Help YOUR Clients to Find a Deeper Soul Purpose and add a New Revenue Stream to Your Coaching or Healing Business

Accessing the Akashic Records gives you on demand access to the causes of the habit patterns that keep your clients spinning their wheels...what would they pay someone who could solve this for them once and for all??
That someone could be you!

As a coach you are often limited by what people tell you BECAUSE you don’t have access to what they don’t tell you. You don’t have access to their past, to the memories they have buried that are stopping them from achieving in their lives.

When you learn to read your clients Akashic Records you now have access to a deeper level of memories that is keeping your clients stuck in patterns and preventing them from moving forward so you can have the real impact that you want in their lives.

As a healer you only have access to what their body is telling you BUT you don’t have access to the REAL root cause that is stored at the DNA level; their cellular memory. When you learn to access your clients Akashic Records you are able tap the source cause of their present problem. You will also know how to free your client from this root cause.

Over 150 coaches, healers, designers, feng shui practitioners and other professionals have gone through the Akashic Records Certification Program.

They added a new revenue stream to their business, while helping their clients to achieve a greater level of clarity, purpose and healing than ever before!

There is such a wealth of information in the Akashic Records available for you to use, that is why I was guided to create The Akashic Records Institute.

Most of the students that attend the Akashic Records Certification Program pay themselves back the investment for the program before they even complete the program…I want the same for you! Plus, I want you to be able to deliver a work that is more powerful than others in your field because you now have the ability to connect at the deep soul level.

The Akashic Records Certification Program will help you discover how to:

• Trust your intuition and gut feelings

• Differentiate yourself from other coaches and healers

• Add a new revenue stream to your business

• Help your clients create successful, lucrative businesses

• Feel confident facilitating  your client's transformation


Akashic Records Institute Certification Program

Establishing An Intimate Connection With Your Akashic Records

(Part 1 is what you received on Soul Purpose) The first step to being a confident Akashic Records Practitioner is to develop a deep connection with your own Records, a working relationship with your guides and trust in your ability to understand the wisdom found in the Records.

When you learn to decode and trust the messages from the Records as you access and work in your own you will feel secure and confident that you will be able to provide deep transformational work for your clients. Training you to work at this level in the Records is one of the hallmarks of the Akashic Records Institute.

You will discover your natural intuitive gift and how to develop it further. Experience receiving and decoding messages from your Records. This process will also strengthen your connecting with your Higher Self.

Serving Clients At A Deeper Level By Accessing Their Akashic Records

In this part you will learn to give readings of another’s Akashic Records. Unlocking self-sabotaging behaviors in your client’s life so they reclaim their power and make better choices enabling them to flourish in all areas of their lives.

Although similar to accessing and working in your personal Records, working with a client adds their energy to the process and you will learn to avoid mixing your energies eliminating the concern that you are simply sharing your own thoughts rather than what the Record’s wisdom. This form of self-doubt can sabotage all your efforts, but you will avoid this from the very beginning, because you will know how to energetically prepare yourself and your environment so that you can do this deep energy work without depleting your own energy.

You will then be introduced to specific techniques to use with various situations. You will practice and be able to confidently use Timelines, access Past Life Wisdom, with Integration and Gift Retrieval. Your support for your clients will include various tools and techniques provided to you in the program. By the mid point of the course, you will be taking paying clients as a Practitioner-In-Training and will be growing your Akashic Records Practice.

Offering Akashic Records Prosperity Reading Packages

This portion of the program is very unique. Here we train you to offer programs versus single sessions. This will encourage client retention as it adds an additional income stream to your business.

You’ll learn to help your client understand what is keeping them from having the income they desire and to attract more money. You will train them to give money the attention it must have in order to grow. (And as you practice this process YOUR relationship will be transformed as well!)

In this 3 module program you will cover:
• Create new beliefs to invite money into your life
• Create more prosperity for yourself and your clients
• Welcome a healthy income stream into your life
• Attract more paying clients in your business
• Support you and your clients to market their businesses

*If money conversations is not part of your expertice, this program is adaptable to use in any niche.

