Find the missing ingredient and Combine
the practical side with the energetic side of money!

  • You will understand the 6 major areas where clutter with money tends to accumulate in your financial life and how to bring the power of Feng Shui your money to clear the clutter for good!
  • Stop wasting money and draining your bank account with simple strategies to prevent unnecessary losses (and finally start saving.)
  • Create a solid base for growth and clear the way forward to true prosperity
  • Discover powerful money-making habits that create sustainable financial well-being
  • Uncover the hidden money leaks in your bank account and stop them for good
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Meet Your Guide

Patricia Missakian is the Founder and CEO of the Akashic Records Institute, an international school for spiritual development, an author, and an oracle deck creator.

She has guided well over 5,000 students all across the globe to develop their intuition, discover their soul purpose, and transform their lives.

Her MISSION is to awaken and empower you to live your soul purpose and to understand that your gifts are meant to be shared with the world.

Once you break free from old contracts that are stopping you, you will be inspired to take action and bring your gifts to those who need them.