Help YOUR Clients Heal at a Deep Soul Level While You Add a New Revenue Stream To Your Coaching or Healing Business


I am proud to share that we have the most in depth and comprehensive Akashic Records Certification training offered in the world.

It is specifically designed for those who want to serve their clients at the highest level. Who want the work they do to change their clients' lives!

The Akashic Records Institute's stand is to certify students that are fully trained and confident in their abilities so they make a real difference in people's lives through their sessions.

The methodology we use at the Institute takes you on a deep dive into your own soul mission and purpose to access your gifts so you can be of service to empower and transform the lives of the people you touch through your sessions.

Most of the students that attend our Akashic Records Practitioner Program earn the investment for the program back before they even complete the program… and that is my desire for you!

Plus, I want you to be able to deliver work that is more powerful than any other in your field because you now have the ability to connect at the deep soul level.

The Akashic Records


The Akashic Records is like a huge database containing all the records of everything lived by your soul. All experiences, good or bad, are recorded in the Akashic Records of your soul.

You are able to access key information that can make or break your ability to live a purposeful life. When you have a memory, that memory has attached to it the “lessons” from that experience, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. These lessons, if not understood and applied, can cause you to doubt and sabotage your present situation.

It makes me so mad when I see a beautiful, talented, wickedly smart person, like you, floundering around when the answer to your problem is as close as your own wisdom; if you only knew how to easily access it. THIS is within my power to give you.

THIS is why I created the Akashic Awakening, A Journey To Reconnect To The Wisdom Of Your Soul Through The Akashic Records.

During this journey you will connect with your Soul at a deep level and explore all the wisdom and gifts available in the Akashic Records waiting to be discovered by you.

You will be trained to access your soul’s accumulated wisdom as you develop your intuition and receive deep healing as you release blocks that keep you stuck in your life today.

There Is a Wealth of Information
In the Akashic Records Available to You!

Why Do You Want to Learn to Access the Akashic Records?


As a coach, you are often limited by what people tell you BECAUSE you don’t have access to what they aren't telling you. You don’t have access to their past, to the memories they have buried that are stopping them from achieving success in their lives.

When you learn to read your clients' Akashic Records, you now have access to a deeper level of memories that is keeping your clients stuck in patterns and preventing them from moving forward, so you can have the real impact that you want in their lives.

As a healer, you only have access to what their mind is telling you, BUT you don’t have access to the REAL root causes that are stored at the DNA level; their cellular memories. When you learn to access your clients' Akashic Records, you are able to tap the source causes of their present problems. You will also know how to free your clients from these root causes.

Accessing the Akashic Records gives you on-demand access to the causes of the habits and patterns that keep your clients spinning their wheels...

What would they pay someone who could solve this for them once and for all?

That someone could be you!

Let me tell you how this program works...


Let me tell you how this program works...

The Complete Certification Program is composed of a foundational course, Bronze Level Practitioner, after which you can be certified earning income from clients. This foundational certification can be completed in as little as 8 weeks. After Bronze Level, there are 4 advanced pieces of training to take your work even deeper.

I have been teaching this training for over 9 years to thousands of students and the one thing I know is that you need support to integrate this work fully into your life and business.

I solved this problem with the new delivery of this program. The Akashic Records Certification Program is built around a 6 monthsupport container. During your first 6 months of the program, I offer a bi-monthly live group session with me, PLUS accountability check-ins with our team. You have lifetime access to the study materials.

Marta Vargas

I think is not only one thing, is the whole course!!! The Akashic Clearing sessions made a big impact, you can really feel the energy and the vibration. I think the biggest impact is knowing that I can access my records. The fact that I can move past blocks, work with the akashic records daily including creative endeavors is priceless! This will help me immensely in all areas of my life, moving me forward and understanding me better.

Akashic Records

A Journey of Awakening and Re-Connection to the Wisdom of your Soul


Our certification program begins with self-healing. As you develop your skills and practice working in the Records, you are also working on yourself. I have had students that went through this program and were able to save their marriage, heal suicidal thoughts, and even become more confident. They also improved their abundance mindset and made more money, as they unblocked the flow of money and naturally started attracting more clients and opportunities into their lives.