Creating Your Business For Success

Another exclusive to this Akashic Records Institute course is business training. First, you will learn to access your business’ Akashic Records so you will ALWAYS be able to know your next best step.

Business Success Training covers how to set up your pricing and offer your new services; integrating Akashic Records into your current business; plus, marketing your Akashic Records offerings and attracting clients.

You will then learn to access the Akashic Records of your client’s business. This is a powerful session that is a natural follow-up to the Prosperity Transformation.

Unleash Your Gifts and Live Your Purpose

In the first 3 modules, I support you in accessing your Akashic Records for yourself.
These modules of the Akashic Records Institute is all about you. You will learn to access your own Akashic Records, discover the gifts you need to express so you can live your life with purpose.

 Module 1 -  The Basics

Do’s and Don’ts when working in your Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records

Who are the Keepers of your Akashic Records

How your Akashic Records Guides help you understand the information contained in your Records

Protecting yourself energetically as you work in your Records

Strengthening your Intuition and Connecting with your Higher Self

Clear Beliefs and Blocks To Accessing Your Intuition and Higher Self

Module 2 - Your Records

Setting a powerful Intention to access your Records

Requesting permission to enter your Records

Four Elements Alignment to align you with accessing your Records

Entering your Akashic Records

Meet your guides

Receive a Blessing and a Gift from your Akashic Records Guides


5 Senses Attunement

Module 3 - Learning from a younger you

Go to your Records and meet your Inner Child

Retrieval of a long suppressed gift/talent

Dolphin Healing Journey


Letting Go of the Webs of the Past

 Module 4 - Creativity

Bringing your Akashic Records to you

Using the records to connect with your creativity

Using Art as a connector


Fully Expressing Your Creativity

Module 5 - Records Automatic Writing

Writing and your Akashic Records

Using your records to connect with your wisdom

Use automatic writing as a connector


Reconnecting To Your Lost Wisdom

Reading the Akashic Records of your clients akashic-records-certification-program1

Past Life Wisdom

Module 6 - Clients Records

Protection n how to give Consultations

QnA Session and Attunement:

Giving Consultations With Confidence

Module 7 - Clients Records

Past Life in this lifetime (Layers, Patterns) Freedom through Forgiveness Exercise

QnA Session and Attunement:

Giving Consultations With Confidence - Forgiveness and Clearing Pain From Memories

Module 8 - Clients Records

Past Lives with Timeline and Ho’Oponopono

QnA and Attunement:

Giving Consultations With Confidence - Working with Past Lives and A Deeper Level of Forgiveness

 Module 9 - Clients Records

Agreements/Contracts Gift Retrieval

QnA Session and Attunement:

Giving Consultations With Confidence - Clearing Agreements/Contacts and Gift Retrieval


Creating Your Business For Success

Module 10:

Access the records of your Business

Connect with the energy of your business to determine what it needs most

Connect with your clients on an energetic level

Uncover blocks to your business prosperity

Identify blind spots that you as the business’ CEO need to be aware of


Being The CEO of Your Business

Module 11:

Pricing and Packaging Your Services

Integrating Akashic Records into your current business

Using your Business’s Akashic Records to build your business


Activating your Heart of Torus for Manifesting Clients - Part 1

Module 12:

Marketing and Working with Clients


Activating YOUR Heart of Torus for Manifesting Clients - Part 2


Prosperity Transformations™

Module 13:


QnA Session and Attunement:

Your Money Legacy

Module 14:


QnA Session and Attunement:

Your Money Story

Module 15:

MONEY = LOVE Creating an intimate relationship with Actions:

Money Fung shui; Action Templates, Debt Reduction Game

QnA Session and Attunement:

Your Relationship with Money

Module 16:

Working In Your Client’s Business Akashic Records

QnA Session and Attunement:

Giving Consultations With Confidence - Powerful Prosperity Transformations

Tamara Karawejczyk

I discovered the Records last year and registered for the certification program. I added this work to my coaching and saw that opening the Records while coaching made all the difference, as I am now able to understand issues that the mental process does not explain.
My results with this work are as follows: more than 140 consultations so far, PLUS created four programs for customers, launched a blog in November 2015 (the result of tips from my business’ Records) and have had almost 3000 hits. The return on investment is already four times what I invested.

