I am so honored you are ready to step into your soul purpose and take action to really manifest your desires into reality. I’ve been working with Healing and Akashic Records for over 14 years, and helped thousands of people with many areas of their lives, including:

Intuitive Business Coaching – What is the best action to generate profit and growth?
Marketing – What is the marketing plan in alignment with your Brand.
Life purpose – What are you here to share with the world?
Relationships – How can you improve a relationship?
Releasing blockages, addictions and conflicts –
Health issues – What is the real reason for the illness? Grief Healing, cutting cords.


How does the Akashic Records Consultation Package works?

You will receive a 1 hour session with me plus 2 (1 hour) Group sessions (Energetic Coaching Sessions) All sessions are delivered over phone or Skype.

#1- Once you purchase the package, you will receive the link to participate in the next group session where I tune into the Records for the group to release negative beliefs, and any feeling that are blocking you to manifest. This is a powerful healing and energizing session, held live three times a month with a recording available to members.

#2 – After you receive the Healing in Group, We will meet for your private session with me

#3 – In the following week you participate in the group healing session to let go of the next layer of beliefs and feelings to be released.

The Investment for this introductory package is $555, because you were referred by yelp you receive $222 off (Please know this offer will expire very soon, make sure to purchase your session before it goes away.)

Click here to make the payment, once I receive it, I will email you with more details:

So looking forward to work with you!
In Gratitude,