The 90-Day Private + Have-It-All Access! Includes…

✅ A Welcome Pack, Including a 90-Minute Deep-Dive Session ($1500 value)

✅ 90 Days of Private Mentorship, voice + text messaging immersion with me to calibrate you to your highest frequency (a $1,000 value)

✅ A Crystal Grid created for you to ignite your desires and attune your frequency ($500 value)

✅ 3 Private Akashic Records Sessions to awaken your deepest power ($3000 Value)

✅ 6 (30 min) Coaching Sessions to be used anytime during your 3 months ($3000 Value)

✅ Full Pass access anything I deliver in the next 3 months: Weekly healing sessions, hot seat coaching, Online Retreat Trainings, Legend Codes Upgrades, Rite of Passage! ($3000 Value) 

$12,000 in value.


50 minute Akashic Records Session


50 minute $1000

90 minute Deep Dive Session 


Deep Dive $1500

VIP Day Akashic Records Business (4 hrs)
or Package of 4 sessions for Prosperity Transformation, Soul Purpose or Relationship healing. 


Order VIP DAY: $3333