Your Wealth Has Been Written In Your Akashic Records!

What if I could show you that everything you believe about money is what keeps you from living an abundant life?

Claim your Abundance NOW

Learn to Journal with your Akashic Records to develop your Abundant Mindset. You are meant to live abundantly! In just 8 sessions I powerfully lead you to clean up your money beliefs, write your brand new money story downloaded directly from your Akashic Records, so you can step fully into a life of abundance.

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What you have been taught about money is what is holding you back.

That’s a bold statement... I know. But I proved this to be true in my own life.

My childhood has been very 'wealthy' on one side and very poor on the other. You can imagine the mixed messages I grew up with around money and my confusion about whether I was supposed to live in abundance or lack.

I’ve spent years sorting through all of this to come to the conclusion that I meant to be abundant so I could live my purpose to inspire others to do the same and it was up to me to choose my destiny.

In this 8 session program, I am going to introduce you to a powerful Akashic Records technique that allows you to tap into pure consciousness and communicate directly with your soul.

An abundant life means owning all that you are and stepping into your powerful self to live an amazing lifestyle, have loving relationships, good health, plenty of money, and business success.

When you listen to your pure consciousness, everything becomes easier.

The time between having a desire and it manifesting in your life... is significantly shortened.

You live in a state of alignment and synchronicity.

When You Access this Program, You’re Going To:

  • Learn a powerful technique to access your own Akashic Records;
  • Develop a powerful connection with your pure consciousness;
  • Step powerfully into the energy of being Abundance;
  • Journal from this place of power;
  • Free yourself from money myths;
  • And so much more!

Claim Your Abundance Now!

Here is what's Included in the Powerful Program:

Learn to journal with your Akashic Record guides and discover the truth of your soul. You are meant to be Abundant! In just 8 sessions, I powerfully lead you to clean up your money beliefs, write your brand new money story downloaded directly from your Akashic Records, so you can step fully into your Abundant life.

Join Now For Only $37

Don't Just Take My Word for It...

Here's what some of our students have to say...

I always knew I wanted to help others, heal them in some way, but never knew how. With Patricia and the training via the Akashic Records Institute I learned how to connect with my Higher self, how to open my records and those of my clients, and how to access the knowledge to heal and help myself and others. I have received amazing feedback from my clients and it just fulfills my soul to know I can help them live a better life by the information I access through the Akashic Records.

Pooja Mahtani


Because of my studies with Patricia in the Akashic Records I feel safer showing up to the world, relationships flow better, opportunities arise. More and more I look at money as an always available resource, a partner on the journey. Opening to real prosperity in all areas of life: that was the big change.

Wilma Lima


Through Patricia’s courses, it suddenly came back! That inner voice, the guidance and intuition that I had experienced before, when life was good and that had been lost and forgotten when things weren’t going well. I learned techniques to stay connected to my intuition, by working with my Akashic Records and for being in alignment with my own inner wisdom. Thanks to what I’ve learned, my intuition has become a consciously accessible and strategic tool and this is life-changing!

Andrea Daumas


Inside the Program You Will Receive: 

  • 8 powerful Sessions to Claim your Abundant Life NOW (Valued at $497);
  • Akashic Resonance Abundance Download (Valued at $97);
  • Abundant Journal (Valued at $97);
  • Bonus: Akashic Downloads mp3’s (Valued at $97);
  • Bonus: Prosperity Akashic Clearing Session (Valued at $97);
  • Bonus: Lifetime Access Membership Site (Valued at $97);

Total Value = $982

Join Now For Only $37

Again... Don't Just Take My Word for It...

Here's what some of our students have to say...

I was very attuned to the work of the Akashic Records work that helped me to liberate many beliefs and memories. Gratitude to the Akashic Records Institute and to Patrícia Missakian.

Ester Sakamoto


I was a person who, no matter how much I made a month, was always in debt! Even with good jobs, high salaries, etc., my financial life repeated disastrous patterns over the years. Today, my finances are much healthier, I still have a long way to go, but I understand that prosperity is already beginning to be palpable the moment we believe in it - and now, thanks to Patricia's work, I do.

Felipe Carotta


With the Akashic Records I learned how to flow in life. It increased my perception, my confidence in life and, above all, seeing beyond the horizon. I am grateful for everything I learned from Patricia!

Ana Guimarães


Meet Patricia

Patricia Missakian is an Energetic Business Strategist, and Founder and CEO of the Akashic Records Institute, an international school for spiritual development where she has guided well over 5000 students all across the globe to develop their intuition, discover their soul purpose and transform their lives.

She works with experts, influencers, visionaries and entrepreneurial go-getters who are ready to scale their profitable Spiritually Led Legacy Business in the Legacy Accelerator and Uplevel Program.

She is a weekly featured expert on and a popular summit, seminar and podcast guest. She is also an author and oracle deck creator and is committed to ongoing philanthropic work and partners with the 10 Trees Movement, which plants 10 trees for each oracle deck sold.

Her MISSION is to awaken and empower people to live their soul purpose. Her GOAL is to empower people to understand that their gifts are meant to be shared with the world. Once they break free from old contracts that are stopping them they are inspired to take action and bring their gifts to those who need them.

She holds every client as able to make anything possible, even when they don’t believe that themselves yet.

Studying the Akashic Records has helped me to open closed boxes and release things that don't suit me anymore. It’s amazing how with each step we take we see more LIGHT! I am passionate about the technique, as it was a blessing for me, Gratitude to Patricia and to the team of the Institute!

Josi Ferreri


My sensitivity has increased very intensely. I am another person, empowered, happy, safe, and I trust in what I feel. The training has opened up a range of opportunities, both to work in Brazil and abroad. I am confident and strong. I’m grateful to Patricia Missakian and all her team...Wonderful women!!!

Mara Rodrigues


My connection with my Akashic Records Guides has increased and my boundaries for my life and my work has improved a lot. This work contributes to my personal and professional growth, which contributes to the development of my clients. Gratitude Patricia for this wonderful work!

Claudete Silva


DISCLAIMER: Energy Healing and Akashic Records Consultations are not to take the place of necessary medical, psychological, legal, tax, accounting, or financial advice, and the information provided to you is not intended as such. Refer all medical, psychological, legal, tax, accounting and financially related inquiries to the appropriate professional. Energy Healing and Akashic Records Consultations are intended to reconnect you to your natural source of personal power, to facilitate your spiritual, physical, psychological and emotional well-being.