Your mission ... if you choose to accept it … is to join
a journey that will transform your life and allow you
to give powerful sessions for your clients!


Welcome! It Is truly an honor that you found your way here to the Akashic Records Institute.

I am proud to share that we have the most in depth and comprehensive Akashic Records Certification training offered in the world.

It is specifically designed for those who want to serve their clients at the highest capacity.  Who want the work they do to change their clients lives!

The Akashic Records Institute's stand is to certify students that are fully trained and confident in their abilities so they make a real difference in people's lives through their sessions. 

The methodology we use at the Institute takes you on a deep dive into your own soul mission and purpose to access your gifts so you can be of service to empower and transform the lives of the people you touch through your sessions.

Help YOUR Clients Heal at a Deep Soul Level While You Add a New Revenue Stream To Your Coaching or Healing Business

Most of the students that attend the Akashic Records Practitioner Program pay themselves back the investment for the program before they even complete the program…I want the same for you!

Plus, I want you to be able to deliver a work that is more powerful than others in your field because you now have the ability to connect at the deep soul level.

You have access to so much more than you realize! 
I Will Show You How To Connect to Your Inner Wisdom.

When you accept my invitation, you will embark on a powerful journey, developing your intuitive gifts,
healing old wounds that are connected 
to your memories and learn different ways
to connect and explore your personal Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is like a huge database containing all the records of everything lived by your soul. All experiences, good or bad, are recorded in the Akashic Records of your soul.

You are able to access key information that can make or break your ability to live a purposeful life. When you have a memory, that memory has attached to it the “lessons” from that experience, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. These lessons, if not understood and applied, can cause you to doubt and sabotage your present situation.

It makes me so mad when I see a beautiful, talented, wickedly smart person, like you, floundering around when the answer to your problem is as close as your own wisdom; if you only knew how to easily access it. THIS is within my power to give you.

THIS is why I created the Akashic Awakening, A Journey To Reconnect To The Wisdom Of Your Soul Through The Akashic Records.

During this journey you will connect with your Soul at a deep level and explore all the wisdom and gifts available in the Akashic Records waiting to be discovered by you. 

You will be trained to access your soul’s accumulated wisdom as you develop your intuition and receive deep healing as you release blocks that keep you stuck in your life today.

There Is a Wealth of Information
In the Akashic Records Available to You!


As a coach you are often limited by what people tell you BECAUSE you don’t have access to what they don’t tell you. You don’t have access to their past, to the memories they have buried that are stopping them from achieving in their lives.

When you learn to read your clients Akashic Records you now have access to a deeper level of memories that is keeping your clients stuck in patterns and preventing them from moving forward so you can have the real impact that you want in their lives.

As a healer you only have access to what their body is telling you BUT you don’t have access to the REAL root cause that is stored at the DNA level; their cellular memory. When you learn to access your clients Akashic Records you are able tap the source cause of their present problem. You will also know how to free your client from this root cause.

Accessing the Akashic Records through the Soul Matrix Method gives you on demand access to the causes of the habit patterns that keep your clients spinning their wheels...what would they pay someone who could solve this for them once and for all?? That someone could be you!

"I think is not only one thing, is the whole course!!! The Akashic Clearing sessions made a big impact, you can really feel the energy and the vibration. I think the biggest impact is knowing that I can access my records. The fact that I can move past blocks, work with the akashic records daily including creative endeavors is priceless! This will help me immensely in all areas of my life, moving me forward and understanding me better."

Marta Vargas

A Journey of Awakening and Re-Connection to the Wisdom of your Soul

Our certification program begins with self healing. As you develop your skills and practice working in the Records, you are also working on yourself. I have had students that through this program were able to save their marriage, heal self sabotage thoughts and become more confident.

Of course, they also improved their abundance mindset and made more money as they unblocked the flow of money and naturally started attracting more clients, synchronicity and opportunities into their lives.


Module 1 - Developing Your Intuition
Module 2 - Accessing Your Akashic Records
Module 3 - Inner Child Freedom Technique
Module 4 - Creativity and the Records
Module 5 - Automatic Writing with the Records
Module 6 - Reading the Akashic Records For Clients
Module 7 - Timeline Akashic Records Technique
Module 8 - Gift Retrieval Akashic Records Technique
Module 9 - Developing Your Practice Using Case Studies
Module 10 - Client Attraction
Module 11 - Promoting Your Services
Module 12 - Certification and Graduation


Rosangela Araujo

"If I were recording a video I would be crying when I talked about Patricia, because she helped me a lot with this course to rediscover myself as a person. This program was a watershed in my life, after the course I began to look at me differently, without fear of taking the steps to change. I had the courage to express myself and put my idea into practice without fear of criticism. Now I feel powerful, wanting to grow and value myself. I feel worthy and I have a certainty, that even moves me, to be able to conquer everything I want for the good of all! This feeling of being in harmony with my purpose of life is priceless. So if you feel that your moment has come, do not miss this wonderful opportunity, this is not a cost, but an investment in itself. Thank you, Patricia, with all my heart."

