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Accessing Your Soul's Wisdom

Welcome to the Akashic Records Institute, where we offer a unique approach to accessing the akashic records for yourself. We also train Certified Akashic Records Practitioners and offer a certification program in Energy Healing which includes training in facilitating Energetic Coaching™ Sessions.

The Akashic Records is a bridge from who you think you are to who you are meant to be. The Akashic Records contain the wisdom of our soul. They are a database of all your thoughts, experiences and lessons throughout all lifetimes. The Records contain your past, present and the possibilities for your future.

I’ll help you acess your records so you can discover your true purpose, passion and the life you are meant to live. You will no longer be left stuck or wondering whether you are in right track and will know what to do.

There is nothing worse than feeling like you are here for a specific reason but not knowing what that reason is. After watching so many people living their entire lives withought discovering their purpose. I’ve decided to create the Akashic Records Institute to help people discover what they are meant to be doing once for all.

I look forward to helping you find your soul purpose.

To your adventure,

Patricia Missakian

Sacred Crystal Codes

Remembering Your Truth and Wisdom Through The Code Activations Of The Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid

They were not only beautiful, but powerful gateways to align one with the vibration needed at the time to create alignment to their soul purpose and to their service to the world at this time. Teaching us how to be both individuals and integral parts of the cosmic design and helping us to maintain our connection with our spiritual source while in a physical body.

Caitriona Hicks

"This training has changed my life on so many levels, I have wanted to work in this area for a long time but didn't have the courage or confidence, the training has taken me to a new level, I have started a new business ,I have made some great friends &  I am more confident and happy!"

Caitriona Hicks
Sofia Nichie

"Patricia's course gave me the practice to become confident reading the records for my own business. I quickly created what I call the Sacred Writing Challenge and launched it instantly drawing 60 people in to participate with me on facebook. I've now repeated the exact same program I downloaded three times with increasing success! Her business course helped me to become confident reading business records for others and it's a huge draw for clients to my business."

Sofia Nichie
Rozlyn Warren

"When I combined the Akashic Records work to my coaching practice my clients saw such significant shifts they were thrilled to sign up for even more sessions than they had originally planned. I LOVE how this makes my my work so transformational!”

Rozlyn Warren
Alessandra França

"I heard the call to work with the records having no idea of what they were all about - It has transformed my life from beginning to end .. and the results I experienced by including akashic records in my coaching sessions were more than 100 clients joining my signature program in less than 4 months.  My income has skyrocket... and the best of all.. during those 4 months my income equaled the total of the previous 12 months!"

Alessandra França

Unlock Your Intuition in 7 Minutes a Day

 What if you could?

• Learn to listen to your body’s messages
• Clear your energy system of blocks, beliefs and emotions that are holding you back
• Sharpen your intuitive abilities