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Awaken Your Power Of Creation

Are you ready to truly live the life of your dreams? You’re in the right place! 

There is a power inside you just waiting to be released. It has always been with you, and you can access it anytime. You can use this power to heal your past, discover your Soul Purpose, and truly make your dreams come true!
Through the power of the Akashic Records, Patricia will guide you to tap into this power so you can release limiting beliefs, let go of blocks to your happiness, and start living your Soul Purpose.
Are you ready to embrace your power and FINALLY step into the person you’ve always wanted to be? Join Patricia and start creating the life you’ve always wanted. It’s all waiting for you inside the pages of Awaken Your Power of Creation!

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As a child, Patricia Missakian knew there was more to life than meets the eye. She grew up in Brazil a sensitive child with special gifts of intuition. But for years, she struggled to connect with her personal power.
It wasn’t until she hit rock bottom in her early 20s that she received knowledge of the Akashic Records. She discovered that the Akashic Records hold the power to help you heal your past, embrace your present, and create the future you desire. This is how she created her signature process, Soul Matrix Method.
Patricia has used the Akashic Records and the Soul Matrix Method to help tens of thousands of clients and students worldwide to awaken their power of creation. Now, in this brand new book, she shares her personal story, incredible client success stories, and how you can use the same methods to create your dream life!

Akashic Realm Messengers™

Course & Oracle  

The Akashic Realm holds the collective Records for all humanity; there are 44 Messengers here who support humanity in the transition into 5th dimension consciousness. 

The Records held by the dimension of the Akashic Realm goes beyond what anyone can access by visiting their or another’s personal Akashic Records. 

This oracle is a gateway of direct access to the Akashic Realm Messengers: Guides, Guardians and Teachers from the Akashic Realm who stand ready to support you on your path on this earth.

Learn to use the wisdom of the Akashic Realm Messengers™ in our acclaimed training, Luminosity. You will receive your personal deck of Akashic Realm Messenger™ Oracle Deck. 

In Luminosity course you will learn to not only read the cards for yourself but also how to ethically read them for others.

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“The Luminosity course is a work of art! The same elegance that we find in the messages from the Akashic Realm Messengers™ is present in this course.

The explanatory videos bring clarity about how to connect and communicate with the Akashic Realm. It provides the teachings for safe and enjoyable work in reading the oracle.

In addition the in-depth healing sessions and Akashic Downloads this course connects you with each Messenger. The oracle is a portal to the 5th dimension and helps us access the broader perceptions of consciousness; this connection is aided by the Luminosity course.

More and more Patricia amazes me with the love and divine beauty of each product and course she creates. They are thoughtfully designed to awaken our evolution. I am very grateful for this opportunity to bring this oracle into my life.”


Sacred Crystal Codes

These crystal grids hold the codes, power, vibration, and messages of each crystal as it comes together with the Sacred Geometry grid allowing you to receive the ancient messages and codes of each crystal to awaken your truth and receive the downloads available to your soul path.

This oracle comes in both a card deck and a divination book. Many people love to use both.

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“I use the Sacred Crystal Codes Oracle Deck for readings on my Page. The feedback I get on the beautiful grids and messages is great. I always look forward to the reading because the cards always bring messages that are so powerful and perfect for whatever energies we’re going through at the time.

Several people have asked me how they can get their own deck. I love the size and format of the cards as well. Thank you for creating these awesome cards, Patricia!”

France Mouton Heady 

Meet Your Guide

Patricia Missakian is a coach, mentor, author, and speaker. She is the founder of the Akashic Records Institute and the creator of the Soul Matrix Method. For over 20 years, Patricia has helped tens of thousands of clients and students worldwide to access their Akashic Records and make radical life changes.
She is committed to sharing the power of the Akashic Records with the world, helping people tap into their personal power so they can live their purpose and create their dream life.
Patricia lives in Brazil with her husband, children, and two adorable puppies, living her purpose and creating her dream life every day.