Live Hot Seat Sessions Included as part of the Practitioner Bronze.

When you begin your Akashic Records Practitioner Certification, Bronze Level, you will have access to bi-monthly Hot seat sessions with me during 3 months. 

As you begin reading the Records for others you will have support to answer all your questions. 

Loreen Musik

“his program completely changed my life because before this I truly did not know I was this powerful! I did not know that I was capable of holding space in this way for other people in order to help them release their energetic blocks. The incredible confidence I've gained in connecting more deeply with my intuition and trusting it at a level that I was unable to in the past is priceless.”




5 Hacks to Create a Meaningful Life

When you complete the 5 modules included in the Akashic Awakening, you will then receive 5 bonus hacks that will help you build your identity, focus and connection to a more meaningful presence in your life.

EGO BURST: Discover unconscious agreements you created that are blocking you and eliminate them.

MIND CLOCK: Pause the monkey mind chatter that is driving you crazy and immerse yourself in the present moment.

HYPER=CONNECTED: Learn how to focus 100% of your energy and intelligence and be truly unlimited and successful.

FREEDOM FORMULA: Free yourself from the feelings of guilt and unworthiness that cause resistance to having what you desire.

MIND VOLT: Zap your inner dialogue bringing your thoughts into harmony with full abundance.


Channeled Akashic Records Downloads

  1. Clear Blocks To Accessing Your Intuition
  2. Clear Beliefs To Accessing The Records
  3. Reconnecting With Your Wisdom
  4. Clear Webs from the Past
  5. Fully Expressing Your Creativity
Join the Next Akashic Certification Bronze!

Caitriona Hicks

"This training has changed my life on so many levels, I have wanted to work in this area for a long time but didn't have the courage or confidence, the training has taken me to a new level, I have started a new business ,I have made some great friends &  I am more confident and happy!"

Nara Avelar

"When I enrolled in the Akashic Records Certification Program, I never imagined I would be able to attract clients, because iI live in a remote area. Even before completing the program, paid clients were coming and, like magic!
Now I understand that all this is happening because I gave myself permission to work with the gifts I could rediscover through my Records. I feel more motivated every day to follow this new path now !!!"

What makes this method of working with the Records so unique?

When started I teaching this new methodology to access the records to my students, I started seeing these real changes finally start to really take off.

But I also noticed some of my students gremlins and old beliefs sabotage their process. That’s when I was guided to create a technique combining my 20 plus years of working as a healer with my coaching practice, creating the Akashic Clearings™  as part of all my offerings to help my clients let go of these blockages.

This is a process, where I connect with my healing guides and help the clients to let go of what is holding them back energetically and creating the conflict or confusion. It’s a powerful way to support you in moving forward taking action and clearing blocks and self sabotages.

Here’s a what you’ll receive in the Bronze Certification:

Members Area Access

Lifetime Access to the Akashic Records Bronze Program containing Videos, Audios, Manual and Checklists.

BONUS: Akashic Records Downloads

Channeled Sessions to Clear Blocks To Accessing Your Intuition, Beliefs Blocking  Accessing The Records and more.

Integration Activities & Buddy Practice

In the Practitioner level program there are assignments to practice what you have learned as well as increase your confidence in your skills. You will practice with other students in the Certification and people you know, as well.

You will progress to the Practitioner in training Level and then you will be able to charge for these sessions.

BONUS: 5 Hacks to Create a Meaningful Life

When you complete the 5 modules included in the Akashic Awakening, you will then receive 5 bonus hacks that will help you build your identity, focus and connection to a more meaningful presence in your life.

Live Hot Seat Sessions During Training

When you begin your Practitioner  Level, you will have access to live bi-monthly hot seat sessions with me for 3 months. 

BONUS: Remembering Your Dreams

Using these simple and effective tips, you can develope the skills needed to strengthen your dream recall and learn the best ways to journal your dreams so you never miss a dream’s message again.

Private Community

There will be a private online group for your support. This is where you will connect for Buddy Coaching and camaraderie with your fellow students.

Join the next Akashic Certification Bronze!



Upon completion of this Akashic Records Certification Program, submission of a written test, and upon practice case studies of clients,you will be Certified as a Akashic Records  Practitioner - Bronze Level.

You will receive: The Akashic Records Institute Practitioner Certificate and a logo to use on your website to show you are certified.

By the end of the The Akashic Records Certification Program - Bronze Level, you will have built a deeply personal and intuitive connection with your Akashic Records, allowing you to do readings for yourself as well as for others.