Tamara Karawejczyk
Alessandra França

"I heard the call to work with the records having no idea of what they were all about - It has transformed my life from beginning to end .. and the results I experienced by including akashic records in my coaching sessions were more than 100 clients joining my signature program in less than 4 months.  My income has skyrocket... and the best of all.. during those 4 months my income equaled the total of the previous 12 months!

Alessandra França

Here’s a summary of what you’ll receive in this Certification

  • Lifetime Access to All training Materials

  • 12 Modules of Trainings

    Videos, Audios, Manuals and  Checklists

  • 16 LIVE Mentoring Group Calls

    During these calls, which are recorded, I work with either the group as a whole or with individual students as they access the Records.

  • Integration Activities & Weekly Buddy Practice

    Assignments to put into practice what you have learned as well as increase your confidence in your skills

  • 16 Energetic Akashic Clearings™ mp3

    MP3’s that attune your subtle energies to that week’s training and releasing any blocks that could hinder your progress.

  • Private Facebook Mastermind Community

  • BONUS: Feng Shui your Money 7 day e-course & Business Building Training Library

  • BONUS: VAULT of Laser Akashic Records Sessions

    Laser Akashic Records Sessions where I read former students records so you can see how I handled different aspects of a reading (with students permission, of course)


Investment $2456 (Soul Purpose + Practitioner)

Limited Time Offer:


Upgrade to Practitioner $1500:

Choose full pay and receive a 50 min Akashic Session


6 payments of $298

10 payments of $153

Rozlyn Warren

“When I combined the Akashic Records work to my coaching practice my clients saw such significant shifts they were thrilled to sign up for even more sessions than they had originally planned. I LOVE how this makes my my work so transformational!”

Rozlyn Warren
Sofia Nitchie

"Patricia's course gave me the practice to become confident reading the records for my own business. I quickly created what I call the Sacred Writing Challenge and launched it instantly drawing 60 people in to participate with me on facebook. I've now repeated the exact same program I downloaded three times with increasing success! Her business course helped me to become confident reading business records for others and it's a huge draw for clients to my business."

Sofia Nitchie
Caitriona Hicks

"This training has changed my life on so many levels, I have wanted to work in this area for a long time but didn't have the courage or confidence, the training has taken me to a new level, I have started a new business ,I have made some great friends &  I am more confident and happy!"

Caitriona Hicks
Nara Avelar

When I enrolled in the Akashic Records Certification Program, I never imagined I would be able to attract clients, because in my area no one had ever heard of the Records. Even before completing the program, paid clients were coming and, like magic, the opportunity arose to have my own room to make calls!
Now I understand that all this is happening because I gave myself permission to work with the gifts I could rediscover through my Records. I feel more motivated every day to follow this new path - ahh yes, now !!!

Nara Avelar

What makes this method of working with the Akashic Records unique?

My mission and passion is to teach you to tap into the Akashic Records so you too can share this transformational work with others through your sessions.

When started I teaching this new methodology to access the records to my students, I started seeing these real changes finally start to really take off.

But I also noticed some of my students gremlins and old beliefs sabotage their process. That’s when I was guided to create a technique combining my 20 plus years of working as a healer with my coaching practice, creating the Energetic Coaching™ Attunements as part of all my offerings to help my clients let go of these blockages.

This is a process, where I connect with my healing guides and help the clients to let go of what is holding them back energetically and creating the conflict or confusion. It’s a powerful way to support you in moving forward taking action and clearing blocks and self sabotages.


Upon completion of Akashic Records Personal Level and Practitioner Level , submission of a written test, and upon practice case studies of 9 clients, you are eligible to be a certified Akashic Records Master Practitioner.

You will receive: The Akashic Records Institute Practitioner Certificate, a link to your new Akashic Records business on our Akashic Records Institute website recognizing you as a certified practitioner, and a logo to use on your website to show you are certified.

By the end of the The Akashic Records Certification Program, you will have built a deeply personal and intuitive connection with your Akashic Records, allowing you to do readings for yourself as well as for others.