So today it seemed like it was gonna be a typical Wisdom Wednesday. I had everything prepared for you and I was gonna go on for my Wisdom Wednesday Facebook live and make a big announcement (that I was very excited about!).

And THEN…..something very interesting happened. Something very interesting AND very unexpected happened. And just like that I had a BIG change of plans…

What did I do? I decided to just go with the flow and take the opportunity to share what appened. Because this Wednesday I was reminded that the Universe really does have a sense of humor…and a sense of purpose!

So here’s what happened….

Some of you may already know I’ve been creating the Sacred Crystal Codes , which is a dream project I’ve been working on for the last 3 years now. The Sacred Crystal Codes are a collection of oracle card decks that are very special and powerful, and I’ve been very excited to share them for quite a while. (Read all about them right here!)

And in order for this project–and the decks–to actually come alive, I needed a way to bring the cards into the world and into your hands. But how to do that, exactly?

I wanted to order just a certain number for the first edition–mainly so I didn’t have a large number of decks in my garage but also to make the first edition extra special. I was looking for a way to test the interest for the project as well as to not become overwhelmed with inventory.

And it was then that I learned that there was a way to do this by offering something called a Kickstarter campaign.

A Kickstarter campaign is a way to put your idea out into the world pretty quickly. It’s also a way to see if there will be enough people interested in joining you in your dream to make it worthwhile in doing.

So in order for a Kickstarter campaign to succeed, there is something called backers. Backers are a number of people who show interest and make pledges to support your project. In my case, backers would make pledges that said “I am going to support you in creating this deck.”

You get the number of backers and pledges you need, you set a minimum goal, and you’re good to go. Easy, right?

And the amazing thing about Kickstarter is that there is no risk–it’s completely risk free for everyone.

So my dream is to bring the Sacred Crystal Codes oracle deck to the world. And the Kickstarter campaign seemed to be the perfect way to get it started.

Of course, there are a few steps in order to have a successful campaign. I’d been putting in a lot of work into this dream project, and I wanted to make sure that the campaign would be successful. So I started looking into the timeline and everything that happens with a Kickstarter campaign.

I knew that needed to have this first deck produced before I went to Brazil so that I could bring the decks with me (I’ll talk about why a little later!). I also knew I was going to Brazil in August. So that meant that to be finished on time, I would have to start my Kickstarter campaign this week.

And I decided all of this last Friday!

So I was looking around to see how others were doing it on Kickstarter. Then I found this class on how to do a successful Kickstarter campaign, and I thought, okay, let’s do this class and see what happens. I had it all planned out now–I was gonna do this class this weekend, and then on Monday I can launch, and LET’S DO IT! (Miss Positive Patricia, right?)

And when I started with the class, the first thing I read was…. “Here’s how you do your Kickstarter campaign. 60 days before your campaign starts…..”

60 days? When I was gonna launch on Monday? Not gonna happen. (Not that way, anyway!)

I still had my plan, though. I prepared the video for the Kickstarter page. I got all the information for the campaign to launch up on the page, too. I just had to submit the campaign for approval.

Now, Kickstarter says that when you submit your campaign, it takes about 3 days for your campaign to be approved. And I was like, okay– I’m gonna send it today, it gets approved on Friday. So I’d just launch on Friday.

But in order for the campaign to be successful, on the first day that you launch, you have to have a lot of people backing you up. And I was like, no problem. I have until Friday! And by Friday I could let my tribe know about what I’m doing and get the first backers I need. No problem!

Basically, I thought I had 3 days to make all this happen. But Universe had other plans for me. What was that plan?

Kickstarter approved my campaign on WEDNESDAY. And it was already live.

Apparently, the plan of the Universe was to launch right away!

Just one small thing–I didn’t have any backers because nobody knew that the campaign actually started–and started 30 minutes ago!

What was I gonna do? I needed backers and I needed them FAST.

But somehow, after having a little freak-out, I started to feel that it was okay. And that the Universe’s sense of humor just kicked in, that’s all!

So what happened next? I started to shared the campaign.

And then….beautiful proof of the Universe’s intentions started to show up. Within one hour there were over 8 backers. And without me doing much, really. I did one share and then a few friends shared too.

And then there were 9 backers.

And I am so proud to say that the very next morning—the campaign was totally funded. Yes, we raised $3333 in less than 24 hours–and with no prior notice!

We had surpassed the goal–and we’re still going!

(And even better–Kickstarter rewards everyone who participates in the campaign with EVERY goal that you hit–I’ll tell you more about that in the next post!)

So the Universe knew what it was doing after all!

And here’s the thing: I know these Sacred Crystal Codes. I know these grids. They speak to you. They have their own life. And one of the ways to see their life and hear their message is to see what happened on Wednesday. It looked like a BIG booboo on my part, something that was totally unexpected and that I didn’t feel at all ready for.

But then I decided to have trust in what was happening. And I was like, “we’re gonna go with the flow.”

And it all worked out exactly the way that it needed to!

So what is my intention for you in sharing this story? My intention is that my message will inspire you. And I want to inspire you to simply go with the flow. And by that I mean this…

What if what happened to you in the past or what is happening to you right now–and maybe it’s something you’re resisting–is exactly what you need? What if it is exactly what the Universe wants for you?
So the biggest tip for you for today is to go with the flow. Where in your life are you not going with the flow? Sometimes we plan so much. Where in your life are you planning too much? Are you planning to do something when you feel you’re ready? Are you planning to do something when you learn, when you take that class, when this happens or that happens?

The thing is this: when you show up as who you are NOW–even when you don’t feel like it, even when you don’t feel you’re prepared–you are going to manifest. You’re going to make changes. You’re going to impact.

Just like in my case here. The Universe wanted this to happen NOW. Who am I to say “no, let’s not do the campaign now”? And you know what? The beautiful proof that everything happens exactly as it should showed up. In a fully-funded Kickstarter campaign in less than 24 hours.

Do it now. Be who you are NOW. Don’t wait ‘til tomorrow. And I really trust that this message is going to come to you when you need it.

And I would love to ask you–has this ever happened to you? Something came up that looked like a total booboo but instead wound up being exactly what you needed? I would love to hear your story in the comments below!

Patricia Missakian
Patricia Missakian

Patricia Missakian is an international Akashic Records Mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. She is the founder of the Akashic Records Institute, a school for spiritual development, where healers and coaches learn how to develop their intuition and decode the messages found in the Akashic Records. She has helped thousands of students discover their soul purpose and transform the lives of their clients through the Akashic Records. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Patricia brings together her colorful creativity, positive energy, and unquestionable mystical connection to everything that she does.


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