ever feel discouraged by the person who has those 100,000 YouTube followers, try Energetic Shift #3, part 2…


Instead of worrying that you’ll never be as successful as they are, see their success as evidence of abundance.


Remember that if someone in your field became that successful that you can do it, too!


It never works to get discouraged by other people’s success. Nor does it help to compare yourself to others. So don’t let either of these traps keep you stuck.


Be inspired by those who went before you. Focus on other people’s success as evidence of abundance. Then, once you’ve gotten to that point, focus on what you are doing. Stay in your lane, and start taking action to share YOUR unique Love Offer!


So there you have it! 3 simple ways to shift how you are holding the energy of selling, so you can start sharing your Love Offer with confidence. 


First, remember that it’s not selling, it’s sharing your Love Offer. (This alone will change everything for you!)


Second, it’s not an expense, it’s an investment–and the transformation is in the transaction.


Third, stop comparing yourself to others who came before you. See their success as evidence of abundance, then get back in your lane and do what YOU do best!


Make these 3 simple shifts and watch how much easier it becomes to ask for the sale!


Now, tell me–which one of these three shifts resonated with you the most? Leave me a comment, and share your biggest insights and a-has.


Can’t wait to hear from you!



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