  • First, learn to read your OWN Records;
  • Heal Your Inner Child Wounds and free yourself from beliefs that do not serve you anymore;
  • Discover how YOU naturally hear the voice of Spirit and make this connection even stronger;
  • Develop trust that your instincts and intuition are true;
  • Learn to read the Records for clients;
  • Through buddy coaching and Practitioner-In-Training sessions practice giving profound Akashic Records Sessions for clients;
  • As part of the Bronze Level Certification you will give paid sessions and begin earning back your investment;

Module 1 - Developing Your Intuition;
Module 2 - Accessing Your Akashic Records
Module 3 - Inner Child Freedom Technique
Module 4 - Reading the Akashic Records For Clients
Module 5 - Timeline Akashic Records Technique
Module 6 - Gift Retrieval Akashic Records Technique
Module 7 - Developing Your Practice Using Case Studies
Module 8 - Client Attraction


Bonus 1 - Creativity and the Records
Bonus 2 - Automatic Writing with the Records

YOUR Investment today is only $ 5555 

(installments available)

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Pay in Full and Receive a 1:1 coaching Session with Patricia Missakian (30 min)

Rosangela Araujo

If I were recording a video I would be crying when I talked about Patricia, because she helped me a lot with this course to rediscover myself as a person. This program was a watershed in my life, after the course I began to look at me differently, without fear of taking the steps to change. I had the courage to express myself and put my idea into practice without fear of criticism. Now I feel powerful, wanting to grow and value myself. I feel worthy and I have a certainty, that even moves me, to be able to conquer everything I want for the good of all! This feeling of being in harmony with my purpose of life is priceless. So if you feel that your moment has come, do not miss this wonderful opportunity, this is not a cost, but an investment in itself. Thank you, Patricia, with all my heart.

Continuing Education Is Included when you join today!

Soul Connection (4 modules)

Let your soul guide your path. In this next phase of your training, Soul Purpose - A Journey To Reconnect To The Wisdom Of Your Soul Through The Akashic Records, you receive training which will align your energy system to who you really are... at the Soul level!

Your clients will love having you help them find their soul purpose.

Prosperity Transformation (4 modules)

This portion of the program is very unique. Here we train you to offer programs versus single sessions. This will encourage client retention as it adds an additional income stream to your business.

You’ll learn to help your client understand what is keeping them from having the income they desire and to attract more money. You will train them to give money the attention it deserves in order to grow. And as you practice this process YOUR relationship with money will be transformed as well!

In these modules we will cover how to:

  • Create new beliefs to invite money into your life
  • Create more prosperity for yourself and your clients
  • Welcome a healthy income stream into your life
  • Attract more paying clients to your business
  • Support you and your clients to market their businesses

If money conversations are not part of your expertise, this program will change that for you once and for all...

Business Akashic Records (2 Modules)

Another exclusive offering by the Akashic Records Institute is Reading Your Business Records. In this phase of the course you will learn to access the Akashic Records of your business so you will ALWAYS be able to know the next best step to grow your business and serve your clients well.

As a Certified Practitioner, you will be able to offer this service to your clients, if you wish. This is a perfect add on to the Prosperity Transformation you will learn also in the program.

Healing Relationships (8 modules)

This phase of the program brings focused attention to relationships. Focusing on Conflict Resolution and Finding Love, this program also trains you to offer transformational packages to your clients.

As you strengthen your own relationships, using these tools, you learn how to offer these powerful processes to your clients.

Loreen Musik

This program completely changed my life because before this I truly did not know I was this powerful! I did not know that I was capable of holding space in this way for other people in order to help them release their energetic blocks. The incredible confidence I've gained in connecting more deeply with my intuition and trusting it at a level that I was unable to in the past is priceless.”

 Hot Seat Sessions Included As Part Of The Certification

When you begin your Akashic Records Certification, you will have access to live hot seat sessions with me for 9 months!

During the entire 9 months of the program, I offer 2 monthly hot seat sessions to support you where in are in the training. 

Study at your own pace and receive support as you go!

Maryann Candito

"I had trained in an Akashic Records training certification class before Patricia’s course, and it couldn’t compare to the depth and detail of this program. My intuitive abilities and ability to connect with Akashic Guides exponentially multiplied since studying with Patricia. She has created a beautiful and comprehensive program that helps open up your channels to receive messages along with giving you step by step processes that you can use with clients. I highly recommend her Institute and courses; she is truly gifted at helping her students rise to new levels."


BONUS #1 Energetic Techniques

After you complete the Bronze Level, you will then receive 5 bonus energy techniques that will help you build your identity, focus and connection to what your are creating in your life.

EGO BURST: Discover unconscious agreements you created that are blocking you and eliminate them.

