You have access to so much more than you can realize in your Akashic Records!


When you accept my invitation, you will embark on a powerful journey,
developing your intuitive gifts, healing old wounds that are connected
to your memories and learn different ways to connect
and explore your personal Akashic Records.


The Akashic Records is like a huge database containing all the records of everything lived by your soul. All experiences, good or bad, are recorded in the Akashic Records of your soul.

This is where to access key information that can make or break your ability to live a purposeful life. When you have a memory, that memory has attached to it the “lessons” from that experience, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. These lessons, if not understood and applied, can cause you to doubt and sabotage your present situation.

It makes me mad when I see a beautiful, talented, wickedly smart person, like you, floundering around when the answer to your problem is as close as your own wisdom; if you only knew how to easily access it. THIS is within my power to give you.

THIS is why I created the Akashic Awakening, A Journey To Reconnect To The Wisdom Of Your Soul Through The Akashic Records.

During this journey you will connect with your Soul at a deep level and explore all the wisdom and gifts available in the Akashic Records waiting to be discovered by you. You will be trained to access your soul’s accumulated wisdom as you develop your intuition and receive deep healing as you release blocks that keep you stuck in your life today.

Here's What is Included in This Life Changing Course:

When you join, you will gain instant access to our training area. Each lesson is supported by an Akashic Clearing session to help remove layers of limiting beliefs as you go deeper and deeper into your Akashic Records.

The following modules will go in depth as you progress through the course:


Discover how to open up your intuitive channels and Strengthen your intuition and connection with your Higher Self.

Channeled Akashic Clearing Session:

Clear Blocks To Accessing Your Intuition (with Sacred Crystal Codesᵀᴹ Grid: Higher Self)


Learn to access your Akashic Records and Practice to better understand messages contained in your Records.

Channeled Akashic Clearing Session:

Clear Beliefs To Accessing The Records (with Sacred Crystal Codesᵀᴹ Grid: Awaken)


Inner Child Reconnection, Retrieval of a long-suppressed gift or talent and Dolphin Healing Journey.

Channeled Akashic Clearing Session:

Clear Webs from the Past (with Sacred Crystal Codesᵀᴹ Grid: Acceptance)


Connect to your soul through creativity and Learn a unique way to work with the Akashic Records and creativity.

Channeled Akashic Clearing Session:

Fully Expressing Your Creativity (with Sacred Crystal Codesᵀᴹ Grid: Infinite Possibilities)


Connect to your soul through writing and Work with your Records to connect with the wisdom gathered in past lives.

Channeled Akashic Clearing Session:

Reconnecting With Your Wisdom (with Sacred Crystal Codesᵀᴹ Grid: Communication)


A few years ago, I hit a plateau in my life and business. My soul was calling me to expand but I couldn’t see the way forward with enough clarity to make the changes needed. I had mastered using the Akashic Records to assist my private clients and realized it was time to do the same work for myself.

What I found interesting was that my training in the Akashic Records had focused solely on reading the Records for others and transitioning to reading my own Records was really difficult.

After I mastered reading my own Records and opened the door to my future as the founder of the Akashic Records Institute I knew I had to teach reading your personal Records before teaching how to read the Records for others.

It just makes sense, right?While I knew I was meant to teach others to access the Akashic Records, I had no real idea what the most effective and efficient method looked like.  So I continued to connect with my own Records and explore their different facets. Part of this exploration led me to a deep connection with my inner child, not only from this lifetime but from other lifetimes as well. Then I explored the different relationships in my life and began to understand why I had called them into my life.It was the most amazingly powerful, authentic experience to show up and hear my soul. From this connection and exploration I received the method I would use to guide students to connect to their souls through their Akashic Records. I knew I had opened myself to my Soul Purpose.

It was the most amazingly powerful, authentic experience to show up and hear my soul. From this connection and exploration I received the method I would use to guide students to connect to their souls through their Akashic Records. I knew I had opened myself to my Soul Purpose.

Since stepping into my Soul Purpose, founding the Akashic Records Institute and teaching thousands of students this technique to reconnect to their soul, work in their Akashic Records and change their lives I realized that all these students had one thing in common; their desire to build a business using the Akashic Records work taught in the Institute because this was my focus. This vibrant program is still available but I realized there are many people who desire to work with their Records at a personal level and are not now and may never desire a business as a Practitioner.

I am thrilled to invite you to the transformational work of the Akashic Awakening, A Journey To Reconnect To The Wisdom Of Your Soul Through The Akashic Records. Whether you ever advance to read for others or not...having the wisdom and power of the Records available to you at any time will enhance your life in so many ways.

Your power to manifest and connect to your personal power, creating the life you love...healing those deep inner wounds that keep you going around in circles instead of fulfilling your destiny. This is all available to you!

After you complete the preparatory energy work and experience opening and working in your Akashic Records and the other energy tools you will be energetically prepared to explore the Immersion Connection where you will meet and heal your Inner Child.

During this 3 hour Immersion you will journey and connect with your Inner Child bringing healing to this precious part of yourself and the memories that are connected to the Child.

You will experience an Akashic Clearing to release from your cellular and energetic memory any remnants from all the work you have done during your preparation and the healing with your Child.

Plan to set aside this precious time for a deeply healing experience that is The Immersion Connection! 

What makes this training so unique:

Unlike life coaching and personal development that just scratches the surface of who you are and what
you're here to do, the Akashic Records techniques we teach go deeper to the soul level.

And unlike other spiritual modalities and Akashic Records trainings that tune in to your spirit's desire
but leaves you struggling in the real world, the Akashic Records Institute will help train you to take what you are learning from your Records and create a set of daily practices and a way of life that will allow you
to be both successful and fulfilled in the here and now.


5 Hacks To Create A Meaningful Life


When you complete the 5 modules included in the Akashic Awakening, you will then receive 5 bonus hacks that will help you build your identity, focus and connection to a more meaningful presence in your life.


Discover the unconscious agreements you created that are blocking you and eliminate them.


Pause the monkey mind chatter that is driving you crazy
and immerse yourself in the present moment.


Learn how to focus 100% of your energy and intelligence
and be truly unlimited and successful.


Free yourself from the feelings of guilt and unworthiness
that cause resistance to having what you desire.


Zap your inner dialogue bringing your thoughts
into harmony with full abundance.

Special Bonus Included:


The Top Five Tips for Remembering and Journaling Your Dreams With Bambi Corso

Would you like to wake up in the mornings with answers to your most pressing questions? Would you like more clarity and understanding about how to live with authenticity and purpose? Each night your dreams are providing valuable guidance designed just for you. However, if you are not remembering them or writing them down, you may be missing out on this wellspring of information. Using these simple and effective tips, you can start developing the skills needed to strengthen your dream recall as well as learn the best ways to journal your dreams so you never miss a dream’s message again.