A Free 2-day Retreat for Experts, Influencers, Visionaries and Entrepreneurial Go-Getters with Audacious Goals 
Ready to Uplevel Their Business and Life

Experience Energetic Shifts to Uplevel Your 6 - 7 Figure Business



DAY 01 - SESSION 1 - What Got You Here Won't Get You To Your Audacious Goals

DAY 01 - SESSION 2 - Stepping Away From Self-Sabotaging Patterns

DAY 01 - SESSION 3 - Identifying The Beliefs Your Legacy Business Owner Knows That You Don't (Yet)

DAY 02 - SESSION 1 -  Building Unshakeable Confidence To Take You To The Next Level

DAY 02 - SESSION 2 - Upleveling Your Support

DAY 02 - SESSION 3 -  Take A Stand For Your Legacy


During this 2-Day Retreat, with live trainings daily in our private Facebook group, you will have access to:

-Personal support from Patricia's Team

-Opportunities to win daily prize as you fully participate in the Retreat

-Be part of an exclusive community of people all eager to expand their personal and professional lives

-Receive exclusive Energetic Healings and Akashic Downloads from Patricia


Patricia Missakian is an Energetic Business Strategist for online entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their profitable Spiritually Led Legacy Business.

She is Founder and CEO of the Akashic Records Institute, an international school for spiritual development where she has guided well over 5000 students all across the globe to develop their intuition, discover their soul purpose and transform their lives. 

She is a weekly featured expert on Numerology.com and a popular summit, seminar and podcast guest.

She is also an author and oracle deck creator and committed to ongoing philanthropic work and partners with the 10 Trees Movement, which plants 10 trees for each oracle deck sold.

Her oracles are: Akashic Realm Messengers Oracle Deck, Sacred Crystal Codes™ Oracle Deck and Sacred Crystal Codes™ Divination Book.

Her MISSION is to awaken and empower people to live their soul purpose.

Her GOAL is to empower people to understand that their gifts are meant to be shared with the world. Once they break free from old contracts that are stopping them they are inspired to take action and bring their gifts to those who need them. She holds every client as able to make anything possible, even when they don't believe that themselves yet.


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