MIND CLOCK: Pause the monkey mind chatter that is driving you crazy and immerse yourself in the present moment.

HYPER=CONNECTED: Learn how to focus 100% of your energy and intelligence and be truly unlimited and successful.

FREEDOM FORMULA: Free yourself from the feelings of guilt and unworthiness that cause resistance to having what you desire.

MIND VOLT: Zap your inner dialogue bringing your thoughts into harmony with full abundance.

BONUS #2 Channeled Akashic Records Clearings

Each training module contains a channeled Akashic Clearing to integrate the training and clear sabotaging patterns, such as:

  • Clear Blocks To Accessing Your Intuition
  • Clear Beliefs To Accessing The Records
  • Reconnecting With Your Wisdom
  • Clear Webs from the Past
  • Attracting your Ideal Client with Ease

BONUS #3 Feng Shui Your Money

Find the missing ingredient and combine the practical side with the energetic side of money!

Understand the 6 major areas where clutter with money tends to accumulate in your financial life and how to bring the power of Feng Shui your money to clear the clutter for good!

Stop wasting money and draining your bank account with simple strategies to prevent unnecessary losses (and finally start saving).

Create a solid base for growth and clear the way forward to true prosperity.

Discover powerful money-making habits that create sustainable financial well-being.

Uncover the hidden money leaks in your bank account and stop them for good.

BONUS #4 Business Success Training

Another exclusive to this Akashic Records Institute course is business training. First, you will learn to access your business’ Akashic Records so you will ALWAYS be able to know your next best step.

Business Success Training covers how to set up your pricing and offer your new services; integrating Akashic Records into your current business; plus, marketing your Akashic Records offerings and attracting clients.

You will then learn to access the Akashic Records of your client’s business. This is a powerful session that is a natural follow-up to the Prosperity Transformation.

YOUR Investment today is $ 5555 

(installments available)

Join Us Today!

Pay in Full and Receive a 1:1 Coaching Session with Patricia Missakian (30 Min)

Caitriona Hicks

"This training has changed my life on so many levels, I have wanted to work in this area for a long time but didn't have the courage or confidence, the training has taken me to a new level, I have started a new business ,I have made some great friends & I am more confident and happy!"

Nara Avelar

When I enrolled in the Akashic Records Certification Program, I never imagined I would be able to attract clients, because in my area no one had ever heard of the Records. Even before completing the program, paid clients were coming and, like magic, the opportunity arose to have my own room to make calls! Now I understand that all this is happening because I gave myself permission to work with the gifts I could rediscover through my Records. I feel more motivated every day to follow this new path - ahh yes, now !!!

Your Mentor On This Journey

Patricia Missakian is an international speaker, author and Akashic Records Mentor. She is the founder of the Akashic Records Institute, a school for spiritual development that certifies students as Akashic Records Practitioners and/or Global Healing Practitioners, with classes in both Portuguese and English.

Most classes are taught online with students from around the world, where healers and coaches learn how to develop their intuition and decode the messages found in the Akashic Records for themselves and their clients. She has helped thousands of people discover their soul purpose and transform the lives of their clients through the Akashic Records.

She is the creator of: Akashic Realm Messengers™ Oracle Deck and Sacred Crystal Codes™ Oracle Deck and Sacred Crystal Codes™ Divination Book.

There Is a Wealth of Information
In the Akashic Records Available to You!

I want you to be MORE than satisfied with the Akashic Records Certification Program. If for some reason this course doesn't meet your expectations, just let me know within 15 days from your purchase date and I will give you a 100% refund plus remove you from the Certification Program.

This program has generated breakthroughs, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and financially for thousands of students and I know it can do the same for you!

This program is not intended to substitute medical, mental or financial advice. If you need medical, mental or financial advice seek the help of a professional in that field.



Upon completion of this Akashic Records Certification Bronze Level Training, you will submit a written test, and verification of your client work to be Certified.

You will receive: The Akashic Records Institute Practitioner Certificate, for both certification as you earn them.

By the end of the The Akashic Records Certification Program - Bronze Level, you will have built a deeply personal and intuitive connection with your Akashic Records, allowing you to do readings for yourself as well as for others.

Upon completion of the Advanced Studies you will have packages to offer your clients leading to deeper work and additional income.

YOUR Investment today is $ 5555 (installments available)

Join Us Today!

Pay in Full and Receive a 1:1 Coaching Session with Patricia Missakian (30 min)